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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Prf through Pz

Pribilski, Florence
Pribilski, Michael P.
Pribilski, Stanley
Price, Charles A.
Price, Charles W.
Price, Erma L.
Price, Eugenie R.
Price, George E.
Price, Harry A.
Price, Howard Edmond
Price, Howard Edmond Jr.
Price, Isabel [Grittings]
Price, J. [Hagerdon]
Price, John J.
Price, John M.
Price, Katie Marie 1 2
Price, Lewis
Price, Louise G.
Price, Lula Lockwood
Price, Marian [Sandifar]
Price, Marlis O.
Price, Martha M. Bidlingmayer
Price, Mary Lou Averill
Price, Mary W.
Price, Mildred M.
Price, Mina K. Ferguson
Price, Minnie Childs
Price, Otto O.
Price, Patricia A.
Price, Sarah Lucinda
Price, Silas
Price, Sutton W.
Price, Velva A. Spaulding
Price, W. Edmond
Price, William H.
Price, William L.
Price, William Sr.
Prichard, Ora
Pricio, Thelma L.
Priddy, Paul P.
Priddy, Pauline T
Pride, Minerva [Sawyer]
Pride, Minnie
Pride, Minnie S.
Pridey, family
Priebe, Agnes
Priebe, Augusta W.
Priebe, Carl H.
Priebe, Clarence W.
Priebe, Gustav
Priebe, Helena
Priebe, Josephine
Priebe, Richard L.
Priebe, Rudolph V.
Priebe, Wilhelm F.
Priem, Carolyn L.
Priem, David Lee
Priem, Fred R.
Priem, Helen E.
Priem, Henry A.
Priem, Neva M.
Priem, Otto E.
Priem, Raymond C.
Priem, Rena E.
Priest, Ronald Alan
Priest, Rose V.
Prieur, Howard E.
Prieur, Joseph E.
Prieur, Mary A.
Prieur, Minnie
Prill, Dorothy Martin
Prim, Edgar H.
Prim, Kathryn S.
Prime, Alvord A.
Prime, Dorothea K.
Prime, Edith P.
Prime, Ella J.
Prime, Emma
Prime, Eva Amelia Waterman
Prime, Frank M.
Prime, George M.
Prime, Lawrence B.
Prime, Marion [Dean]
Prime, Martha Brecht
Prime, Mildred A. [Forney]
Primett, Ernest A.
Primett, Mildred
Primett, Wilbur G.
Prince, Alpheus
Prince, Clarence E.
Prince, Freida M.
Prince, Howard E. 1 2 3
Prince, James L.
Prince, Maria E.
Prince, Mary T.
Prince, Phyllis J.
Prince, Willard 1 2
Prindle, Donald E.
Prindle, Florence E.
Prindle, Frederick J.
Prindle, George E.
Prindle, Katherine Terry
Prindle, Lillian L.
Prindle, Nellie C.
Prindle, Richard E.
Pringey, Tina Marie
Pringle, Ford A.
Pringle, Hazel V.
Pringle, Kenneth D.
Pringle, Michael F.
Priolette, Jay Brian
Priolette, Joseph
Priolette, Katherine M.
Prioreschi, Rizpah Mary
Prioreschi, Romeo Marco
Priscak, Dorothy Jean
Priscak, John A.
Priscak, Myrtle M.
Pristas, Mike
Pritchard, Anna
Pritchard, David
Pritchard, Emma
Pritchard, George D.
Pritchard, Jessie
Pritchard, John
Pritchard, John F. Jr.
Pritchard, Leondas
Pritchard, Linda J.
Pritchard, Marie B.
Pritchard, Olive Mary
Pritchard, Phillip D.
Pritchard, Sandra L.
Pritchard, William
Pritschau, Kenneth A.
Pritts, David
Pritts, Mattie A.
Probyn, Leona E. [Puncekar]
Prochorow, Freda
Procop, Cecelia M.
Procop, Doris J.
Procop, Frank J.
Proctor, Audrey I.
