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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Inscription Index - Wer through Whee

Werbach, E. Aulean
Werbach, Hazel Henton
Werbach, John Henry
Werbach, Virginia
Werbach, William
Werbach, Woodrow W.
Werbeach, Albert A.
Werbeach, E. Aulean
Werbeach, Elfleda M.
Werbeach, Ernest A.
Werbeach, Ernest W.
Werbeach, Eugene C.
Werbeach, Evelyn M.
Werbeach, Gail B.
Werbeach, Hazel Henton
Werbeach, Helen L.
Werbeach, John Henry
Werbeach, Margaret A.
Werbeach, Margaret T.
Werbeach, Woodrow W.
Werber, Donn Anthony
Werber, Helen L.
Werber, John A.
Werber, Margaret Mary
Wercion, Thomas M.
Wercion, Mary Kay
Werfield, Elmer
Werfield, Esther A
Werfield, Gwendolyn Rose
Werfield, Ralph D.
Werfield, Ruth E.
Werhnyak, Richard F.
Werley, Richard A.
Wermer, Baby
Werner, Anna C.
Werner, Bertha L.
Werner, Betty Marie
Werner, Catherine
Werner, Charles J.
Werner, Clara 1 2
Werner, Conrad
Werner, Edward F.
Werner, Henry R.
Werner, Jane
Werner, Jonas S. 1 2
Werner, Lillian C.
Werner, Lucile M.
Werner, Maria
Werner, N.
Werner, Nicholas
Werner, Pauline A.
Werner, R. Isabelle
Werner, Rose M.
Werner, Will M.
Werner, William J.
Werronen, Aato E.
Werronen, Aini E.
Werronen, Alvar J.
Werronen, Anni M.
Werronen, Anton A.
Werronen, Arne A.
Werronen, Arne Johannes
Werronen, Arthur
Werronen, Edwin T.
Werronen, Elma E.
Werronen, Emil A.
Werronen, Florence S.
Werronen, Gerald
Werronen, James V.
Werronen, Lillian
Werronen, Margaret
Werronen, Sanna
Werronen, Serafia
Wertman, Charles F.
Wertz, Blanche
Wertz, Mary
Wertz, Ralph E.
Weschler, William H.
Wescott, Flora A.
Wescott, Hiram
Wesley, Dolly Dorothy
Wesley, George
Wesley, Margaret [Alden]
Wesolowski, Coletta
Wesolowski, Frank
Wessollek, Mary
West 1 2
West, Adelbert J.
West, Alice
West, Alice M.
West, Alpha
West, Ann [Rachal]
West, Anna
West, Anna M.
West, Billy W.
West, Charles O.
West, David H. 1 2
West, Dorothy A.
West, Edgar
West, Elmer [Rankin]
West, Emma Champion
West, Emma Marie
West, Florence C.
West, Frances Sargent
West, George F.
West, H. N.
West, Harry James
West, Hazel
West, Helen D.
West, Helen Rork "Nellie"
West, Henry Edward
West, Ida M.
West, Infant son
West, James 1 2 3
West, James H.
West, James R.
West, Jane M. [Kellogg]
West, John Eugene
West, John W.
West, Jos.
West, Kate
West, Laura Ruth
West, Leolynn C.
West, Lewis G.
West, Lillian M.
West, Lorenzo D. M.D.
West, Lottie
West, Lucy T.
West, Lura Merrell
West, Lydia [Hopkins]
West, M. Sena
West, Mabel A.
West, Margaret
West, Marianne [Nichols]
West, Mary [Carey]
West, Mary [Parker]
West, Maurice E.
West, Mavret A. Stocking 1 2
West, Merrell Lorenzo
West, Mildred J.
West, Minnie Morris
West, Nancy J.
West, Nellie
West, Nellie M.
West, Richard P.
West, Robert P.
West, Robert S.
West, Sarah [Nye]
West, Sarah Anne
West, Sarah J.
West, Saretia
West, Shuryl L.
West, Theda C.
West, Thomas B.
West, Thomas Edward
West, William H. Jr.
West, William W.
Westbrook, Grace V.
Westbrook, Stephen M.
Westbrook, William B.
Westcott, Gail [Edixon]
Westerberg, Adena A.
Westerberg, Charles G.
Westerinen, Gustaf
Westerinen, Ida Mari
Westerinen, Leo
Westerinen, Marie
Westfal, Bertha [Sliter]
Westfall, Jessie Hopkins
Westfall, Ronald D.
Westfall, Roscoe Chaffee
Westin, Carl F.
Westin, Eleanor H.
Westlake, Helen M.
Westlake, Marie L.
Westlake, Thomas C.
Westlake, Thomas E.
Westley, Alice E.
Westley, Elizabeth
Westley, Fred M.
Westman, James A.
Westman, Mary Ann
Weston, Hannah B
Weston, Nancy
Weston, Robert B.
Westrop, John
Westrop, John H.
Westrop, Margaret
Westurn, Eliza
Westwood, Thomas S.
Westwood, Viola I.
Wetherill, Ruth B.
Wethy, Fannie
Wetmore, A.J. 1 2
Wetmore, Anna
Wetmore, Carl E.
Wetmore, E.C.
Wetmore, Emily C.
Wetmore, Geo.
Wetmore, Geo. W.
Wetmore, Hazel M.
Wetmore, Joan
Wetmore, John A.
