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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Oro through Oz

Oros, Joseph
Oros, Julia
Oros, Peter A. Jr.
Orosz, Alex
Orosz, Andrew
Orosz, Andrew
Orosz, Andrew J.
Orosz, Andrew Jr.
Orosz, Anna [Fedor]
Orosz, Beatrice M.
Orosz, Effie H.
Orosz, Emma
Orosz, Erma J.
Orosz, Esther 1 2
Orosz, Evelyn Z.
Orosz, Frank
Orosz, Frank B.
Orosz, Frank J.
Orosz, Gabriel 1 2
Orosz, George
Orosz, George A.
Orosz, Gladys M.
Orosz, Helen A.
Orosz, James
Orosz, Janos
Orosz, John
Orosz, Joseph D.
Orosz, Joseph W.
Orosz, Julia
Orosz, Julianna
Orosz, Julius T.
Orosz, June Mary
Orosz, Katherine L.
Orosz, Louis E.
Orosz, Louis M.
Orosz, Margaret
Orosz, Mary
Orosz, Michael P.
Orosz, Olga
Orosz, Rose E.
Orosz, Stephen T.
Orosz, Thomas A.
Orosz, William
O'Rourke, Cornelius
O'Rourke, Jack V.
O'Rourke, John
O'Rourke, Margaret
O'Rourke, Mary [Maguire]
O'Rourke, Patrick
O'Rourke, Terry A.
O'Rourke, Thomas
Orr, Alice I. [Gray]
Orr, Carl
Orr, Daniel E.
Orr, David
Orr, Diane A.
Orr, Edith M.
Orr, Harold A.
Orr, Jessie M.
Orr, Judith I.
Orris, Benjamin
Orris, Carol M.
Orris, Cecilia W.
Orris, Charles B. "Benny"
Orris, David J.
Orris, Georgie A.
Orris, L. Ted
Orris, Mary L.
Orris, Robert Allen
Orsborn, Frank H.
Orsborn, Harriet D.
Orschak, Edward W.
Orschak, Rose
Orszag, Albert [Patrick]
Orszag, Anna
Orszag, Bernice Baer
Orszag, Joseph
Orszag, Joseph P.
Orszag, Margaret [Steadman]
Orszag, Steve L.
Ortiz, Jane R.
Ortiz, Manuel F.
Ortiz, Martha J.
Orton, Alvira Wright
Orton, Beulah
Orton, Elizabeth
Orton, Father
Orton, Frederick
Orton, Irwin 1 2
Orton, John J.
Orton, Milo 1 2
Orton, Miriam E. [Whipple]
Orton, Mother
Orton, Nancy M. Rider
Orton, Wayne
Orvis, Alex
Orvis, Frances J.
Orvis, Fred H.
Orvis, Mary A.
Orvis, Michele L.
Orvis, Wilma L.
Orvos, Avonelle
Orvos, Joseph
Orvos, Mary
Orvos, Paul J.
Orwin, Ths. Sr.
Orzechowski, Richard
Osborn, Ada [Viall]
Osborn, Dorcas B. [Arnold] 1 2
Osborn, Peggy Foljambe
Osborn, Peter J.
Osborn, Philip [Viall]
Osborn, Robert A.
Osborne, Benone [Wright]
Osborne, Francis M. III
Osborne, Georgeanne S.
Osborne, Gerald W.
Osborne, Gregory Tripp
Osborne, Harold E.
Osborne, Jerome Trask
Osborne, Judith Ann
Osborne, Kimberley [Krug]
Osborne, Lisa
Osborne, Lois Gene Kinney
Osborne, Maggie M.
Osborne, Mary B.
Osborne, Mildred
Osborne, Myrtle J.
Osborne, Paul D. "Dan"
Osborne, Rita M.
Osborne, Tommy
Osborne, Warren W.
O'Shay, Thomas
Osman, Jane [Lowrey]
Osmon, Georginna H.
Osmon, Thomas R.
Osmon, William R.
Osmond, J. [Coppinger]
Osowski, Florence I.
Osowski, Peter
Osterburg, Alma S.
Osterhoudt, Blanche C.
Osterhoudt, C.L.
Osterhoudt, Effie [Zielie]
Osterhoudt, Leon E.
Osterlund, Mary
Ostrander, Byron
Ostrander, Carrie B.
Ostrander, Edward R.
Ostrander, Elizabeth E.
Ostrander, Elmer E.
Ostrander, Elva Whipple
Ostrander, Father
Ostrander, George W.
