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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Wec through Weq

Wedding, Mary Beth
Wedge, Clara F. [Jackson]
Wedge, Edwin W.
Wedge, Frank M.
Wedge, Fred D.
Wedge, Lavenia E. Brown
Wedge, Louisa C.
Wedge, Martha
Wedge, Mary [Taylor]
Wedge, Reuben
Weed, Albert
Weed, Albert K.
Weed, Ann M. Huntoon
Weed, Annie E.
Weed, Bessie B.
Weed, Betsey A. [Carter]
Weed, Blanche C.
Weed, Charles S.
Weed, Delos D.
Weed, Edwin 1 2
Weed, Emma 1 2
Weed, Esther
Weed, Father 1 2 3
Weed, Florance L.
Weed, Florence
Weed, Frances L. Williams
Weed, Fred [Clayton] 1 2
Weed, Jonathan
Weed, Julius
Weed, Kenneth G.
Weed, LaFayett 1 2
Weed, Leanora H.
Weed, Marion [Clayton] 1 2
Weed, Mary
Weed, Matilda
Weed, Mother 1 2 3
Weed, Polly Bliss
Weed, Ralph W.
Weed, Silas
Weed, Theron S.
Weed, Virgil T.
Weedon, Anne H.
Weedon, Thomas A.
Weekley, John K.
Weekley, Kenneth J.
Weekley, Rose Betty
Weekley, Samuel H.
Weekley, Sarah E.
Weekly, Alleva
Weekly, Charles A.
Weekly, Ernie
Weekly, Evelyn
Weekly, Ira S.
Weekly, Julia
Weekly, Wade M.
Weeks, Aaron
Weeks, Amiel
Weeks, John [Gage]
Weeks, Lucinda S.
Weeks, Lucy
Weeks, Luther K.
Weeks, Silas R.
Weeks, Theresa M.
Weeks, Vivian Watters
Weema, Caleb Jeremiah
Wehrmann, Otto
Weibel, Emma E.
Weibel, Henrietta M.
Weibel, Henry J.
Weideman, Frank J.
Weideman, Kathryn A.
Weidig, Ireta V.
Weidig, William A.
Weier, August Sr.
Weier, Doris C. Kohlhase
Weier, Grace E.
Weier, Henry A. Sr.
Weier, Steven G.
Weigand, Arthur A.
Weigand, Betretha H.
Weigand, Charles H.
Weigand, James F.
Weigand, Mary A.
Weigand, Ruth M.
Weigel, Addie M.
Weigel, Russell Jr.
Weigel, Solomon W.
Weikel, Charles D.
Weikel, Evelyn [Toppari]
Weil, Edward
Weil, Eleanor D.
Weil, Herbert W.
Weil, Louise
Weil, Ruth Hengst
Weil, Whitney H.
Weiland, Joe J.
Weiland, Leo J.
Weiland, Louise
Weiler, Gertrude M.
Weiler, Norman C.
Weinbrenner, Father
Weinbrenner, James B.
Weinbrenner, John J.
Weinbrenner, Mother
Weinbrenner, William A.
Weiner, Irma
Weinheimer, Norma J.
Weinheimer, Richard
Weinhold, Helen Dickey
Weinkamer, Barbara Ice
Weinkamer, William A. Jr.
Weintraub, Lillie
Weintz, Adam L.
Weintz, Elizabeth [Chubb]
Weintz, Esther A.
Weir, Genevieve E.
Weir, J. Finley
Weir, Katherine Mosher
Weir, Margaret E.
Weir, Mary A.
Weir, Sadie [Parish]
Weir, Thomas W.
Weis, Eleanor B.
Weis, Robert N.
Weisbarth, Donald J.
Weisbarth, Genevieve E.
Weisbarth, George P.
Weisbarth, Mary C. Hesketh
Weisenbach, Eva M. [Wagner]
Weisend, Florence L.
Weisend, Thomas B.
Weiser, Frank S.
Weisert, Barbara J.
Weisert, Ruby P.
Weisert, William J. Sr.
Weishaupt, Emma
Weishaupt, George J.
Weishaupt, Martha
Weiss, Alfred M.
Weiss, Catherine C.
Weiss, Donna
Weiss, Dorothy
Weiss, Evelyn B.
Weiss, Frank
Weiss, Frederick
Weiss, Margaret A.
Weiss, Mary K.
Weiss, Michael
Weiss, Richard J.
Weiss, Robert J.
Weiss, William D.
Weissfuss, Anni E.
Weisshappel, Alfred C.
Weist, Zachary Michael
Weitzel, Ethel P.
Weixel, Christian
Weixel, Father
Weixel, Lambert
Weixel, Lambert C.
Weixel, Mary B.
Weixel, Mother
Weizer, Andrew F.
Weizer, Orra J.
Welch, Adaline N.
Welch, Anna F.
Welch, Arlene J.
Welch, Catherine V.
Welch, Christine
Welch, Danielle Marie
Welch, Diane Louise
Welch, Eliza B.
Welch, Eseck
Welch, Florence E.
Welch, George
Welch, George Frank
Welch, Harold F.
Welch, John
Welch, Joshua P.
Welch, Kenneth H.
Welch, M. J.
Welch, Mark
Welch, Mark A.
Welch, Mark Jr.
