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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Spo through Std

Spohn, Carrie M
Spohn, James A.
Spohn, John A.
Spohn, Ronald James
Sponski, Effie M.
Sponski, William S.
Sporn, Amelia
Sporn, Frank
Sporn, Frank L.
Sporn, Margaret
Sporn, Theresa
Spotton, Anna C.
Spotton, Frank J.
Sprafka, Jennie
Sprafka, Julius
Sprague, Anna E.
Sprague, Barbary
Sprague, C
Sprague, Charles W.
Sprague, Claude A.
Sprague, Cynthia E.
Sprague, Diane Mae
Sprague, Donna A. [Maruschak]
Sprague, Ebenezer
Sprague, Eileen M.
Sprague, Elizabeth
Sprague, Emory
Sprague, Eugene A.
Sprague, Jeanette [Ames]
Sprague, Jonathon
Sprague, Judith E. [Clark]
Sprague, K. Jason
Sprague, Lydia L.
Sprague, Marilyn J.
Sprague, Max E., Sr.
Sprague, Olive
Sprague, Robert L.
Sprague, S. M.
Sprague, Sarepta U.
Sprague, Seth B.
Sprague, Tryphosa
Sprague, William E.
Sprague, William J.
Sprainger, Katie P.
Sprainger, Lydia P. Abbey
Sprainger, Thomas
Sprajc, Louise
Spreng, Ruth M. Wyman
Spring, Dennis E.
Spring, Diann G.
Spring, Edith M.
Spring, Eliza A.
Spring, Elouise M.
Spring, Fred
Spring, infant son
Spring, Jane M.
Spring, Lester G.
Spring, Lester G. Jr.
Spring, Sarah [Callender]
Spring, Vicky Lynn
Springer, Esther [Mally]
Springer, Helen G.
Springer, Norris E.
Sprinzl, Richard P.
Sprinzl, Rose Marie
Sprong, Mary Ann Wheeler Pope
Spurgeon, Edith Mitchell
Spurgin, Anna Pike
Spurrier, Gene M.
Spurrier, Margaret K.
Spuzzillo, Michael F.
Spy, Johnnie Sr.
Spyke, Ann C. Lacombe
Square, Anna
Square, Anna
Square, Christine
Square, Donato A.
Square, Dorothy M.
Square, Felix
Square, Felix N.
Square, Frank D.
Square, Jean L.
Square, Jeanne Rand
Square, John
Square, Joseph
Square, Kathryn R. [Hosmer]
Square, Laura M.
Square, Laura M. [Spear]
Square, Lester F.
Square, Lucia
Square, Lucia C.
Square, Mary E.
Square, Mary Elizabeth
Square, Nick J.
Square, Nicola
Square, Olive M.
Square, Paul J.
Square, Philip A.
Square, Philip J.
Square, Roy Paul
Square, Vincent C.
Square, Yolanda M.
Squire, Adeline B.
Squire, Elizabeth
Squire, George O.
Squire, Joseph
Squire, Julia A. Stocking [Arnold] 1 2
Squire, Lydia
Squire, Mary [Mottashed]
Squire, Ronald G.
Squires, Adelbert P.
Squires, Caroline G.
Squires, Hiram K.
Squires, Iva J.
Squires, Juliett [Stoughton]
Squires, Maria L.
Squires, Mother
Squires, Nancy [Ackley]
Squires, Richard
Squires, Ruth E. Page
Squires, William F.
Srail, Ronald W.
Srail, Ruth B.
Srnka, Anton
Srnka, Mary
Srp, John
Srp, Monaka
Stacey, Esther R
Stacey, Maude [Williams]
Stacey, Sarah B.
Stacey, Wright S.
Stack, Frank G.
Stackhouse, Bessie J.
Stackhouse, Homer O.
Stackhouse, Iva I.
Stacks, Carolyn A.
Stacks, Joel H.
Stacy, Anna M. "Louise"
Stacy, Estell Kewen
Stacy, Fred Marion
Stacy, Georgia B.
Stacy, Ira C.
Stacy, Jessie W.
Stacy, John W.
Stacy, Lester P.
Stacy, Sidney A. Sr.
Stacy, William Hall
Stacy, Wilma L.
Stade, Robert C.
Stadler, Fred K.
Staffeld, Carl E.
Stafford, Byron L.
Stafford, Eliza
Stafford, F. [Meek]
Stafford, Fannie A.
Stafford, Fay C.
Stafford, Fred E.
Stafford, Henry W.
Stafford, Israel S.
Stafford, James L.
Stafford, John F.
Stafford, Judy
Stafford, L. M.
Stafford, Marjory J.
Stafford, Mary Ann
Stafford, Mary E.
Stafford, Merle R.
Stafford, Nancy L.
Stafford, Nellie M.
Stafford, Olympia K.
Stafford, Phyllis J.
Stafford, R. Belle [Johnston]
Stafford, Ruth [Stewart]
Stafford, Sarah E. [Reynolds]
Stafford, Sarah N.
Stafford, T.J.
Stafford, Vielda [Murray]
Stafford, W. [Meek]
Stafford, Walter J.
Stage, Elijah
Stage, Father
Stage, Nancy
Stage, Nancy A.
Stahl, Anneliese S.
Stahl, Hilbert [Collins]
Stahl, Irene C.
Stahl, Jennifer Anne
Stahl, Norbert G.
Stahlhut, Herbert M.
Stahlhut, Mabel A.
Staidle, Stacie Ann
Staidle, Stanley
Staidle, Stephanie
Stainer, Elizabeth W.
Stakich, Patricia A.
Staley, Arthur E.
Staley, Friend Jr. "John"
Staley, Helen J.
Staley, James J.
Staley, Jeffrey L.
Staley, Laura
Staley, Lillian F.
