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Inscription Index - Rost through Rur

Rost, Fred
Rost, Josephine
Rost, Walter F.
Rostocil, Alyce M.
Rostocil, Deborah Lou
Rostocil, Frank L.
Rostocil, Gary Allen Lee
Rostocil, Gilmore A.
Rostocil, Gloria J.
Rostocil, Ivy G.
Rostocil, Nancy J.
Rostocil, Theodore D.
Rosumny, Louise F.
Rosumny, Mark R.
Roswell, [Hayes]
Roswell, [Hayes], Jr.
Roswell, [Lowrey]
Roswell, C. [Jerome]
Roswell, C. W.
Roswell, Edwin [Benson] Jr.
Roswell, G. [Wheeler] 1 2
Roswell, R. [Davis]
Roswell, Randolph [Hubbard]
Roswell, W. [Ford]
Roszman, Ruth N.
Roszman, Waldo E.
Roth, Adeline M.
Roth, Betty Jane
Roth, Carl Martin
Roth, Christine
Roth, Donna
Roth, Elmer F.
Roth, Emma C.
Roth, Emma Q.
Roth, Eugene L.
Roth, Fred
Roth, Fred L.
Roth, Frederick
Roth, Hazel [Easterbrook]
Roth, John
Roth, John G.
Roth, Lewis
Roth, Louise A.
Roth, Mabel A.
Roth, Otto E.
Roth, Rosa [Wilson]
Roth, Ruth V.
Rothauser, Hattie A.
Rothhaas, Myrtle W.
Rothhaas, Thomas R.
Rothrock, Mary F.
Rothruck, George W.
Rothschuh, Victoria L.
Rotondo, Albert A.
Rough, Carrie I.
Rough, Laura O.
Rought, Anson M. "Mel"
Rought, Artie A.
Rought, Audrey M.
Rought, Barbara Anne
Rought, Bernadette M.
Rought, Ebenezer
Rought, Eliza [Orcutt]
Rought, Jessie M.
Rought, Mary A.
Rought, Wayne R.
Roulan, Marie H.
Roulan, Peter C.
Rounsevell, Hannah
Rourke, Harold
Rourke, Harold K.
Rouse, Daisy H.
Roush, Betty L.
Roush, Clara E.
Roush, Evelyn M.
Roush, George H.
Roush, Henry F.
Roush, John
Roush, Lelia M. 1 2
Roush, Pam
Roush, Patrick Richard
Roush, William L.
Routzahn, Eleanore Douglass
Rowan, Albert Jr.
Rowan, Carol J.
Rowan, Gerald G.
Rowan, Jacqueline H.
Rowan, Keith G.
Rowan, Mathew H.
Rowan, Mida
Rowan, Nancy
Rowan, Warden L.
Rowe, Cecil
Rowe, Irene
Rowe, Robert Andrew [Steele]
Rowe, Thomas E.
Rowell, Mary Ann [Abbott]
Rowell-Christoff, Veronica E.
Rowland, [Edmonds]
Rowland, Alzina
Rowland, Dan'l
Rowland, Emma A.
Rowland, Flora 1 2
Rowland, G. [Walker]
Rowland, George M.
Rowland, Jacob W.
Rowland, Jane A. Winchester
Rowland, John M.
Rowland, John Wesley
Rowland, Matilda Spence
Rowland, Nellie Thorp
Rowland, Olive M. [Hamblin]
Rowland, R. [Louth]
Rowland, Rebecca A.
Rowland, Robert
Rowland, Wife
Rowles, Arthur G.
Rowles, Franklin B.
Rowles, James A.
Rowles, Leonard Lee
Rowles, Marie Helen
Rowles, Mary B.
Rowley, Alton A.
Rowley, Ida L. [Ernst]
Rowley, Ruth D.
Rowlin, Howard
Roxburgh, Mary G.
Roxburgh, Robert W.
Roy, Arthur H.
Roy, Augustus
Roy, Charlie
Roy, Charlie F.
Roy, Evelena R.
Roy, Gerald E.
Roy, Harriet
Roy, Infant
Roy, Jos. A.
Roy, Roxana
Royal, Billy Lee
Royal, Emma Wood
Royal, Eugene [Prouty] 1 2
Royal, Franklin [Dowen]
Royal, Jesse [Zeiss]
Royal, Leman W.