Welch, Mary
Welch, Mary [Smart]
Welch, Mary A.
Welch, Maryanne
Welch, Odell C.
Welch, R. Seymour
Welch, Raymond J., Sr.
Welch, Richard
Welch, Ronald G.
Welch, Samuel [Smart]
Welch, Walter E.
Welch, Wayne K.
Weldon, Willis [McCauley]
Weldy, Carl O.
Weldy, Fanny
Weldy, Florence M.
Weldy, Oscar I.
Welk, Lillian G. [Martin]
Welk, William W.
Welker, Carl A.
Welker, Terry L.
Weller, Amos
Weller, Amos R.
Weller, August
Weller, Charles L.
Weller, Cynthia
Weller, E. [Stevenson]
Weller, Harriet C. [Greene]
Weller, Henry [Lee]
Weller, Horace [Lee]
Weller, Lysander
Weller, Mary Jane
Weller, Walter
Welles, Louisa Bell
Wellhausen, Charles A. II
Wellhoite, Larry Lee Jr.
Welling, Ella Wells
Wellington, [Dickerson]
Wellington, John R
Wellman, Clyde A.
Wellman, Dorothy
Wellman, Edgar
Wellman, Euraney E.
Wellman, Faith O.
Wellman, Floyd E.
Wellman, Frances E.
Wellman, Harry A.
Wellman, Herb
Wellman, Herbert Grant
Wellman, Inez Harris
Wellman, James [Allin]
Wellman, Oscar Grant
Wellman, Sadie [King]
Wellman, Sally
Wellman, Sherman W.
Wellner, Charlotte
Wellner, Charlotte L.
Wellner, Chauncey D.
Wellner, Florence O.
Wellner, George
Wellner, Louise
Wellner, Roland W.
Wells, [Cannon]
Wells, A. [Cone]
Wells, Alice [Stevens]
Wells, Anna W. [Spencer]
Wells, Anne [Dronzek]
Wells, Arthur [Whelpley]
Wells, Berniece M.
Wells, Calvin
Wells, Carl
Wells, Cyrus
Wells, Dan [Casement]
Wells, David H.
Wells, Dorothy Waite
Wells, Edmund B.
Wells, Ella [Welling]
Wells, Emily B.
Wells, Emily Satava
Wells, Etta [Hahn]
Wells, Eunice
Wells, Florence M.
Wells, Frank
Wells, Franklin
Wells, Fred
Wells, Frederick E.
Wells, George
Wells, Helen C.
Wells, Henry O.
Wells, Herbert S.
Wells, James F.
Wells, Jane Burns
Wells, John 1 2
Wells, John B.
Wells, John F.
Wells, John W.
Wells, Joseph [Hart]
Wells, Kathryn L.
Wells, Loraine B.
Wells, Lutie J.
Wells, Mabel
Wells, Mabel Jayne
Wells, Margaret [Abel]
Wells, Margaret [Whelpley]
Wells, Martha
Wells, Mary [Emmert]
Wells, Mary [Morley]
Wells, Mary Lee
Wells, Melinda E. Carrel 1 2 3
Wells, [?] Mother
Wells, Myrtie M.
Wells, Nancy J.
Wells, Nelson
Wells, Newton
Wells, Norma D.
Wells, Norman A.
Wells, P
Wells, P. [Warren]
Wells, Patricia Ann [McGregor]
Wells, Pearl L.
Wells, Philura [Lee]
Wells, R. [Bliss]
Wells, Rose M.
Wells, Salome
Wells, Salome Billings
Wells, Sarah
Wells, Susie
Wells, Vernon M.
Wells, Walter H.
Wells, William E.
Wells, Willis W.
Welly, Michael F.
Welo, Clara M.
Welo, Lillian Wortman
Welo, Ove J.
Welsh, Catherine
Welsh, John T.
Welsh, Louisa French
Welsh, Mary A.
Welsh, Ronald J.
Welsh, Vivian R.
Welton, Chas. E.
Welton, Ellen
Welton, Garry
Welton, Henry
Welton, Mrs. Garry
Welton, Nellie R.
Welton, Roy H.
Welton, William
Welty, Ila M.
Weminger, Theresia [Poytosh]
Wencil, James R.
Wencil, [?] Jo Ann
Wencil, Louise B.
Wencil, Robert L.
Wendelburg, Ethel E.
Wendelburg, Frank G.
Wendell, [Walker]
Wendell, C. [Holmes]
Wendell, Harry B. “Byron”
Wendell, Joel [Bates]
Wendell, Lelia M.
Wendell, Margaret A.
Wendell, Thomas A. “Jack”
Wendell, Volina M.
Wendell, William A.
Wendling, Annie E.
Wendling, Anthony J.
Wendling, Elva M.
Wendling, Frank S.
Wendling, Leroy Y.
Wendling, Libby L.
Wendling, Martha E.
Wendorf, Edward C.
Wendt, Adam A.
Wendt, Anna A.
Wendt, Marian R. [Sande]
Wendt, Robert A.
Wenger, Fred J.
Wening, Edna H.
Wening, Robert E.
Wenke, M. Patricia
Wenke, Thomas L.
Wensley, Buena G.
Wensley, Herbert C.
Wenzel, Donna L.
Wenzel, E. Russell
Wenzel, Frances P.

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