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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Rane through Reer

Ranels, Benjamin J.
Ranels, Diana M.
Rankin, Clarinda
Rankin, Elmer West
Rankin, Ethel W.
Rankin, Evelyn E.
Rankin, Harry C.
Rankin, Hilda M.
Rankin, John C.
Rankin, June P. Franey
Rankin, Norene H.
Rankin, Robert G. Franey
Rankin, Robert L.
Ranney, Anna B. 1 2
Ranney, Charlotte S. [Crary]
Ranney, George
Ranney, Pauline H. 1 2
Ranney, Rozana [Lloyd]
Rannigan, Keith R.
Ransom, Anna
Ransom, C. [Robbins]
Ransom, Daniel R.
Ransom, Dewitt
Ransom, Jean Marie
Ransom, John Edward
Ransom, Marie Hine
Ransom, Martha [Wilcox]
Ransom, Mother
Ransom, Susan A. [Chaffee]
Ranson, George
Ranta, Helmi E.
Ranta, Samuel
Ranta, Wilhelmina
Rantala, Aino
Rantala, Olavi
Rantaluhta, John
Ranttila, Gustaf
Ranttila, Wilhelmüna
Raplee, Blake S.
Raplee, Deloss
Raplee, Dwight
Raplee, Ella A. [Phillips] 1 2
Raplee, Elvira 1 2
Raplee, Emily H. 1 2
Raplee, Harriet M. 1 2
Raplee, Herbert S. 1 2
Raplee, James 1 2
Raplee, James, Jr.
Raplee, Joseph
Raplee, Kezia
Raplee, Keziah
Raplee, Lenna I. 1 2
Raplee, Mary Ann 1 2
Raplee, Miles
Raplee, Miner
Raplee, Samantha
Raplee, Stephen 1 2
Raplee, Sylvester
Rapp, Elsie J.
Rasch, Arleene Thurling
Rasch, Jon Thurling
Rasch, Lynette L.
Rasch, Mary C.
Rasch, Michael Thomas
Rasch, Rose A.
Rasch, Thomas Michael
Rasch, Walter L.
Rasmussen, Anna
Rasmussen, Beverly J.
Rasmussen, Edward T.
Rasmussen, Egon
Rasmussen, Emma W.
Rasmussen, George A. 1 2
Rasmussen, Irene M.
Rasmussen, Joanne
Rasmussen, Kenneth
Rasmussen, Niels M.
Rasmussen, William M.
Raspor, Matias
Rastall, Angela C.
Rastall, Denton C.
Ratchko, David A.
Rath, Calvin Scott
Rathbone, Sue
Rathbone, Tom
Ratino, Ronald A.
Ratkovich, Rosalyn A.
Ratliff, Ann Louise
Ratliff, Charlie
Ratliff, Marcella
Rattray, Jean B.
Rattray, William S.
Ratz, Charles E.
Ratz, Elizabeth
Ratz, Madeline
Ratz, Teresa
Rauch, Anna
Raudasaw, Dorthy
Raudasaw, Frank J.
Raudasaw, John E.
Raudasoja, Frank W.
Raudasoja, Hedvig
Raudasoja, Hilja K.
Raugh, Augustus
Raugh, H.
Raugh, Henry
Raugh, Henry Jr.
Raugh, Infant 1 2
Raugh, J. Augustus
Raugh, Minna
Rauhala, Agnes S.
Rauhala, Elizabeth
Rauhala, John W.
Rauhala, Tauno W.
Rauker, Anna S.
Rauker, Charles J.
Raunegger, Charles J.
Raunegger, Katherine M.
Rausch, Ethel S.
Rautio, Sofia
Ravestein, John
Ravestein, Mary D.
Ravestein, Ria T.
Rawlings, John Shannon
Rawlins, Henrietta S.
Rawlon, Earl [Ives]
Rawson, Adaline [Fowler] 1 2
Rawson, Bessie
Rawson, Carrie
Rawson, Dolly
Rawson, Grindall 1 2
Rawson, Lee H.
Rawson, Lina
Rawson, Olive
Rawson, Viletta M
Rawson, Willis E.
Ray, Addie [Sherbondy]
Ray, Adelbert
Ray, Ann [Carnes]
Ray, Anne Ledger
Ray, Bert H.
Ray, Bertrand Harold
Ray, Betsey
Ray, Betty [Elkins]
Ray, Charles E.
Ray, Charles R.
Ray, Daisey
Ray, David H.
Ray, Delia L.
Ray, Delia S.
Ray, Dorothy E.
Ray, Eluida
Ray, Emma
Ray, Ethel Marie
Ray, Fanny [Rogers]
Ray, Flossie J.
Ray, Frank Chester
Ray, Frank L.
Ray, Frankie
Ray, Fred D.
Ray, George G.C. 1 2
Ray, Howard R.
Ray, Jessie Rockwell
Ray, L. Luella
Ray, Margaret C. Prentis
Ray, Mary V.
Ray, Nellie S.
Ray, Orville
Ray, Owen [Nelson]
Ray, Owen E.
