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Yaeger, Elizabeth J.
Yager, Alice A.
Yager, Ann B.
Yager, Anna
Yager, Anna Corley
Yager, Carrie
Yager, Elizabeth M.
Yager, Evelyn D.
Yager, Frank G.
Yager, George
Yager, George I.
Yager, Harvey A.
Yager, Janos
Yager, John
Yager, John H.
Yager, Julia
Yager, Minta L.
Yager, Robert J.
Yager, Sandor
Yager, Stephen A.
Yager, Thomas A.
Yager, William M.
Yahnke, Alfred
Yahnke, Edward
Yahnke, Julius
Yahraus, Mahoniaee Au Paw Chee Kaw Paw Qua Keokuk Palmer Tarbell
Yale, Evelyn .F
Yale, Hattie
Yale, Hattie O. Crosby
Yanacek, Edward R.
Yanacek, Marie Kathleen
Yankie, Debbie Jean
Yankie, Earl
Yankie, James W.
Yankie, Lillian J.
Yankie, Patricia A.
Yankie, Sandra [Sullivan]
Yankie, Timothy J.
Yanko, Ethel
Yanko, Louis
Yankow, Marvin Jay
Yanoska, Edward A.
Yanoska, Joseph J.
Yanoska, Katie A.
Yánósná, Mártón
Yarborough, Dennis T.
Yard, Ernest W. Jr.
Yard, Lillian L.
Yarger, Paul Bryon
Yarka, Genevieve
Yarsky, May C.
Yatchso, Joseph M.
Yatchso, Mary A.
Yatchso, Micahel J.
Yates, Allan
Yates, Andrew [Austin]
Yates, Andrew [Austin] Jr.
Yates, Bea
Yates, Donnie Ray
Yates, Edgar D.
Yates, Elizabeth A.
Yates, Hazel P.
Yates, J. Paul
Yates, Marion E.
Yates, Maude E.
Yates, Mildred P.
Yates, Nancy [Schafer]
Yates, Opal Marie Sims
Yates, Raymond E.
Yates, Thos. P.
Yates, Winnie B.
Yaxley, Alberta A.
Yaxley, Anna [Cline]
Yaxley, Annie L.
Yaxley, Caroline
Yaxley, Charles H.
Yaxley, Daisy G.
Yaxley, Dorothy A.
Yaxley, Ernest J.
Yaxley[?], Father
Yaxley, George
Yaxley, George P.
Yaxley, Gladys [Davis]
Yaxley, Gordon A.
Yaxley, Grace Logan
Yaxley, Harriet
Yaxley, Hazel [Heinemann]
Yaxley, Henry J.
Yaxley, Jessie Holmes
Yaxley, Kenneth W.
Yaxley, Lavinia 1 2
Yaxley, Lawrence R.
Yaxley, Lena B.
Yaxley, Leonard Russell
Yaxley, Lewis
Yaxley, Lewis C.
Yaxley, Lillie
Yaxley, Margaret M.
Yaxley, Martha B.
Yaxley, Mary
Yaxley, Mary E.
Yaxley, Mary G.
Yaxley, Mary L.
Yaxley, Melvin
Yaxley, Minnie M.
Yaxley[?], Mother
Yaxley, Nelson 1 2
Yaxley, Nettie E.
Yaxley, Oscar E.
Yaxley, Rachel
Yaxley, Richard 1 2
Yaxley, Richard S.
Yaxley, Ruth G.
Yaxley, Ruth Virginia
Yaxley, Walter S.
Yaxley, Wayland O.
Yaxley, William H.
Yaxley, William W.
Yeager, Albert A.
Yeager, Anna M.
Yeager, Charles W.
Yeager, Edward Lee
Yeager, Ella
Yeager, Freddie Bennet
Yeager, Isabell Sue
Yeager, Keith Allen
Yeager, Kennett W.
Yeager, Rudy J.
Yeager, Shirley A.
Yeary, Bernice
Yeary, Ferne
Yeary, James B. Rev.
Yeary, Nola
Yeary, William L.
Yeater, Homer F.
Yeaw, Joseph Thomas
Yeckl, Barbara Oláh
Yeckl, Thomas
Yee, Bruce H.
Yeida, Arthur F.
Yelenios, John A.
Yenchius, Frank G.
Yenchius, Magdalene
Yentch, John L.
Yenulonis, Geraldine
Yeoman, Helen R.
Yeoman, Ralph E.
Yerger, Cloyce E.
Yerger, Impi Helen
Yermilye, Edith L. Bixel
Yermilye, Russell E.
Yesko, Amelia E. "Millie"
Ygo, J. Klara Szeker
Yingling, Blanche Beck
Yingling, Samuel W.
Ylahinen, Aino L.
Ylhainen, Hedvig E.
Ylhainen, Toivo H.
Ylimaki, Elizabeth [Fisher]
Yochum, D. Jeanine
Yochum, Frank P.
Yochum, William L.
Yock, Anna
Yock, John
Yocum, Elmer
Yocum, Elmer S.
Yocum, James Robert
Yocum, Jennie
Yocum, Jennie E. Brooks
Yocum, Margaret Alice
Yoder, Doreen R.
Yoder, Edna E.
Yoder, James W.
Yoder, Jay A
Yoder, Luella V.
Yoder, Robert D.
Yoder, Russell S.
Yohe, Harry F.
