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Inscription Index - Roh through Ross

Rohal, Joseph Richard [Rohl]
Rohl, Richard J.
Rohl, Wendy Sue
Rohland, Alma
Rohloff, Fred G.
Rohner, Ernest
Rohner, Marjorie B.
Rohrbaugh, Helen Stearns
Rohrer, Clyde
Rohrer, Dorothy
Rohrer, Harry J.
Rohrer, James
Rohrer, Minerva
Rohrer, Rose E.
Rokavec, Eleanore B.
Rokosky, Betty F.
Rokosky, Martin T.
Rolf, Eleanor G.
Rolf, Frank P.
Rolfe, Georgia L.
Rolfe, Henry
Rolfe, Lillian Barnes
Rolfe, W. McGehee
Roll, Robert
Rolla, Anna
Roller, Kathy Ann
Rolling, Mary Elizabeth [O'Hair]
Rollins, Azerline D.
Roloff, Ethel [Manchester]
Rolph, Anna C.
Rolph, Frank A.
Rolph, Joanna N.
Rolph, June
Rolph, Pearl H.
Roman, Charles M.
Roman, Emma Lilly
Romanauski, Anthony E.
Romanauski, Anthony P.
Romano, Anna
Romano, Joseph
Rombough, James R.
Romeka, Daniel R.
Rometti, Michael Jay
Romig, Glady [Vickery]
Romig, Harland Keith
Romig, Myrtle M.
Romig, Otto W.
Romig, Raymond C.
Romig, Samuel E.
Romig, Sophie
Romischer, Bertha
Romischer, Samuel
Romocean, Elizabeth
Roncalli, Charles
Rone, Bonnie D.
Roneymus, Ethel M.
Roneymus, George G.
Ronk, Gertrude K.
Ronk, Marie Sturm
Ronk, Walter R. 1 2
Ronke, Helen L.
Ronke, Roy E..
Ronni, Isaac
Ronni, Isaac S.
Ronni, Susanna
Ronsky, Otto F. Jr.
Rood, Betsey E. Seely
Rood, Betty [Shinkle]
Rood, Charles H.
Rood, Ella J. Crocker
Rood, Elmer Byron
Rood, Fayett C.
Rood, Jeanette E.
Rood, Lucille [Wolf]
Rood, Norman E.
Roode, Walter W.
Rook, Klara I. Manley
Rook, William
Rooker, Jennie H.
Rooker, Jesse
Rooney, Anna
Rooney, Michael
Root, Anastasia
Root, Charles P.
Root, Clinton S.
Root, Donna [McCarthy]
Root, Edward Bela
Root, Eliza P.
Root, Ellen Elizabeth
Root, Elverda Verna
Root, Emma
Root, Erastus
Root, Eugene
Root, Experience
Root, F.A.
Root, Flavia M. [Preston]
Root, Franklin
Root, Geo. N.
Root, Grace M.
Root, J. D.
Root, James D.
Root, L. Jay
Root, Laura
Root, Lydia C.
Root, Lydia M.
Root, Lyman
Root, M.B.
Root, M. Emeroy [Fletcher]
Root, M.L.
Root, Mary
Root, Mary Emoroy
Root, Melvin L.
Root ?, Mother
Root, Ninson G.
Root, Phineas
Root, Polly [Bartlett]
Root, Raymond
Root, Rebecca 1 2
Root, S.W.
Root, Sena Brink
Root, V. G.
Root, Vinson 1 2
Root, Vinson G.
Root, Walter J.
Root, Willis P.
Root, Wm. P
Roper, Alice A.
Roper, Charles L.
Roper, Diane F.
Roper, Earl F.
Roper, Elmer
Roper, Frances [Thomas]
Roper, Franklyn
Roper, Lucy L.
Roper, Mabel R.
Roper, Margaret
Roper, Margot
Roper, Phebe Wicks
Roper, Richard S.
Roper, Wayne R.
Roper, Wayne-Bill
Ropos, Alfred
Ropos, Ann M.
Ropos, Mary J.
Ropos, Peter A.
Ropos, William A.
Rorabaugh, Lee
Rorabaugh, Mabel
Rorabaugh, Opal Lea
Rork, Helen [West]
Rosa, A. I.
Rosa, Agnes 1 2
Rosa, Agnice
Rosa, Amphila 1 2
Rosa, Catharine 1 2
Rosa, Catherine O. [Potter]
Rosa, Edward
Rosa, Eseck
Rosa, Frank H.
Rosa, Frank Jr.
Rosa, George
Rosa, Isaac 1 2
Rosa, J. S.
Rosa, Julia
Rosa, L.K.
Rosa, Lemuel K.
Rosa, M.L.
Rosa, Maria L.
Rosa, Maria V.
Rosa, Mary P.
Rosa, Olive J.
Rosa, Sophia 1 2
Rosa, Storm 1 2 3
Rosakrans, Amanda
Rosakrans, Kezia [Ferguson]
Rosakrans, Robt
Rosario, Robert J.
Roscoe, Barney
Roscoe, Edgar [Cumings]
Rose 1 2
Rose, Albert
Rose, Almon P.
Rose, Amanda J.
Rose, Amelia
Rose, Ann I.
Rose, Anna
Rose, Baby Boy
Rose, Benjamin
Rose, C. S.
Rose, Catharine Smead
Rose, Charles
Rose, Charles P.
Rose, Clyde C.
