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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Pec through Perr

Pecek, Pamela K.
Pechak, Anna
Pechinko, Andrew
Pechota, Pauline
Pechota, Rose
Peck, Ada E.
Peck, Allen
Peck, Allen J.
Peck, Arthur H.
Peck, Cora Tench
Peck, David Brainard
Peck, Donald I.
Peck, Dora M.
Peck, Dorothy E.
Peck, Elisha E.
Peck, Ellen
Peck, Elsie A.
Peck, Ettla J.
Peck, Fanny
Peck, Frances Brainard
Peck, George G.
Peck, George J.
Peck, George L.
Peck, Grace L.
Peck, Gregg L.
Peck, Harold A.
Peck, Helen F.
Peck, Helen L.
Peck, Henry G.
Peck, James E.
Peck, John
Peck, Kenneth W.
Peck, Loyd A.
Peck, Lucy H.
Peck, Myrtle W.
Peck, Nelson E.
Peck, Ruth A.
Peck, Ruth J.
Peck, Sarah [Murray]
Peck, Sarah P. [Murray]
Peck, Stacy Lee
Peck, Stella E.
Peck, Thaddeus L
Peck, Theadore E.
Peck, Vern
Peck, William
Peckham ?, Father
Peckham, Grace
Peckham, J.A.
Peckham, Louis C.
Peckham, Lucinda
Peckham ?, Lulu
Peckham ?, Mother
Peckis, Marie C.
Peckis, Walter J.
Peckman, Lloyd A.
Peczery, Charles
Peda, Dorothy A.
Peda, Michael Jr.
Peddicord, Margaret M.
Peddicord, William A.
Pedonesi, August
Pedonesi, Lillian C.
Peebles, Edna E.
Peebles, Jack E.
Peel, Doris L.
Peel, Ralph A.
Peelman, Daryl Blythe
Peelman, Doris E.
Peelman, Margaret R.
Peelman, Robert E.
Peelman, Robert J.
Peer, Alice [Avery]
Peer, Harmon
Peer, Janet M.
Peer, Josephine
Peet, Ida May Morrell
Peffer, Walter J.
Pegan, John "Douglas"
Pego, Elizabeth Young [Morris]
Peine, Maria B.
Peine, Otto
Peitzmeyer, William
Pejakovic, Steven F.
Pelat, Charles 1 2
Pelat, Helen
Pelat, William
Pelko, Wilhelmina
Pelto, Mary E.
Pelto, Thomas A.
Peltoma, Elva J.
Peltoma, Esther [Murphy]
Peltoma, Laura S.
Peltoma, Mamie M.
Peltoma, Martin A.
Peltoma, Matilda E.
Peltoma, Neil E.
Peltoma, Swanters M.
Peltomaa, Elma E.
Peltomaa, Ida Marie
Peltomaa, Jacob
Peltomaa, John
Peltomaa, John E.
Peltomaa, Susanna
Pelton, Anna [Gregory]
Pelton, Anna Gregory
Pelton, Charles
Pelton, Ella [Houliston]
Pelton, Ella Dewey
Pelton, Fidelia
Pelton, George Stanley
Pelton, Howard L.
Pelton, John
Pelton, John [Losey]
Pelton, Lougenia Baker
Pelton, Margaret
Pelton, Margaret R.
Pelton, May L.
Pelton, Rena Gertrude
Pelton, Rena Gertrude "Gertie"
Pelton, Roxina [Mix] 1 2
Pelton, Sallie M.
Pelton, Sarah [Viall]
Pelton, Timothy S.
Peltona, Lorene E.
Peltona, William A.
Peluso, Michael P.
Pempin, Anna M. [Smith]
Pence, Francis A.
Pendleton, Charles W.
Pendleton, Florence B.
Pendleton, Opal R.
Pendola, Josephine D.
Penfield, Anna B.
Penfield, C. Emma
Penfield, Deby T.
Penfield, Elsie M.
Penfield, Harold C.
Penfield, J. Arthur
Penfield, James P.
Penfield, James W.
Penfield, Jane W.
Penfield, Josephine [Bateham]
Penfield, Louis Albert
Penfield, Louis W.
Penfield, Minnie P.
Penfield, N.E.