Ray, Raymond
Ray, Ruby
Ray, Sally
Ray, Shirley M.
Ray, Sophia Stella
Ray, Vernon O.
Raybuck, Donald E.
Raybuck, Ruth M. Bradenbaugh
Rayer, Anthony F.
Rayer, Joseph F.
Rayer, Rita A.
Rayer, Ruth E.
Rayl, Alonzo
Rayl, Father
Rayl, George H.
Rayl, Grace G.
Rayl, H. B.
Rayl, Hollis A.
Rayl, James
Rayl, Kenneth
Rayl, Lillian Bell
Rayl, Margaret E. Lezak
Rayl , [?] Mildred
Rayl, Mother
Rayl, Ora S.
Rayl, Susan
Rayl, William H.
Raymond, Alanson Gray 1 2
Raymond, Carrie
Raymond, Cynthia [Gray] 1 2
Raymond, Cynthia Rose 1 2
Raymond, Dale T.
Raymond, H.
Raymond, Julia C.
Raymond, Kenneth W.
Raymond, Tod
Rayner, Roy A.
Raynolds, Annie L.
Raynolds, Catherine K.
Raynolds, Catherine M.
Raynolds, George K.
Raynolds, John H.
Raynolds, Julia C.
Raynolds, Kittie
Raynolds, William M.
Rayser, Charles W. Sr.
Rayser, Sesile M.
Rayser, William W.
Raz, Alexander
Raz, Frank F.
Raz, Sophia
Rea, Barbara Manning
Rea, Clifton H.
Rea, Edith B.
Rea, Edna M.
Rea, Merle
Rea, Virginia [Brunner]
Rea, Willard M.
Read, Charles E.
Read, Edward
Read, Francis W.
Read, Lenna K.
Read, Otilie
Reade, Daisey E.
Reade, George A.
Reagan, Tristin Scott
Rearding, Arthur
Reardon, Mary E.
Reardon, Michael J.
Reardon, Olga Makela
Reavis, Laura
Rebar, Jean Snell
Rebenock, A. Sally
Rebenock, Michael
Rebhan, Margareta Barbara [Hopp]
Reblin, Edward
Rebo, Baby 1 2
Rebo, Frank
Rebo, Irene
Recchi, Nancy E.
Recchi, Paul A.
Recchi, Silvio J.
Recht, Frank R.
Recht, Ruth F.
Reddecker, Donna F.
Reddecker, James A.
Redenshek, Erika L.
Redfern, Harold J.
Redfern, Nancy J.
Redike, Stanley
Reece, Emma M.
Reed, Adeline E.
Reed, Alice B.
Reed, Alvina
Reed, Anna E.
Reed, Arlene L.
Reed, Benjamin C.
Reed, Bennie C.
Reed, Bernice
Reed, Bessie Stalker
Reed, Betty J.
Reed, Beverly A.
Reed, Bonnie Lee
Reed, C. [Birdsall]
Reed, C. Elsie
Reed, Carlton H.
Reed, Carrie M.
Reed, Catherine M.
Reed, Charlene
Reed, Charles E.
Reed, Charles F. III
Reed, Charles S.
Reed, Charlie
Reed, Cherie Dee
Reed, Clifford M.
Reed, Clyde William
Reed, David C.
Reed, Donald L.
Reed, Edward [Morton]
Reed, Effie Cather
Reed, Elizabeth B. Woolway
Reed, F. [Clark]
Reed, George E.
Reed, Goldie E.
Reed, Gordon E.
Reed, H. [Clark] 1 2
Reed, Harley E.
Reed, Herman A.
Reed, Holly Ann
Reed, Howard F.
Reed, J. Richard
Reed, James E.
Reed, Jessica Michelle
Reed, Johnny C.
Reed, Josephine B.
Reed, Judy Brown
Reed, Kathy Ann
Reed, Lillian M.
Reed, Lizzie M.
Reed, Lola Stalker
Reed, Margaret A.
Reed, Melvin S.
Reed, Mildred
Reed, Miriam Y.
Reed, Mother
Reed, Myrtle W.
Reed, Nelson
Reed, Oran C.
Reed, Patricia A.
Reed, Phillip L.
Reed, Richard
Reed, Richard D. Jr.
Reed, Robert
Reed, Robert [Moodey]
Reed, Robert C.
Reed, Rosamunde
Reed, Rose C.
Reed, Sharla Jean
Reed, Sheridan M.
Reed, Sherman L.
Reed, Sherman L. Jr.
Reed, Suzanne E. Hurley
Reed, Victor [Browning]
Reed, Walter Kenneth
Reed, Walter William
Reed, William Eric
Reed, William H., Jr.
Reed, Wm.
Reed, Wm. Douglas
Reed, Wm. R.
Reeder, Bernard
Reeder, Carl F.
Reeder, Carl S.
Reeder, Clara
Reeder, Dorothy L.
Reeder, Howard H.
Reeder, Jeannette J.
Reeder, Mary E.
Reeder, Ralph D.
Reeds, Michael M.
Reel, Charles F.
Reel, Charles Paul
Reemar, Marie S.
Reen, Hazel I.

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