Proctor, Augusta Lennon
Proctor, Blanche I.
Proctor, Catherine A. Conway
Proctor, Edward E. Agustus
Proctor, Genive
Proctor, Gladys
Proctor, Guy E.
Proctor, Irene R.
Proctor, James H.
Proctor, Jennie
Proctor, Lewis O.
Proctor, Lola H.
Proctor, Lucy [Coe]
Proctor, Mary E.
Proctor, Mildred I.
Proctor, Roy
Proctor, Thomas
Proctor, Warren E.
Prodehl, Edward W.
Prodehl, Grace L.
Proegler, Carl Alan
Proegler, Lois M.
Proellochs, E. Betty [Ward]
Profant, Mary A.
Profant, Michael
Profeta, Agata
Profeta, Angelo
Profeta, Angelo A.
Profeta, Jean M.
Profeta, John A.
Profeta, Josephine
Profeta, Rose B.
Profeta, Ruth S.
Profeta, Sam
Proffitt, Esther
Proffitt, Loyd S.
Prokop, Allen J.
Prokop, Diane M.
Prokop, Elizabeth
Prokop, Emery W.
Prokop, Emma A.
Prokop, Francis
Prokop, Joseph L. 1 2
Prokop, Sarah M.
Prolan, John J.
Prolan, Victoria C.
Promies, Gerhard R.
Promies, Sophie M.
Proper, Amelia M.
Proper, AuVergne
Proper, Betsey
Proper, David H.
Proper, DeVere
Proper, Dollie E.
Proper, Emaline
Proper, Gerald K.
Proper, Henry
Proper, James
Proper, Jerone M.
Proper, Lovisa
Proper, Susan Ann
Propper, Addie May
Propper, Truman A.
Propper, William J.
Prosser, Amanda A.
Prosser, Howard H.
Prosser, Hubert D.
Prosuch, George
Prosuch, Pat
Protzman, Carmella M.
Protzman, Daniel F.
Protzman, Louis K.
Proud, Chad E.
Proud, Kendall H.
Proud, Mae I.
Proud, Rebecca Lee
Proudfoot, Alice M.
Proudfoot, Dale W.
Proudfoot, David E.
Proudfoot, Edwin D.
Proudfoot, Eugene E.
Proudfoot, Ida M.
Proudfoot, Kathy
Proudfoot, Lawrence E.
Proudfoot, Starr E.
Prouty, Ann D.
Prouty, Ann M.
Prouty, Annie
Prouty, B. A.
Prouty, Betsey A.
Prouty, Caroline [Phelps]
Prouty, Charles W.
Prouty, E. V.
Prouty, Eddie
Prouty, Editha V. [Blish]
Prouty, Edward V.
Prouty, Eugene Royal 1 2
Prouty, Eva C. [Barnitz]
Prouty, Gracie
Prouty, Harriette G.
Prouty, Harry
Prouty, Harry W.
Prouty, Hester
Prouty, Irene E.
Prouty, J.
Prouty, Jacob
Prouty, James 1 2
Prouty, Kathleen
Prouty, Lucius A.
Prouty, Lulu H.
Prouty, Lulu H. M.
Prouty, Mary
Prouty, Mary A.
Prouty, Mary L.
Prouty, Mary T.
Prouty, Nathan
Prouty, Ralph Hilyer
Prouty, Rosette [Reynolds]
Prouty, Royal
Prouty, S. P.
Prouty, Sallie
Prouty, Selima
Prouty, Susan [Hodges]
Prouty, V.
Prouty, Willis E. 1 2
Provance, Edward Y.
Provance, Irene L.
Province, Betty Jane
Province, Charles E. Jr.
Provins, Carrie E.
Provins, Christian R.
Pruce, Carl E.
Pruce, June A.
Pruce, Patricia Cadwell
Pruden, Craig
Prudish, John
Pruett, Albert E.
Pruett, Emilie J.
Pruett, Sarah H.
Prugel, Joseph
Prugel, Katherine
Prugel, Louise
Prugel, Melanie A.