Ostrander, Harold E.
Ostrander, Hazel
Ostrander, Helen I.
Ostrander, June K.
Ostrander, Kathryn M.
Ostrander, Margaret Williamson
Ostrander, Mary M.
Ostrander, Mother
Ostrander, Ralph A.
Ostrander, Roy C.
Ostrander, Ruth A.
Ostrander, Solomon
Ostrander, Thelma O.
Ostrander, William V.
Ostrate, Frank
Ostrowski, Davey II
Oswald, Shirley M.
Otcasek, Dorothy J. Martin
Otcasek, Robert Adam
Otello, Joseph
Otello, Josephine
Otis, Adna
Otis, Candace
Otis, Charles [Higgins]
Otis, Cynthia
Otis, Dexter
Otis, Esther
Otis, Eunice A.
Otis, Lucy W.
Otis, M. D.
Otis, Mother
Otis, Polly
Otis, Son
Otis, Sophia
Otis, Wallace B.
Otis, Winsor
O'Toole, Crystal R.
O'Toole, Peter
Ott, Arthur D.
Ott, Fred M.
Ott, Fred W.
Ott, Frieda M.
Ott, Julia
Ott, Laurence
Ott, Margaret M.
Ott, Robert W.
Otterstrum, Oscar
Otto, Alfred Faris
Otto, Amen P.
Otto, Carolyn D.
Otto, Dean S.
Otto, Elias G.
Otto, Faris G.
Otto, George
Otto, Hilda L.
Otto, Julia
Otto, Katherine
Otto, Mary [Tenney]
Otto, Paul F.
Ourmran, A.
Ovacek, Frank J.
Ovacek, Shirlee A.
Overacre, Harold J.
Overacre, Mildred M.
Overholser, Frances E.
Overholser, Morgan C.
Overholt, Hildred [Hartman]
Overholt, Troy S.
Overly, Irvin C.
Overly, Janet B.
Overly, Warren B.
Overmoyer, Lloyd G.
Overturf, Loula Gallagher
Overy, Elizabeth
Overy, Father
Overy, Grace
Overy, James
Overy, Mother
Overy, Sarah 1 2
Overy, William 1 2 3
Oviatt, H.
Oviatt, Hannah
Oviatt, Harriett S. [Hodges]
Oviatt, J. P. 1 2
Owen, [Garvin] 1 2
Owen, A. Fayette
Owen, Amasa
Owen, Amelia [Guthrie]
Owen, Ann
Owen, Ann M. [Sawyer]
Owen, Anna K.
Owen, Annie [Webber]
Owen, Arline M.
Owen, Augusta
Owen, Charles
Owen, Charles [Brown]
Owen, Charles P.
Owen, Charles P., III
Owen, Charles P., Jr.
Owen, Clarence R.
Owen, D.R.
Owen, E. [Ray]
Owen, Edw. [Dunnigan]
Owen, Elizabeth
Owen, Elvisa [Brooks]
Owen, Esther L. [Brown]
Owen, Frank A.
Owen, George J.
Owen, George W.
Owen, Hattie M.
Owen, J.G.
Owen, James L. P.
Owen, Jane A. Malory
Owen, Jeanne Brouwere
Owen, Jennie L.
Owen, Jessie [Hayduk]
Owen, John D.
Owen, Jonathan L.
Owen, Joseph
Owen, Laura [Averill]
Owen, Martha M.
Owen, Mary [Lovelace]
Owen, Mary A.
Owen, Mary J.
Owen, Mira [Sinclair]
Owen, Myrtle E.
Owen, Nancy [Hayward]
Owen, Paul L.
Owen, Ralph D.
Owen, Ray [Nelson]
Owen, Rita M.
Owen, Roxanna
Owen, Russell L.
Owen, Saima C.
Owen, Samuel
Owen, Solomon
Owen, Susan H.
Owen, Susan J.
Owen, Wayne W.
Owen, Winferd
Owens, Clint F.
Owens, David L.
Owens, Glen
Owens, Helen M.
Owens, Herman W.
Owens, James Edward Jr.
Owens, John A.
Owens, Leslie J.
Owens, Lillian A.
Owens, M. Florence
Owens, Martha G.
Owens, Mary M.
Owens, Ray E.
Owens, Richard Dee
Owens, Robert Dale
Owens, Ruth T.
Owens, Thomas S.
Owens, Yolanda C.
Ower, Mary LaDue
Ozanich, Ronald
Ozinga, James Glen

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