Royal, Mary Agnes
Royal, R. [Latham]
Royer, A. Clinton
Royer, Anna
Royer, Celesta
Royer, Clarence A.
Royer, Elizabeth L.
Royer, Frank E.
Royer, Lucy B.
Royer, Marian
Royer, Mary Ellen
Royer, Raymond
Royer, Robert W.
Royer, Verle
Royer, Willis E.
Royster, Essie M.
Royster, Marvin B.
Rozack, Dorothy [Howrylak]
Rozack, John E.
Rozmanc, John J.
Rozuck, Fred N.
Ru[illeg], [illeg] E.
Rua, James C.
Rua, Nettie M.
Rubera, Ida M.
Rubera, Michael P.
Rubertino, Mildred M.
Rubertino, Salvatore S.
Rubin, Robert J.
Rubino, Margaret S.
Rubint, Charles M.
Rubint, Esther D.
Rubint, Louis C.
Rubint, Olga E.
Ruck, Anna M.
Ruck, Betty L.
Ruck, Edward H.
Ruck, Eleanor King
Ruck, Howard H.
Ruck, Ruth E. [Drake]
Ruck, Steve A.
Ruckel, Calvin P.
Ruckel, Mary K.
Rudd, Alice [Rockafellow]
Rudd, Amanda
Rudd, Betty Ann
Rudd, Charles
Rudd, Clara M.
Rudd, Cullen
Rudd, Edson
Rudd, Elizabeth A.
Rudd, Gordon H. Sr.
Rudd, Laura
Rudd, W. [Randolph]
Ruddle, John T.
Ruddle, Linda
Ruddy, Leroy F.
Rude, Eleanor
Rudeen, A.
Rudeen, Nellie
Rudge, Mary J.
Rudge, William
Rudloff, Anna B.
Rudloff, Richard H.
Rudman, Jane E.
Rudman, Nick
Rudman, Sarah Alice
Rudnay, Anna
Rudnay, John
Rudolph, Elizabeth Zinn [Reid]
Rudolph, George
Rudolph, James [Garfield]
Rudolphy, Douglas
Rudolphy, Elsie
Rudy, Bessie [Walsh]
Rudzinski, Evelyn D.
Rue, Julietta [Hine]
Ruesch, Alois J.
Ruesch, Lydia
Ruetenik, Armin R.
Ruetenik, Elizabeth Clevenger
Ruetenik, Jennie S.
Ruetenik, Katie
Ruetenik, Otto S.
Ruetenik, Waldemar H.
Ruettger, Elizabeth
Ruettger, Robert
Ruez, George F.
Ruez, Mary Jo
Ruffner, Leonard B.
Rugg, Blanche M.
Ruggles, A. Mabel
Ruggles, Ada M.
Ruggles, Catherine P.
Ruggles, Clifford C.
Ruggles, Florence
Ruggles, Frank W.
Ruggles, Jane Tillotson
Ruggles, Orra F.
Ruggles, Sylva 1 2
Ruggles, Tracy E.
Rugnetta, Dominic A. Jr.
Rugnetta, Frank A.
Rugnetta, James
Rugnetta, Paola
Ruhling, Fred
Ruhling, Fred. M.
Ruhling, Marie L.
Ruhling, Nellie 1 2
Ruhling, Perry J. 1 2
Ruhling, Raymond P.
Ruiz, Kathryn Ware
Rukenbrod, Linda A.
Rulison, Evelyn G.
Rulison, Richard C.
Rullis, Evelyn
Rullis, William
Rumbaugh, Paul F.
Rumbaugh, Rosetta
Rumberger, Charles D. III "Bud"
Rumberger, Charles Dana Jr.
Rumsey, [Reeve] 1 2
Rumsey, Lydia
Rumsey, R. [Campbell]
Rundell, Frank P. Rev.
Rundell, Myrtle B.
Rundell, Thankful
Runyan, Margaret J.
Runyan, Mina M.
Runyan, William F.
Runyeon, Beverly M.
Runyeon, Robert S.
Ruokasmaki, John
Rupert, Gloria Jean
Ruple, Adaline J. [Winter]
Ruple, Albert Vasbinder
Ruple, Cora [Vasbinder]
Ruple, Edith C.
Ruple, Edna S.
Ruple, James A.
Ruple, Mabel C.
Ruple, Mildred M.
Ruplinger, Jean
Ruque, Antonio M.
Ruque, Graciela A.

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