Prugel, Michael
Prugel, Rudolph S.
Pruitt, Jane G.
Pruitt, William K.
Prunty, Burt
Prusha, Dorothy A.
Prusha, Stanley J.
Pruzinsky, Janet E.
Pruzinsky, John E.
Pry, Mary G.
Pry, Ralph L.
Pryce, Pauline
Prygo, Albert J.
Prygo, Dorothy H.
Pryor, Mary
Pryor, William
Pshock, Margaret "Peggy"
Ptak, Betty Louise
Ptak, Joseph James
Ptak, Mary Witt
Ptaszynski, Regina [Hommel]
Pucel, Dorothy M.
Pucel, John A.
Pucella, Angelo C.
Pucella, Charles A.
Pucella, Davina Santone
Puchalla, Clarence
Puchalla, Leo
Puchalla, Mary Beth
Pucsok, Elizabeth
Pucsok, Steve
Pudder, Lawrence R.
Pudder, Ruby A.
Pudimat, Phillis Kistler
Pugel, James M.
Puinno, Shirley R.
Pular, Marie J.
Pular, Matthew A.
Pular, Matthew V.
Puleo, Marie
Puleo, Victor Sr.
Pullen, Oather T.
Puller, Alice M.
Pullman, Mary A. Byrns
Pullman, S.R.
Pullman, Samuel R.
Pulse, Catherine Gilbride
Pumphrey, Elizabeth W.
Pumphrey, Louis H. Sr.
Puncekar, Leona E. Probyn
Puncekar, Nick
Punkar, George W.
Punkar, Susan S.
Punko, Roy J.
Punko, Stella L.
Purcell, Ann Sullivan 1 2
Purcell, Annie L. 1 2
Purcell, Evelyn L.
Purcell, George 1 2
Purcell, Henry J.
Purcell, James 1 2
Purcell, Martha M
Purcell, William A.
Purdee, Lucy W. [Wright]
Purkey, Clifford
Purkey, Mary
Purkey, Patricia May
Purnell, Doris Bigley
Purola, Abel
Purola, Albert
Purola, Anna
Purola, Anna M.
Purple, Sara M.
Purtell, Helen B
Purtell, Ina M.
Purtell, J.H.
Purtell, John J.
Purtell, John W.
Purtell, Marjorie H.
Purtell, Merwin H.
Purtill, John A.
Purtilo, Dorothy
Purvis, Blanche L.
Purvis, James Virgil
Puryear, Marguerite M.
Puryear, William
Puschaver, Amelia E.
Puschaver, Edward W.
Puschaver, Steve
Puska, Carl A.
Puska, Lilliam
Puska, Ralph J.
Puska, Wanda
Puskas, Esther
Puskas, George
Puskas, Hazel
Puskas, John
Puskas, Lewis
Puskas, Lillian [Karosy]
Puskas, Margaruite E.
Puskas, Mary
Puskas, Paul
Pustotnik, Frank
Pustotnik, Paula
Putka, Andrew S.
Putka, Mabel I.
Putka, Ruth N.
Putka, Sophie M.
Putnam, Ann [Peterson]
Putnam, Kevin A.
Putney, Almira S.
Putney, Elizabeth Norton
Putney, Mabel
Putney, Zimry
Putrich, Frank A.
Putrich, John
Putrich, Rose
Putzke, William A.
Puzik, Charlotte E.
Puzik, Otto V.
Pyart, Geraldine D.
Pyart, James E.
Pyart, Olive Hilda
Pyart, William G.
Pykko, Esther M.
Pykonen, Helen J.
Pykonen, Helmi M. [Hintsa]
Pykonen, John E.
Pyle, Frank F.
Pyle, Fred T.
Pyle, Marjory M.
Pyle, Maude E.
Pyle, Ray F.
Pyle, Susie E.
Pyles, Thomas Hunter
Pyne, Martha E.
Pyne, William J.
Pyrch, John S.
Pyrch, Mildred B
Pyysaari, Mary Ida
Pyysaari, Nikolai

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