Yohman, Edward J.
Yohman, Frances H.
Yohman, Mark E.
Yoho, Margaret L.
Yoj, Yanos
Yokes, Emeline [Lauder]
Yokie, Aina Maria
Yokie, Erick
Yokie, Jöhanna
Yokie, John Elmer
Yokie, L. Aileen
Yokie, Neal
Yolant, L.
Yonchak, Andrew E.
Yonchak, Michael A
Yonchak, Rita M.
Yonci, John
York, Betty
York, Charlotte Rychlik
York, Elizabeth Jane
York, Florence [Ellis]
York, Harold
York, Harry Russell
York, Henry Edward
York, Jack M.
York, James Edward
York, Margaret L.
York, Marjorie E.
York, Martha E.
York, Wallace B.
Yost, Arthur D.
Yost, George E.
Yost, Marian
Youdath, Anna
Youdath, Anna [Single]
Youdath, Esther
Youdath, Joseph
Youdath, Joseph P.
Youdath, Mary F.
Youdath, Muncie [Demeter]
Youdath, Stephen
Youdell, Elma E.
Youdell, Patrick H.
Youhas, George 1 2 3
Youhas, George W.
Youhas, Gerald
Youhas, Mary
Youhas, Steven
Youhas, Susan
Youmans, Arthur B.
Youmans, Ethel S.
Youmans, Gary Arthur
Youmans, Harriet Hyde
Youmans, Hattie A. [Bryson]
Youmans, Jennie
Youmans, Marjorie Curtis
Youmans, Mary Carney
Youmans, Melinda
Youmans, Sarah Booth
Youmans, Solomon
Youmans, Warren H.
Youmans, William A.
Youmans, William Marshall
Youmans, William Warren
Young 1 2 3
Young, A. A.
Young, A. Judson
Young, A. S. L.
Young, Abiathar
Young, Addie
Young, Adelia A.
Young, Albertine
Young, Alfred D.
Young, Alice B.
Young, Allan P.
Young, Ambrose C.
Young, Amy L.
Young, Angeline
Young, Anna
Young, Anna M.
Young, Anne V.
Young, Annette Marie
Young, Asa
Young, Benjamin M.
Young, Betty Jane
Young, Brother
Young, Charles W.
Young, Dallas C.
Young, David B. Jr.
Young, David Franklin
Young, David J.
Young, Delia B.
Young, Donald L.
Young, Eleanor Claudette
Young, Eliza B. Rose
Young, Elizabeth [Rust]
Young, Elizabeth Pego [Morris]
Young, Estella M. [Billingsly]
Young, Esther
Young, Esther A.
Young, Eunice P.
Young, Eva Broughton
Young, Evelyn [Wakefield]
Young, Father
Young, Frances L.
Young, Frankie M. W. 1 2
Young, Fred O.
Young, Gail S.
Young, George
Young, George W.
Young ?, Gertrude
Young, Gertrude Logan
Young, Harold Franklin
Young, Harriet N.
Young, Harry B.
Young, Hatta
Young, Helen E.
Young, Helen H. 1 2
Young, Helen Judith
Young, Henry Harrison
Young, Hiram W.
Young, Isabel R.
Young, James [Hartmann]
Young, James M.
Young, James Martin
Young, Jerome
Young, John
Young, John S.
Young, John Warner
Young, Josie J. 1 2
Young, Julia A. [Wade] 1 2 3
Young, Julia C. Dykes
Young, Katharine F.
Young, Laura
Young, Lavinna L.
Young, Leta J.
Young, Lloyd L.
Young, Louis
Young, Lovie F.
Young, Lucilla S.
Young, Lyman
Young, Marcia
Young, Margaret J.
Young, Mark
Young, Mary A.
Young, Melissa P. [Van Woert]
Young ?, Mildred
Young, Millard
Young, Monique [Leonard]
Young, Mother
Young, Naomi [Huntoon]
Young, Nathaniel B.
Young, Ochal O.
Young, Odalite
Young, Percy P.
Young, Phebe T.
Young, Pruda
Young, Ray L.
Young, Raymond L.
Young, Richard D.
Young, Richard L.
Young, Roderick J.
Young, Rose V.
Young, Roy R.
Young, Sally S.
Young, Sarah
Young, Sarah A.
Young, Sarahphene [Manchester]
Young, T. R. 1 2
Young, Theresia
Young, Vera C.
Young, Wilber B.
Young ?, William
Young, William
Young, William C.
Young, William E. III
Youngberg, Anna M. LeRoy
Youngblood, Howard E.
Youngblood, Margaret E.
Youngblood, Mark Daniel
Youngman, J. P.
Youngs, E. [Gregory]
Youppi, Elma J.
Youppi, John
Yowell, John
Yowell, Nancy Lee
Yowell, Susan A.
Yuengling, Gertrude L. [Maple]
Yuhas, John
Yuhas, Louis J.
Yuhascik, John 1 2 3
Yuhascik, Susan 1 2
Yuhascik, Zuzanna
Yuhasz, Barbara
Yuhasz, Mary
Yuhasz, Steve J.
Yuill, Helen Persily
Yuill, John "Scotty"
Yungklaus, Adam C.
Yungklaus, Clara B. Pinney
Yungklaus, Harold A.
Yungklaus, Veda L.
Yuse, Jean M.
Yuuppi, Frank
Yuuppi, Sigrid

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