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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Sp through Spn

Space, Azariah D.
Space, Hannah Haines
Space, Hila [Dow]
Space, Isaac A.
Space, James P.
Space, Merriman
Spada, James T.
Spada, Judith C.
Spade, Carolyn R.
Spade, James E.
Spaeth, Ernest J.
Spaeth, Marian E.
Spafford, Henry Martin
Spagnola, Remo Alex
Spaid, Frances A.
Spaid, George E., Sr.
Spain, Amanda
Spain, Carrie L.
Spain, Charles W.
Spain, James
Spain, Rhoda A. [Connell]
Spain, Stephen E.
Spalding, Charles
Spalding, Charles W.
Spalding, Edna P.
Spalding, Eunice 1 2
Spalding, father
Spalding, Helen [Kellogg]
Spalding, John W.
Spalding, Mary H.
Spalding, mother
Spalding, Roswell
Spalding, Roswell W.
Spalding, Sophia P. Willard
Spalding, Walter J.
Spaller, A. Mae
Spaller, Albert G.
Spaller, Anna Behm
Spaller, Anna Mae
Spaller, August
Spaller, August W. 1 2
Spaller, Catherine B.
Spaller, Donald R.
Spaller, Dustin E.
Spaller, Edward W.
Spaller, Ethel Gill
Spaller, Florence
Spaller, Fridrike
Spaller, Herman C.
Spaller, Johanna
Spaller, John F. 1 2
Spaller, Kenneth L.
Spaller, Louise M.
Spaller, Lucia H.
Spaller, Lynn D.
Spaller, Marie P.
Spaller, Maynard R.
Spaller, Mildred M.
Spaller, Minna K.
Spaller, Ruth E.
Spaller, Theodore A.
Spaller, Winslow E.
Spang, Carron R.
Spang, Eric James
Spangler, Almeda Fay
Spangler, Carlton E.
Spangler, Charles E.
Spangler, Isabel M.
Spangler, Richard C.
Spanner, Benjamin
Spanner, Maria [Beebe]
Spanner, Maria R.
Spargur, Clark
Spargur, Helen B.
Sparks, Alice
Sparks, Alma G.
Sparks, Arden
Sparks, Arthur W.
Sparks, Atreau
Sparks, Charles A.
Sparks, Dorothy L.
Sparks, Dorothy S.
Sparks, Edith
Sparks, Elizabeth
Sparks, Estell 1 2
Sparks, Evelyn M.
Sparks, Father
Sparks, Frederick R.
Sparks, George
Sparks, Harriet Marsh
Sparks, John
Sparks, John E.
Sparks, Joseph
Sparks, Joseph F.
Sparks, Lydia J.
Sparks, Mother
Sparks, Thomas R.
Sparr, Eva [Harrison]
Spath, Margaret "Pat"
Spath, Robert Lee
Spation, Florence M.
Spation, Joseph J.
Spaulding, Adaline
Spaulding, Alice T.
Spaulding, Charles R.
Spaulding, Donald A.
Spaulding, Elizabeth B.
Spaulding, Frank E.
Spaulding, George W.
Spaulding, Gerald R.
Spaulding, Gladys C.
Spaulding, Horace D.
Spaulding, Jeannette
Spaulding, Jennie C.
Spaulding, L. John
Spaulding, L., Dr.
Spaulding, Luther D.
Spaulding, Mary E.
Spaulding, Ruth O.
Spaulding, Sara Jane
Spaulding, Sterling A.
Spaulding, Vaughn B.
Spaulding, Velva A. [Price]
Spaulding, Verdabelle A.
Spaw, Ronald E.
Spayd, Annie G.
Spear, Alma [Paine]
Spear, Andrew [Rhodes]
Spear, Bessie O.
Spear, Betty J. Colgrove
Spear, Carrel
Spear, Clyde C.
Spear, Eleanor J.
Spear, Ernest L.
Spear, Ernest L., Jr.
Spear, Eunice
Spear, Evelyn
Spear, Fanny C.
Spear, Florence G.
Spear, Frances M. [Abbey]
Spear, George J.
Spear, Harry J.
Spear, Helen O.
Spear, Isaac
Spear, J. Edward
Spear, James
Spear, Jay L.
Spear, John L.
Spear, Joseph L.
Spear, Kenneth L.
Spear, Laura M. Square
Spear, Levi [Parmly]
Spear, Marguerite
Spear, Norene R.
Spear, Paul W.
Spear, Pearl E.
Spear, Phebe E
Spear, Robert W.
Spear, S.B.
Spear, Viola R.
Spear, Wilbur C.
Spears, Thomas Gene
Specht, George A.
Specht, Margaret
Specinger, Jacob W.
Specinger, Lydia
Speed, Clarence J.
Speed, Pearl W.
Spehar, Christopher Charles
Spehek, David Ivan
Speidel, James Karl
Speidel, Mary Susan
Speir, Dorothy M.
Spelic, Helen B.
Spelic, Stanley J.
Spellman, Harold S.
Spence, Alexander M.
Spence, Christine
Spence, Dennis M.
Spence, Dorothy E.
Spence, Edna G.
Spence, Elizabeth J.
Spence, Eva May
Spence, Florence I.
Spence, Frances Chapin
Spence, Henry U.