Penfield, Pauline Curtiss
Penfield, Raymond C.
Penfield, Tisa Ann
Penfield, Wakeman
Pengelly, Wayne
Penhollow ?, Donald Lee
Penhollow, Edith H.
Penhollow, Flora L.
Penhollow ?, George D.
Penhollow, Grant S.
Penhollow, Lincoln
Penhollow, Madge E. [Laws]
Penhollow, Merl B.
Penhollow, Nathaniel A.
Penley, David L.
Penley, Doris M.
Penley, Glen F.
Penley, Ina J.
Penley, John E.
Penley, Lawrence B.
Penley, Pauline Marie
Penn, Calera
Penn, Otis R.
Pennington, Barbara Klacik
Pennington, Buddy E.
Pennington, James S.
Pennington, Milford R.
Pennock, Andrew G.
Pennock, Helen J.
Pennock, John Sr.
Pennock, John T.
Pennock, Mary
Penny, Frances E.
Penny, Joseph
Penrod, Erdie
Penrod, Laura [Chapin]
Penrod, Theo
Pentek, Florence
Pentek, John R.
Pentek, Mildred A.
Pentek, Robert J.
Penttila, Eeva
Penttila, Svante H.
Pepin, Dolores A.
Pepin, Inez T.
Pepin, Joseph A.
Pepin, Wallace L.
Pepoon, ?
Pepoon, Albert
Pepoon, Albert Cornelius
Pepoon, Benjamin 1 2 3
Pepoon, Charles A.
Pepoon, Charlotte G.
Pepoon, Charlotte Gillett
Pepoon, Eliza H.
Pepoon, Eliza Hollister
Pepoon, Eliza Nancy
Pepoon, Eunice A.
Pepoon, Eunice Ayers
Pepoon, Father
Pepoon, Florence H.
Pepoon, Infant Son
Pepoon, Jane L.
Pepoon, Jane Lawrence
Pepoon, Joseph 1 2 3
Pepoon, Julia
Pepoon, Julia C.
Pepoon, Lawrence T
Pepoon, Lawrence Tompkins
Pepoon, Lizzie
Pepoon, Sarah M.
Pepoon, Sarah Maria
Pepper, Bobby J.
Pepper, Hallie B.
Pepper, Morgan A.
Pera, A. Evert
Pera, Elizabeth
Pera, Isaac
Pera, Mable E.E.
Perala, Dorothy E.
Perala, Lynn O.
Perala, Madeline G.
Perala, Oliver T.
Perala, Randy Lee
Peralahti, Mary
Perälahti, S.
Percie, James S.
Percie, Mary E.
Percival, Maud R.
Percival, Robert A.
Perduk, Mária
Perhacs, Roza [Rigo]
Perkin, Scott J.
Perkins, A. [Shedd ?]
Perkins or Burns, Albert C.
Perkins, Carrie E.
Perkins, Cecil C.
Perkins, Celia
Perkins, Charles
Perkins, Cora M.
Perkins, Cynthia Dickinson
Perkins, Daniel Oakley 1 2
Perkins, Elaine [Miller]
Perkins, Ellen [Botten]
Perkins, Fannie 1 2
Perkins, Forrest A.
Perkins, Freda Rae
Perkins, Georgia
Perkins, Georgia Ione [Lynch]
Perkins, Hazel W.
Perkins, Henry [Hathaway]
Perkins, Henry H.
Perkins, Jacob
Perkins, James E.
Perkins, John
Perkins, John?
Perkins, John Kunze
Perkins, John O.
Perkins, Julia
Perkins, Julia?
Perkins, Julia [Morley]
Perkins, Julia A. Gillett
Perkins, Katherine L.
Perkins, Lucy
Perkins, Lucy [O'Neal]
Perkins, Lucy Brichford 1 2 3
Perkins, Lucy M.
Perkins, Lydia N. 1 2
Perkins, Maldon C.
Perkins, Margaretta S. Oakley 1 2
Perkins, Marion A.
Perkins, Mary Jennette
Perkins, Pelva Laraux [Cannon]
Perkins, Richard A.
Perkins, Ruby C.
Perkins, Toby
Perkins, Valentine
Perkins, William L.
