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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Rih through Robh

Riha, Mary V. [Emsley]
Riihimaki, Arnold
Riihimaki, Arthur A.
Riihimaki, Aune M.
Riihimaki, Elmer E.
Riipa, Barbara A.
Riipa, Vern E.
Riippa, Albert W.
Riippa, Betty
Riippa, Cecilia J.
Riippa, Edward M.
Riippa, Evelyn [Gnad]
Riippa, John J.
Riippa, Mary
Riippa, Robert F.
Riippa, Sofia E.
Riippa, Walter R.
Riippa, Wilhelmina
Riippa, William A.
Riisness, Eric Kruse
Riker, Bert
Riker, Bertha
Riker, Caroline C.
Riker, Charles C.
Riker, Deborah
Riker, Dora E.
Riker, Ella
Riker, Emma
Riker, Ervilla D.
Riker, Evaline E.
Riker, Father
Riker, Florence
Riker, George L.
Riker, George M.
Riker, Henry
Riker, Jacob M.
Riker, Leander B.
Riker, Mother
Riker, Neil L.
Riker, Sarah [Hines]
Riker, Susan A. Moore
Rikitaro, Jakob
Riko, Infant son
Riley, Anna L.
Riley, Augustine
Riley, Bridget Vail
Riley, Catherine E.
Riley, Frank
Riley, Harley M.
Riley, Hazel D.
Riley, James
Riley, James [Harris]
Riley, James Jr.
Riley, Jno.
Riley, John
Riley, Louise
Riley, Mary Carney
Riley, Michael
Riley, Sarah W.
Rilya, Lenore DuBois
Rilya, Russell "Pete"
Rimes, Anna Belle L.
Rimes, William G.
Rinderle, Alma [Kelsey]
Rinehardt, John F.
Rinehart, Albert E.
Rinehart, Byron F.
Rinehart, Edna L.
Rinehart, Goldie S.
Rinehart, John
Rinehart, Kenneth L.
Rinehart, Maggie Dudley
Rinehart, Sara E.
Ring, Ellen [Shelby]
Ring, Joseph
Ring, Lucretia [Hart]
Ring, Luther P.
Ring, Maria [Smith]
Ring, Mary
Ringle, James A.
Ringle, Stella E.
Ringman, Amanda Nevanpera
Ringman, Isaac
Ringman, Sophia Saul
Rinta, Aili [Jeffries]
Rinta, Aili M. M.
Rinta, Albert A.
Rinta, Edward M. 1 2
Rinta, Hilia M
Rinta, Hilma J.
Rinta, Ilmi M.
Rinta, John
Rinta, John E.
Rinta, John K.
Rinta, Maria W.
Rinta, Michael
Rinta, Susan V.
Rinta, Tony R.
Rinta, Tyyne W.
Rinta, Vernon 1 2
Rintala, Kreeta [Levossa]
Rintala, William E.
Rintanen, Mary [Jones]
Rinyo, Elizabeth
Rio, Rosa [Pace]
Ripley, [Storm]
Rippin, Ambrose
Rippin, Catherine
Rippin, Charles Louis
Rippin, Charlotte
Rippin, Donald O.
Rippin, Elizabeth M.
Rippin, Fred A.
Rippin, Geraldine C.
Rippin, Gertrude L.
Rippin, John A. 1 2
Rippin, John A. Jr.
Rippin, Joseph A.
Rippin, Joseph L.
Rippin, Lucille M.
Rippin, Mary [Johnson]
Rippin, Mary E.
Rippin, Nancy L.
Rippin, Nellie
Rippin, R. Pete
Rippin, Raymond A.
Rippin, Richard B.
Rippin, Robert A.
Rippin, Shirley K.
Rippin, Theodore J.
Rippin, Thomas Daniel
Rippin, Timothy Patrick
Rippin, William A.
Rippin, Willis, Sr.
Riqiuta, Angela
Risley, Caroline
Risley, Edgar
Risley, Luella G.
Rist, Clyde S.
Rist, Florence Jenness [Bock]
Rist, Kay E. [Bloom]
Rist, Sherley Imhoff
Ristau, Albert H.
Ristau, Elizabeth
Ritari 1 2
Ritari, Alma
Ritari, Arthur J.
Ritari, Carl Richard
Ritari, Edward N.
Ritari, Eleanor [Anthony]
Ritari, Elina
Ritari, Emilia
Ritari, Esther M.
Ritari, Ethel L
Ritari, Helen N.
Ritari, Jacob
Ritari, John 1 2
Ritari, Maria
Ritari, Maria [Kukkonen]
Ritari, Mary
Ritari, Tytar
Ritchey, John T. Jr.
Ritchey, John T. Sr.
Ritchey, Lavonne D.
Ritchie, Angelo S.
Ritchie, Anna
Ritchie, Daniel
Ritchie, Helen M.
Ritchie, John Joseph
Rite, Elizabeth
Ritek, Andrew
Ritek, John
Ritek, Mary 1 2
Ritola, Alma E.
Ritola, Anna
Ritola, Jacob
Ritola, John Aino
Ritola, Vieno
Ritrovato, Maddalena
Ritscher, M. Harriett
Rittenhouse, Carl A.
Rittenhouse, Charles W.
Rittenhouse, Clarence
Rittenhouse, Grace
Rittenhouse, Janet [Armstrong]
Rittenhouse, Leona
Rittenhouse, Phyllis I.
