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Inscription Index - Whef through Whits

Whelan, Gerald P.
Whelan, Margaret
Whelpley, Arthur
Whelpley, Arthur B.
Whelpley, Arthur Wells
Whelpley, Carrie E. Lawrence
Whelpley, Daniel
Whelpley, M. I.
Whelpley, M. W.
Whelpley, Mabel
Whelpley, Mabel Anderson
Whelpley, Mabel Blair
Whelpley, Maggie
Whelpley, Margaret Wells
Whelpley, Martha Isabelle
Whelpley, Twila Marie
Whelpley, V. C.
Whelpley, Virginia Crary
Whelpley, W. P.
Whelpley, William Porter
Whipple, Addie L.
Whipple, Adeline R. 1 2
Whipple, Alda M.
Whipple, Alphonso 1 2
Whipple, Baby
Whipple, Betsey C.
Whipple, C. James
Whipple, Carl W.
Whipple, Caroline Ford
Whipple, Charlotte G.
Whipple, D. Maxine
Whipple, Dick W.
Whipple, Earl F.
Whipple, Eli A.
Whipple, Elva [Ostrander]
Whipple, Eva
Whipple, Grace E.
Whipple, Harold V. 1 2
Whipple, Horatio
Whipple, Ira O
Whipple, Ivy M.
Whipple, James F.
Whipple, John G.
Whipple, Jonathan
Whipple, Jonathan K. 1 2
Whipple, Joseph A.
Whipple, Judson Brainard
Whipple, Kenneth E.
Whipple, Lucy A.
Whipple, Marian A.
Whipple, Miriam E. Orton
Whipple, Nathan
Whipple, Nina L.
Whipple, Oren A.
Whipple, Pansy E.
Whipple, Patricia A. 1 2
Whipple, Roxey A [Greeley]
Whipple, Sally
Whipple, Sarah A. 1 2
Whipple, Sheldon R.
Whipple, Willard F.
Whipple, William V. 1 2
Whipple, Willie [Jaques]
Whipple, Wilson
Whitaker, Anna
Whitaker, Donald R.
Whitaker, T.
Whitaker, Vivian Pearl
Whitaker, Wm.
Whitcomb, Arthur K.
Whitcomb, Bertha Wilson
Whitcomb, Dorothy G.
Whitcomb, E. Burton
Whitcomb, Eliza A.
Whitcomb, Ethelynne F.
Whitcomb, Jennie
Whitcomb, Lawrence N.
Whitcomb, Nellie
Whitcomb, Newton
Whitcomb, Ona
Whitcomb, Sadie G.
Whitcomb, Zenas P.
White, Abigail Mrs.
White, Ada H.
White, Albert E.
White, Albert J.
White, Alice M. 1 2
White, Amelia H.
White, Amy M.
White, Anna E.
White, Anne Marie Gorman
White, Ansel R.
White, Arthur L.
White, Aubrey J.
White, Austin T.
White, Barlow H.
White, Bersha
White, Bessie [Kuntz]
White, Bridget Dawn
White, Caroline Call
White, Catherine E.
White, Ceola Sams [Robinson]
White, Charles
White, Charles A.
White, Charles J.
White, Charlotte 1 2 3
White, Christine Marie
White, Cornelia L.
White, David
White, David K.
White, Dennis Neil
White, Dolly L.
White, Don W.
White, Doris M.
White, Dorothy J.
White, E.
White, Earle E.
White, Edna L. [Dayton] 1 2
White, Eliza
White, Eliza McGregor
White, Elizabeth
White, Elizabeth W.
White, Elvira M.
White, Emma B.
White, Esther Harrison
White, Eugene
White, Eugene A.
White, Eugene D.
White, Ezra E.
White, Father 1 2
White, Florence Gage
White, Florence M.
White, Forrest J.
White, Frances M.
White, Francis E.
White, Francis N.
White, Frank E.
White, Fred
White, Fred J.
White, Garnet B.
White, George
White, George W.
White, Gerald D.
White, Goldie L.
White, Grace L.
White, Grace M.
White, Hannah
White, Harland Jr.
White, Harmon
White, Harold L.
White, Harvey
White, Helen Maxine
White, Helene C.
White, Henry
White, Hiram
White, Hiram L.
White, Ione Avery
White, Jada J.
White, James E. 1 2
White, Jennie A.
White, Jill Alizabeth
White, Jill Ann
White, John
White, John C.
White, John H.
White, Joseph 1 2
White, Joseph Jr. 1 2
White, Julia A.
White, Julia E.
White, Julia M.
White, Katharine [Harris]
White, Katie C.
White, Kenneth M.
White, Kerby
White, Laura L. [Sanborn]
White, Laura M.
White, Lawrence W.
White, Leata C. [Knaser]
White, Lelia A.
White, Leon T.
White, Lewis D.
White, Lewis E.
White, Lori Ann
White, Lucy Ann
White, Lydia
White, M. Victoria 1 2
White, Maria 1 2
White, Mariah Smith
White, Martha Van Gorder
White, Mary
White, Mary A.
White, Mary Cloyd
White, Mary E.
White, Mary H.
White, Mary S.
White, Matilda
White, Melissa 1 2
White, Merwin P.
White, Michael J.
White, Mildred [Lillis]
White, Milton
White, Minnie
White, Minnie V.
White, Mother 1 2 3
White, Nancy A.
White, Nettie [Dingee]
White, Norma Jean
White, Pearl R.
White, R. A.
White, Ralph W.
White, Ransom W..
White, Richard L.