Staley, Ralph R.
Stalker, Alathea E.
Stalker, Andrew W.
Stalker, Anna
Stalker, Arthur R. 1 2
Stalker, Bessie [Reed]
Stalker, Celia Robb
Stalker, Charles W.
Stalker, Electa 1 2
Stalker, Elizabeth
Stalker, Everett J.
Stalker, Francis E.
Stalker, Fred R. 1 2
Stalker, Gregory J.
Stalker, Hannah M. 1 2
Stalker, Hortense
Stalker, Janet Marie
Stalker, John
Stalker, John W.
Stalker, Kathleen B.
Stalker, Lola [Reed]
Stalker, Marion [Shaffer]
Stalker, Merwin R.
Stalker, Norman W.
Stalker, Walter E.
Stallard, Barry D.
Stallings, Beulah M.
Stallings, James F.
Stalnaker, Nannette Lynn
Stamlevski, Helena
Stamm, Arthur G.
Stamm, Gladys M.
Stamm, Katie V.
Stamm, Merrill G.
Stampfel, Frank M.
Stampfel, Mary V.
Standard, Lydia M
Stanford, [Wilson]
Stang, Delos T.
Stange, Amelia M.
Stange, Arthur
Stange, Bertha M.
Stange, Carl O.
Stange, Charles F.
Stange, Edward H.
Stange, Edward J. Sr.
Stange, Ethel I.
Stange, Flora
Stange, Frank H.
Stange, Fred
Stange, Fred J. Jr.
Stange, Irene H.
Stange, John
Stange, Leroy J.
Stange, Margaret H.
Stange, Marian C.
Stange, Marian L.
Stange, Theresa E.
Stange, Wilhelmine [Montie]
Stange, William John
Stanhope, Ada Louise
Stanhope, Bert
Stanhope, Cecelia C.
Stanhope, Chas.
Stanhope, Elizabeth
Stanhope, Florence Hayward
Stanhope, Frank G.
Stanhope, Harry
Stanhope, James D.
Stanhope, Laura E.
Stanhope, Lew Allan
Stanhope, Lorenzo D.
Stanhope, Mary
Stanhope, Mary M.
Stanhope, Ralph J.
Stanhope, Robert G.
Stanhope, Rosa C.
Stanich, Edward T.
Stanich, Shirley N.
Stanislav, George
Stanko, Andrew
Stanley, Charlotte
Stanley, Freelove
Stanley, Harley D.
Stanley, Joseph
Stanley, Margaret
Stannard, Isabella Law
Stanonik, Caroline M.
Stanonik, Frank E.
Stanonik, Frank E. III
Stanonis, Benjamin E.
Stanovic, Bartel J.
Stanovik, Olga B.
Stanton 1 2
Stanton, Alfred
Stanton, Betty M.
Stanton, Charles
Stanton, Charles A.
Stanton, Charlotte
Stanton, Delia [Callinan]
Stanton, Dorothy W.
Stanton, Edward A.
Stanton, Francis F.
Stanton, Frank M.
Stanton, George
Stanton, Harry A. 1 2
Stanton, Isaac
Stanton, J. William
Stanton, L. Antoinette
Stanton, Lois E.
Stanton, Loretta
Stanton, Margaret C.
Stanton, Mary C.
Stanton, Mary Lee
Stanton, Mildred M.
Stanton, P.W.
Stanton, Rachel
Stanton, Robert [Dell]
Stanton, Shirley [Skinner]
Stanton, Susan G.
Stanton, Terese Marie
Stanton, Thomas A.
Stanton, Twin 1
Stanton, Twin 2
Stanton, William C.
Stanzi, John P.
Stanziale, Antoinetta
Stanziale, Carmen E.
Stanziale, Carolyn M. Kleve
Stanziale, Joseph
Stanziale, Maria
Stanziale, Mary Jane
Stanziale, Nick
Stapleton, Scott Patrick
Stapleton, Terry Ann
Starcher, Glenn A.
Starcher, Glenn R.
Starcher, Helen L.
Starcher, Virginia Legg
Starchvick, Carol Jane [McCoy]
Stark, Arlene
Stark, Baby Boy
Stark, Elmer M.
Stark, Gertrude A.
Stark, Samuel R. Jr.
Stark, Samuel R. Sr.
Starkey, Lila M.
Starkey, Lillian Ruth
Starkey, William D.
Starks, Asel
Starkweather, baby
Starkweather, Bertha Marilla
Starkweather, Ezra
Starkweather, Ezra Belcher
Starkweather, Laura Geer
Starkweather, [?] Marilla M.
Starkweather, Oakley B.
Starlin, Alice C.
Starlin, Cecil W.
Starlin, Grace A. [Muller]
Starovecky, Eleanor M.
Starovecky, Joseph J.
Starr, Harriet
Starr, Harriet Merwin
Starr, Lafayette
Starr, Linda E.
Starr, Mary Ann
Starr, May C.
Starr, Rea W.
Starr, Walter [Barker]
Starr, William
Stasko, Marie E. [Niedermyer]
Staszko, Theodore
Staten, Betty Jean
Staten, Charles
Staten, George W.
Staten, H. Irene [Becker]
Staten, James Paul, Sr.
Staten, Jeannette
Staten, Mary B.
Staton, Tamura J.
Stattfeld, Baby [Cray]
Staudenmaier, Anna M.
Staudt, Emmaline G.
Staudt, H. Theodore Jr.
Staudt, Lois A.
Staudt, Michael J.
Stauffer, Kolene M.
Stauffer, Mary P.
Stauffer, Robert [Barto]
Stauffer, Walter E.
Stauffer, William F.
Staup, Herbert R.
Stauss, Sandra Dorthea
Staver, Sidney C.
Stazzone, Anna Kohan

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