Spence, Hester Hettinger
Spence, Hubert deLaserre
Spence, James O.
Spence, James W.
Spence, Julia O.
Spence, Lillian N.
Spence, Louise D.
Spence, Mary Jane [Neill]
Spence, Matilda [Rowland]
Spence, Matt E.
Spence, Thomas F.
Spence, Willard C.
Spence, William D.
Spence, William G.
Spencer, Anna Wells
Spencer, Bessie L.
Spencer, Candace [Munson]
Spencer, David
Spencer, Donald A. K.
Spencer, Edith Mae
Spencer, Edward [Munson]
Spencer, Elma A.
Spencer, Emily
Spencer, Emma
Spencer, Friend
Spencer, Gerald W.
Spencer, John W.
Spencer, Joseph W.
Spencer, Loa W.
Spencer, Louisa Arnold
Spencer, Lyle Edward
Spencer, Mara
Spencer, Mary
Spencer, Mildred A.
Spencer, Milford C.
Spencer, Raymond E.
Spencer, Rose [Kelley]
Spencer, Roy George
Spencer, Ruth [Keller]
Spencer, Sarah [Crandall]
Spencer, Stanley
Spencer, Velma M.
Spencer, William
Sper, Mary E.
Sper, Mary H.
Sper, Stephen J.
Sperka, Marie K.
Speros, Dimitri Mandamadiotis
Speros, Marinel Calhoun
Sperry, A.
Sperry, Adaline [Barnes]
Sperry, Alice M.
Sperry, Allen P. 1 2
Sperry, Ambrose
Sperry, Andy
Sperry, Bethiah [Baker]
Sperry, Brell
Sperry, Caroline
Sperry, Caroline S.
Sperry, Charles S. 1 2
Sperry, Corwin
Sperry, Daniel
Sperry, Daniel S. 1 2 3
Sperry, David J.
Sperry, E.
Sperry, Elmer
Sperry, Frances B.
Sperry, Frank W.
Sperry, Hannah
Sperry, Ira 1 2
Sperry, James A.
Sperry, John
Sperry, John C.
Sperry, Julia [Hungerford]
Sperry, Kate V. 1 2
Sperry, Lewis 1 2
Sperry, Lovina
Sperry, Lovina Lord
Sperry, Lowella B.
Sperry, Lucetta
Sperry, Lucinda Carroll
Sperry, Lucinda E. Carroll
Sperry, Maria 1 2
Sperry, Marion E. [Wisner]
Sperry, Mary [Willard?]
Sperry, Mehetabel
Sperry, Nancy 1 2
Sperry, Nellie
Sperry, Pearl
Sperry, Pearl M.
Sperry, Peter V. 1 2
Sperry, Roberta M.
Sperry, Sarah A.
Sperry, Sophia
Sperry, T. Corwin
Sperry, Tirzah Sophronia [Palmer]
Sperry, Wheeler 1 2
Sperry, Zeri 1 2
Spetrino, Florence A.
Spetrino, Franklin W.
Spetz, Genevieve M.
Spetz, Leo F.
Spice, Fern M.
Spice, William J.
Spicer, Albert W.
Spicer, Charles R.
Spicer, Donald E.
Spicer, J. Phillip
Spicer, Kayla Louise
Spicer, M. Irene
Spicer, Mamie I.
Spiegel, Edward C.
Spiegel, Mike
Spieker, Agnes L.
Spieker, Dona
Spieker, Ervin L.
Spieker, Richard
Spiesman, Anna B.
Spiesman, David L.
Spiesman, Dorthene H.
Spiesman, Emma Lou
Spiesman, George R.
Spiesman, George R. Sr.
Spiesman, Marjorie Rose
Spiesman, Ruth Ann
Spieth, Alice Day
Spieth, Elsie F.
Spieth, John E.
Spieth, William D.
Spieth, William F Jr
Spiker, Addie [Lancaster]
Spiker, Eugene J.
Spiker, Frances C.
Spiker, Jeremy R.
Spiker, John W.
Spiker, Vera L.
Spikes, Betty Lou
Spikes, Catherine
Spikes, Cornelius
Spikes, Earl
Spikes, Eloise
Spikes, Hattie Mae
Spikes, John E.
Spikes, Lady Mae
Spikes, Lonnie J.
Spikes, Mack
Spikes, Mack Sr.
Spikes, Mary L.
Spikes, Rufus L.
Spikes, Willie A.
Spindle, Daniel E.
Spindle, Donald E.
Spindle, Jennie C.
Spindle, John D.
Spink, Albert William
Spink, Arta M. Harrison
Spink, Geraldine H.
Spink, Myra Jane A.
Spink, Ora M.
Spink, Roland B.
Spiri, Louise M.
Spisak, Ann E.
Spisak, Ann M.
Spisak, E. Lynn M.
Spisak, Elizabeth
Spisak, Ethel
Spisak, Frank
Spisak, John
Spisak, John J.
Spisak, Joseph
Spisak, Matilda G.
Spisak, Mike J.
Spisak, Mrs. Jozsef
Spisak, Steve
Spitler, Leo L.
Spitler, Lottie M.
Spitler, Lucy A. Roberts
Spivak, Helen
Spivak, John F.

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