White, Rickie B.
White, Robert A.
White, Robert C.
White, Robert G.
White, Robert W.
White, Ruth
White, Ruth M.
White, Samuel L.
White, Samuel T.
White, Sarah
White, Sarah G.
White, Senia E.
White, Sherman
White, Silva
White, Sylvanus
White, Thelma
White, Timothy Allen
White, Viola B.
White, W.R.
White, Wallis M.
White, Walter R.
White, William
White, William L.
White, Zelaide E.
Whitear, Amelia
Whitear, Thomas H.
Whited, David F.
Whited, Shirley M.
Whitehair, Audrey G.
Whitehair, Charles P.
Whitehair, Dennis
Whitehair, Dennis G., "Dink"
Whitehair, Harold
Whitehair, Martin T.
Whitehair, Navedell
Whitehair, Rose Ellen
Whitehair, Ruth Frank
Whitehead, Albert R.
Whitehead, Fay
Whitehead, Warren R.
Whitehurst, Adah L.
Whitehurst, Giles R.
Whitelaw, Alma
Whiteley, Virginia E.
Whitely, Anne [Kearney]
Whitely, Bridget
Whitely, Chester J.
Whitely, Edward B.
Whitely, Frankie
Whitely, George A.
Whitely, Helen L.
Whitely, Irene A.
Whitely, John
Whitely, John C.
Whitely, Leo T.
Whitely, Leona M.
Whitely, Margaret G.
Whitely, Norma M.
Whitely, Philip W.
Whitely, Richard J. Sr.
Whitely, Susan Ann
Whitely, William
Whiteman, Barbara Cooke
Whitemore, Sherwood [Shankland]
Whitesel, Bernadine E.
Whitesel, Carl A. Sr
Whitesell, Percy Joe
Whiteside, Richard
Whithey, Mabel E.
Whiting, _illey
Whiting, A. J.
Whiting, Abigal D.
Whiting, Alta E.
Whiting, Amanda E. [Tracy]
Whiting, Arlin A.
Whiting, Baxter 1 2
Whiting, Baxter R.
Whiting, Bertha
Whiting, Beverly
Whiting, Blanche E.
Whiting, Charles Tryon
Whiting, Chas
Whiting, Clifford C.
Whiting, Cora R.
Whiting, Daniel M.
Whiting, DeForest
Whiting, Delbert H.
Whiting, Edwin C.
Whiting, Ella M.
Whiting, Emma Jane
Whiting, Eva M.
Whiting, Eveline
Whiting, Eveline Bond
Whiting, Frances Tyron
Whiting, Freddie
Whiting, Harry J.
Whiting, Henry G.
Whiting, J. [Campbell]
Whiting, James S.
Whiting, Julia [Church]
Whiting, Laura L.
Whiting, Laurenda
Whiting, Luman
Whiting, Maria H.
Whiting, Martha 1 2
Whiting, Martha E.
Whiting, Mary
Whiting, Mary A.
Whiting, Mary E. 1 2 3
Whiting, Mary L.
Whiting, Newell A.
Whiting, Oscar, R.
Whiting, Patrick F.
Whiting, Persis [Barber] 1 2
Whiting, Rose Gregory
Whiting, Samuel Morse
Whiting, Tower [Craine]
Whiting, Tower [Crane]
Whiting, Urania [Wilder]
Whiting, William B.
Whiting, William W.
Whitley, Christiana H.
Whitley, David A.
Whitley, Dr. William
Whitley, Francis
Whitley, Marie F.
Whitley, Mary E.
Whitley, Patrick H.
Whitley, Pauline
Whitley, William S. R.
Whitlock, Charles C.
Whitlow, Claude E.
Whitman, Ann Cook
Whitman, Kathleen M.
Whitmer, Carl J.
Whitmer, Gerty E.
Whitmer, Sadie A.
Whitmire, Betty
Whitmire, Martha Jane Barnicoat
Whitmore, Almon Gilbert
Whitmore, Cephas
Whitmore, Electa
Whitmore, Franklin
Whitmore, John
Whitmore, Josephine [King]
Whitmore, Mary M.
Whitmore, Polly
Whitmore, Susanah
Whitney, Albert L.
Whitney, Amelia A.
Whitney, Beryl A.
Whitney, Clara [Tickell]
Whitney, Earl
Whitney, Eli J.
Whitney, Esther L.
Whitney, Eugene D.
Whitney, Eva 1 2
Whitney, Eve Doan
Whitney, Fairy E.
Whitney, Father
Whitney, Franz G.
Whitney, H. [Weil]
Whitney, H.C.
Whitney, Helen E. [Reynolds]
Whitney, Ione T.
Whitney, James A.
Whitney, John B.
Whitney, June M.
Whitney, Lillie D.
Whitney, Mae
Whitney, Margaret Jane
Whitney, Martha D.
Whitney, Mary [Balch]
Whitney, Mary [Nichols]
Whitney, Mary Dunbar
Whitney, Mary J.
Whitney, Maryette
Whitney, Paul [Smith]
Whitney, Regis C.
Whitney, Rev. S. F.
Whitney, Roy E.
Whitney, Samuel Dr.
Whitney, Samuel F.
Whitney, Sarah C.
Whitney, Stella P.
Whitney, Susanna Kimball
Whitney, Verna C.
Whitney, Waite Talbot]
Whitney, Walter H.
Whitney, Wanita B.
Whitney, William A.
Whitney, William Best
Whitney, William I.
Whitney, Willie B.
Whitright, Allen
Whitright, William

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