Rose, Cora L.
Rose, Cynthia [Raymond] 1 2
Rose, Daniel Valois
Rose, Dolores G.
Rose, E. W.
Rose, Edward William
Rose, Eliza B. [Young]
Rose, Elizabeth
Rose, Elmer E.
Rose, Ernest N.
Rose, Esther
Rose, Eunice Minerva
Rose, Eveline
Rose, Flora M.
Rose, Frances C.
Rose, Frank
Rose, George 1 2
Rose, George Alphonso
Rose, George H.
Rose, George Jr.
Rose, Grace L.
Rose, Helen J.
Rose, Herbert J.
Rose, Howard W.
Rose, James Floyd
Rose, Jesse E.
Rose, John
Rose, Kathryn Creedon
Rose, Kittie [Hall]
Rose, Laura B.
Rose, Lemuel R.
Rose, Lena
Rose, Leonard A.
Rose, Leslie N.
Rose, Lulah
Rose, Margaret G.
Rose, Marian E.
Rose, Michael
Rose, Neil A.
Rose, Nicholas
Rose, Oscar
Rose, Rose Dean
Rose, Ruth M.
Rose, Sada M.
Rose, Sada Mae
Rose, Susan G.
Rose, Valentine
Rose, Walter B.
Rose, William E.
Roseberry, Barbara Y. Rev.
Roseberry, John M. Rev.
Roseberry, Joshua M.
Roseman, Leo [Harris]
Rosenberg, Dorothy E.
Rosenberg, Toivo V. Rev.
Rosencrans, Clarence A.
Rosencrans, Mildred C. M.
Rosenkeimer, Anne Bowlby
Rosenkeimer, Katherine L.
Rosenkeimer, Richard Bert
Rosenkeimer, Robert G.
Rosenthal, Agnes G.
Rosenthal, Irwin H.
Rosenthal, Margaret Jean
Rosenthal, Morris G.
Rosenthal, Orpha H.
Rosequist, Mary N.
Rosequist, Theodore A.
Roseum, Dave J.
Roseum, Everett M.
Roseum, Frank E.
Roseum, Harold E.
Roseum, Ida Mae
Roseum, John J.
Roseum, Lawrence L.
Roseum, Lona E. Robinson
Roseum, Marguerite E. Battles
Roseum, May Ferry
Rosewag, Marjorie Miller Finnicum
Rosey, Rose V.
Rosier, June L.
Rosier, William D.
Rosipko, Connie
Rosipko, James A.
Roskelly, Aubrey O.
Roskelly, Elnora [O'Brien]
Roskelly, Mildred D.
Roskelly, Noah Monroe
Roskevitch, Bernice
Roskevitch, Lewis A.
Roskos, Ann M.
Roskos, Leonard
Rosmire, H.
Rosmire, H. W.
Rosmire, Mary
Ross, Ada D.
Ross, Addie M.
Ross, Albert
Ross, Albert L. Sr.
Ross, Anna [Jones?]
Ross, Barbara K.
Ross, Barney
Ross, C. Joseph
Ross, Carole A.
Ross, Charles H.
Ross, Daniel B.
Ross, David J.
Ross, David L.
Ross, Donald L.
Ross, Donald R.
Ross, Dorlene A.
Ross, Dunbar E.
Ross, Edwin W.
Ross, Eliza
Ross, Ella MaBelle
Ross, Eric [Couture]
Ross, Esther
Ross, Evelyn J.
Ross, Faye L.
Ross, Frances A.
Ross, Frank H.
Ross, George C
Ross, George G.
Ross, George William
Ross, Harry A.
Ross, Hilda M. Widgren
Ross, Howard R. 1 2
Ross, James 1 2
Ross, Jane
Ross, Jeannette L.
Ross, John A.
Ross, John J.
Ross, John Marty
Ross, John R.
Ross, Joseph
Ross, Josephine R.
Ross, Julia
Ross, Katherine
Ross, Leo D.
Ross, Lida M. Bower
Ross, M.J.
Ross, Margaret C.
Ross, Marion S. Scott
Ross, Martha D. 1 2
Ross, Mary
Ross, Mary Angellene
Ross, Matilda
Ross, Melancton
Ross, Patricia F
Ross, Patrick M.
Ross, Robert
Ross, Royial H.
Ross, Ruth Tennant
Ross, Samuel J.
Ross, Stephen L.
Ross, Tillie M.
Ross, William
Ross, William Bryant
Ross, William E.
Rossbach, Elizabeth S.
Rossbach, Walter G.
Rossen, Earl
Rossen, Gary DePetris
Rossen, Hubert
Rossen, Michael
Rossen, Pasqualina
Rossen, Victoria Mae [Brunetti]
Rossi, Alice P.
Rossi, Anthony
Rossi, Donald
Rossi, Lee M.
Rossi, Renee B.
Rossi, Rose
Rossiter, Alice L.
Rossiter, Ella M.
Rossiter, Janette [Eaton]
Rossiter, Minnie A.
Rossiter, Robert L.
Rossiter, W. [Harrington]
Rossiter, William R.
Rossitti, Eva V.
Rosskamp, Anna Helen
Rosskamp, George D.
Rosskamp, Marie A.
Rossley, Anna
Rossley, Ina E
Rossley, Thomas J.
Rossman, Debra L.
Rossman, Frank H. 1 2
Rossmann, Albert A.
Rossmann, Elsie R.

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