Wetmore, Mary Carr 1 2
Wetmore, Tammy M.
Wetter, Arthur T.
Wetter, Jacob F.
Wetter, Katherine F.
Wetzel, Arthur
Wetzel, Cynthia M.
Wetzel, Dennis M.
Wetzel, Edward T.
Wetzel, Elizabeth Davidson
Wetzel, Elizabeth T.
Wetzel, Elmer E.
Wetzel, Estelle L.
Wetzel, Esther F.
Wetzel, Fred J.
Wetzel, Fred O.
Wetzel, Fred W.
Wetzel, George E.
Wetzel, H. Rose
Wetzel, John Lewis
Wetzel, John Sr.
Wetzel, Lena P.
Wetzel, Lewis Andrew
Wetzel, Marjorie C.
Wetzel, Mary J. "Mayme"
Wetzel, Miriam G.
Wetzel, Sophia A.
Wetzel, William
Weyls, Edward M.
Weyls, Gertrude A.
Whales, Howard W.
Whaley, Betty Elizabeth
Whaley, Clara E. [Fitzpatrick]
Whaley, Donald L.
Whaley, Ethel M.
Whaley, Gladys Church
Whaley, Glenn A.
Whaley, Jack Thurman
Whaley, Lola M.
Whaley, Phebe F.
Whaples, Henry [Winslow]
Wharton, Pearl Addeline
Wharton, Susan
Wharton, Via B.
Wheat, James E.
Wheat, Larry Lee
Wheaton, Anna O. [Wassie]
Wheaton, Apphia D. N.
Wheaton, Bessie M.
Wheaton, Donald E.
Wheaton, Jonathan W.
Wheaton, Sarah
Wheeldon, Francelia F.
Wheeldon, George A.
Wheeldon, Janet L.
Wheeldon, Joan K.
Wheeldon, John L.
Wheeldon, Lillian M. Fieldstad
Wheeldon, Robert F.
Wheeldon, William W.
Wheeler, Ada M.
Wheeler, Adaline Bates
Wheeler, Agnes S.
Wheeler, Alfred
Wheeler, Allen
Wheeler, Allen E.
Wheeler, Alonzo A.
Wheeler, Arlie
Wheeler, Burton
Wheeler, Burton J.
Wheeler, Burton M.
Wheeler, Catherine D.
Wheeler, Catherine F.
Wheeler, Charles A.
Wheeler, Chauncey B.
Wheeler, Cynthia Bates
Wheeler, Dane E.
Wheeler, Ebenezer
Wheeler, Effie S.
Wheeler, Elizabeth Thompson
Wheeler, Elmina C. 1 2
Wheeler, Emily R. [King]
Wheeler, Eva Burns Ferguson
Wheeler, Eva D.
Wheeler, Fannie R. [Cowles]
Wheeler, Father 1 2
Wheeler, Frances
Wheeler, George A.
Wheeler, Gerald Allen
Wheeler, Grace A. [Burnett]
Wheeler, Hannah [Tomlinson]
Wheeler, Hannah S. 1 2
Wheeler, Helen 1 2
Wheeler, Helen M.
Wheeler, Helen S.
Wheeler, Howard J.
Wheeler, Ida
Wheeler, Ida A.
Wheeler, Irma M.
Wheeler, J. H.
Wheeler, James
Wheeler, James H.
Wheeler, Jesse J.
Wheeler, Jessie G.
Wheeler, Joann S.
Wheeler, John D.
Wheeler, Julia Ames
Wheeler, Kathleen M.
Wheeler, Kenneth
Wheeler, Kenneth R.
Wheeler, Lawrence C.
Wheeler, Lydia B.
Wheeler, Mabel D.
Wheeler, Maggie [Polburn]
Wheeler, Martha Clark 1 2
Wheeler, Marvin
Wheeler, Marvin
Wheeler, Mary
Wheeler, Mary [Kane]
Wheeler, Mary A.
Wheeler, Mary Ann Pope [Sprong]
Wheeler, Mary G.
Wheeler, Mary J.
Wheeler, Mary L.
Wheeler, Mary M.
Wheeler, Milo L.
Wheeler, Minerva C.
Wheeler, Mother 1 2
Wheeler, N.S. 1 2
Wheeler, Nathan C.
Wheeler, Oliva
Wheeler, Oliva H.
Wheeler, P. DeEtte West
Wheeler, Ralph
Wheeler, Ray S.
Wheeler, Richard P.
Wheeler, Robert Michael
Wheeler, Roswell G. 1 2
Wheeler, Russell
Wheeler, Samuel B.
Wheeler, Sarah [Fawcett]
Wheeler, Sarah C.
Wheeler, Sarah E.
Wheeler, Sarah Smart
Wheeler, Seymour 1 2
Wheeler, Susan L. [Chapel]
Wheeler, Victoria
Wheeler, Walter T.
Wheeler, Will B.
Wheeler, Wm. H.
Wheeler, Wm. N. 1 2
Wheelie, Debbie Kirby Childs
Wheelock, Arvilla Randall
Wheelock, Charles B.
Wheelock, Earl R.
Wheelock, Franklin T.
Wheelock, Freda B.
Wheelock, Hazel B.
Wheelock, Howard E.
Wheelock, Kemble P.
Wheelock, Merlon Eugene
Wheelock, Rob H.
Wheelock, Rose Wright
Wheelock, Theodore E.

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