Perkins, Wm. L
Perko, Josephine
Perko, Louis
Perkuk, István M.
Perlik, Edward
Perlik, Ruby A.
Perme, Anthony L.
Perme, Theodora M.
Perna, Nick
Pernoja, Arvo B.
Pernoja, Beatrice E.
Pernoja, Carl W.
Pernoja, Ida E.
Pernoja, Ida W.
Pernoja, John Leonard
Pernoja, Martha M
Pernoja, Matti
Pernoja, Norma W.
Pernoja, Rudolph N.
Pernoja, Tauno S.
Pernoja, Toivo E. “Toby”
Pero, Harriet A.
Perpar, Helen Keener
Perpar, John Jr.
Perper, John Sr.
Perper, Mary
Perrault, Iva T.
Perrault, John J.
Perrin, Mydah M.
Perrin, Ralph N.
Perrin, Raymond
Perrin, Warner [Sutton]
Perry 1 2
Perry, [Tyler]
Perry, A. [Hayward]
Perry, Abner [Axtell]
Perry, Adolph F
Perry, Albert
Perry, Albert L.
Perry, Alfred T.
Perry, Anna
Perry, Avery E. 1 2
Perry, B. [Stuart]
Perry, Ben
Perry, Bertha
Perry, Bertie
Perry, Bessie E.
Perry, Betty J.
Perry, Calvin K.
Perry, Caroline E.
Perry, Caroline Hodges
Perry, Caroline M.
Perry, Carolyn Susanne Kendig
Perry, Clara S.
Perry, Cordelia
Perry, David
Perry, David A.
Perry, David H.
Perry, Davis [Carruthers]
Perry, Deborah
Perry, Deborah [Axtell]
Perry, Doris I.
Perry, Elisha
Perry, Elisha [Skiff]
Perry, Elizabeth M. 1 2
Perry, Emma
Perry, Emma E.
Perry, Emma L.
Perry, Eugenia T.
Perry, Eva M.
Perry, Eva P. [Frink]
Perry, Evelina M.
Perry ?, Father
Perry, Father 1 2
Perry, Flora Dawley
Perry, Florence Garland
Perry, Frank G.
Perry, Fred D.
Perry, George R.
Perry, Georgia A.
Perry, Gertrude A.
Perry, Gilbert R.
Perry, Grace L.
Perry, H. [Moore]
Perry, Hannah E.
Perry, Harry G.
Perry, Harry W.
Perry, Helen [Smith]
Perry, Henry L.
Perry, Henry W.
Perry, Irene
Perry, Isaac C.
Perry, Isabel S.
Perry, J. [Ruhling]
Perry, J. Clayton
Perry, Jack E.
Perry, James
Perry, James A.
Perry, Jennie
Perry, Jesse
Perry, Jesse M.
Perry, Jessie F.
Perry, John
Perry, John [Page]
Perry, John A.
Perry, John C.
Perry, Joyce C. [Housden]
Perry, Kathryn L.
Perry, Kathy S.
Perry, Kenneth C.
Perry, Kenneth G.
Perry, Leona Frink
Perry, Libbie E.
Perry, Lina 1 2
Perry, Lucy W.
Perry, Mabel [Hall]
Perry, Mae A.
Perry, Margaret L.
Perry, Martha
Perry, Martha A.
Perry, Mary Alvira
Perry, Mary Belle
Perry, Mary C.
Perry, Mary E. 1 2
Perry, Mary E. Gray
Perry, Mary H. [Gray]
Perry, Mary M. [Williams]
Perry, Maurice
Perry, May [Rice]
Perry, Merle A.
Perry, Minnie V.
Perry, Mirande
Perry ?, Mother
Perry, Mother
Perry, Nina Brotzman
Perry, Oliver H.
Perry, Oliver M.
Perry, Ordell
Perry, Orrin
Perry, Ralph L.
Perry, Rebecca [Bennett]
Perry, Roy
Perry, Sophia
Perry, Theodore Edward
Perry, Thomas
Perry, Thos.
Perry, Tommy
Perry, W. [Hayward]
Perry, William A.
Perry, William J.
Perry, William V.
Perry, Willie
Perry, Willis C.
Perry, Wilson [Morse] 1 2

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