Rittenhouse, Robert W.
Ritter, Alice A.
Ritter, John Alonzo
Ritter, Kenneth D.
Ritter, Ralph
Rittick, James A.
Rittwage, Norma Alice Embacher
Rivenbark, Doris G.
Rivenbark, Paul M.
Rivenbark, Shelby J.
Rivenbark, Thomas A.
Rivera, Francisco
Rivera, Gerardo
Rivera, Juan A.
Rivero, Eliezer [Marcos]
Rivers, Bessie Day
Rivers, Eddie
Rivers, Emeline DeEtte Hickok
Rizer, Gloria K.
Rizer, Jack A.
Rizor, Catherine E.
Rizor, William H.
Rizzo, Eva Saba
Rizzo, Frank, Sr.
Rizzo, Marguerite "Peg"
Rnyo, Elizabeth
Rnyo, John
Roach, Ann M.
Roach, Betty
Roach, Earl
Roach, Harry V.
Roach, Isabell
Roach, Lorretta J.
Roach, Luvada Z.
Roach, Robert L.
Roath, Betty J.
Roath, Caroline M.
Roath, Clara J.
Roath, Howard D.
Roath, Hubert G.
Robb, Adaline E. [Amiott]
Robb, Anna Thomas
Robb, Celia [Stalker]
Robb, Frank B.
Robb, Livia
Robb, Merle G.
Robbins, Ambrose
Robbins, Anna E.
Robbins, Archie W.
Robbins, Beatrice M.
Robbins, Charles L.
Robbins, Dale E.
Robbins, Dana E. Sr.
Robbins, David
Robbins, David W.
Robbins, Eugene M.
Robbins, Frank A.
Robbins ?, Grandmother
Robbins ?, Helen
Robbins, Helen F.
Robbins, Henry F.
Robbins, Ira M.
Robbins, Margaret L.
Robbins, Mary A.
Robbins, Ora N.
Robbins, Ransom C.
Robbins, Robert C.
Robbins, Sophia Kish
Robbins, Vivian M.
Robbins, William M.
Robeck, Earl J.
Robeck, Fannie E.
Robeck, Kathryn A.
Robers, Helia M.
Robert, Betty [Seikinger]
Roberts, Abner A.
Roberts, Adaline C. [Swain]
Roberts, Agnes
Roberts, Alice [Crobaugh]
Roberts, Alma 1 2
Roberts, Alvira K.
Roberts, Alzina
Roberts, Anna
Roberts, Anne Marie
Roberts, Arnold
Roberts, Arthur M.
Roberts, Arvilla
Roberts, Bert S.
Roberts, Bonnie M. [Warner]
Roberts, Charles H.
Roberts, Charles L.
Roberts, Chas. L.
Roberts, Cora A.
Roberts, Cordelia L.
Roberts, Cordie R.
Roberts, Cutler J.
Roberts, Cynthia M.
Roberts, Dohn E.
Roberts, Dorothy
Roberts, Edith
Roberts, Elmina
Roberts, Emma A.
Roberts, Emma P.
Roberts, Estella C.
Roberts, Frank E.
Roberts, Frank E. Jr.
Roberts, French W.
Roberts, Hannah
Roberts, Harry A.
Roberts, Harry Richard
Roberts, Hazen L.
Roberts, Hazen R.
Roberts, Henry D.
Roberts, Hiram
Roberts, Ivah M.
Roberts, J. Ralph
Roberts, James A.
Roberts, James V. Jr.
Roberts, Jean
Roberts, Joel
Roberts, Julia A.
Roberts, Kathy L.
Roberts, Kenneth W.
Roberts, L. E.
Roberts, LaVera H.
Roberts, Leona F.
Roberts, Leonard C.
Roberts, Lester A.
Roberts, Lillian G.
Roberts, Lois G.
Roberts, Lottie
Roberts, Louise
Roberts, Lucy A. [Spitler]
Roberts, Marcus C.
Roberts, Marcus F.
Roberts, Marge E.
Roberts, Maria
Roberts, Maroa
Roberts, Maroa Mann
Roberts, Martha E.
Roberts, Mary B.
Roberts, Mary F. Hale
Roberts, Mary Repen
Roberts, Maryett
Roberts, Maud Belden
Roberts, Merilou
Roberts, Merrill M.
Roberts, Mollie S.
Roberts, Myron H.
Roberts, Obie T.
Roberts, Olive
Roberts, Phil A.
Roberts, Pollie A.
Roberts, Ralph G.
Roberts, Rhonda G.
Roberts, Ruby A.
Roberts, Ruth I.
Roberts, Savilla M.
Roberts, Sidney T.
Roberts, Solomon K.
Roberts, Tabitha
Roberts, Tabitha R. [Merrill]
Roberts, Theresa
Roberts, William
Roberts, William B.
Roberts, William Dean
Roberts, William E.
Roberts, William R.
Roberts, Wm. H.
Robertson, Charles E.
Robertson, Charles R.
Robertson, Charles R. Sr.
Robertson, Clara R.
Robertson, Dorothy
Robertson, Dorothy J. Smith
Robertson, Eric A.
Robertson, Gail A.
Robertson, Georgia
Robertson, Grace B.
Robertson, James D.
Robertson, James E.
Robertson, James W.

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