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Concord Cemetery
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This cemetery, also known as Pine Hill for the old name of the road, is located on the north side of Concord-Hambden Road about one quarter mile east of Ravenna Road. The first burial there was that of Lucinda Merrill, the wife of Erastus Merrill, who died March 14, 1820 at the age of thirty-eight. There was no formal cemetery at the time, so a section was cleared for her interment. The land was owned by Simeon Winchell. The second burial came very shortly after when Martin Adams, Jr. died just a few weeks later.

The Concord Township trustees purchased the land from Mr. Zenas Wilson and Mr. Simeon Winchell for the sum of $1.00. The deed was dated February 1, 1833 and the land was described as "the land now enclosed and occupied as a burying ground." One of the deed stipulations was that Mr. Wilson and Mr. Winchell "shall have the liberty of pasturing premises with sheep, if they should do no damage." A photo of the original map for this "burying ground" is located at the Lake County Historical Society. This section has some 91 plots with the vault being the first plot from the road. The old numbering system started at the road in the middle of the land. Number one plot is to the east with number two plot being directly across a path and to the west. Number three is behind number two and number four is across the path to the east and behind plot number one. Following are the numbered plots and the names of the original owners.

1. H. Baker, 2. A. Shattuck, 3. E. Shattuck, 4., S. Winchel, 5. E. Merrill, 6. P. Merrill, 7. M.H[?]ibby, 9. B. Lyman, 10. M.H. Colby, 11. C. Falkingbush, 12. L. Baldwin, 13, E. Loomis, 14. A. Mallory, 16. I. Messenger & J. Tuttle, 17. H. Williams, 22. J.C. Way, 26. T. Hail, 28. R. Leerts, 29. J. Bixby, 30. M. Murray, 31, J. Murray, 32. L. Mitchel, 33. N. D. Morgan, 34. J. Clark, 35. H. Brown, 36. H. Winchel, 37. W.W., Jr. [ Simeon Winchel] 38. H. Stockham, 40. J. Howe, 41. L.C. Smith, 42. O. Wilson, 43. A. Wilson, 44. Mrs. L. Whiting, 45. R. Adams, 46. H. Woodruff, 47. J. _ Smith, 48. M. Adams, 40. E. Holcom, 50. L.W. Brown, 51. E. Taylor & G. Worthington, 52. T.G. Williams, 53. D. Burr, 56. M. Burr, Jr., 65. J. Loveless, 70. S. Cook, 71. Thomas Berry, 73. A. Babcock, 75. W. Woodruff, 77. Manly, 78. Orson Willson, 79. J. Calwell, 80. E.P. Norton, 81. Vault, 82. A. Cook, 85. C. Trobridge, 86. J. Murray, 87. Wm. Dyer, 91. E. French. The last row to the west started at the road are Tilton, G.E. Ford, and R.D., Bond. There are unreadable names on plots 8, 39, 72, 74, and 76.

To the west of the original entrance is the stone of Albert Murray (1745-1820) and the most recent death date in the area is that of George H. Bond (1867-1935). To the east of that entrance is the grave of Lucinda Merrill. The most recent death date there is that of Margaret Q. Murray (1891-1975). While there is a stone for Albert Murray at this location, it is believed that this is not his burial place. See Murray Burial Ground.

This cemetery is the resting place of many who fought for their country in various wars. This only covers through the Spanish- American War.

Revolutionary War Soldiers: Oliver Brown, Samuel Hayden, and Isaac Messenger.

War of 1812 Soldiers: William Dyer, Lee Williams, George Mitchell, John Murray, J.P. Oviatt, E.P. Norton, Roswell Smith.

Civil War Soldiers: Eugene Adams, Benjamin Babcock, R.D. Bond, H.F. Brown, Edward Burr, Hiram Deeds, Eugene J. Murray, James Oliver, George H. Winchell, and Lumon H. Winchell.

Spanish-American War Soldier: Wade E. Adams.

At least three additions have been made to the original cemetery. The section farthest to the east was added in 1932. A section to the north was added in 1965. In 1971 an acre of land was donated by the Methodist Church to bring the total to 3 acres. In 1979 a roughly shield-shaped area to the west was opened. Burials are still accepted.

Sections 1 (1820) and 2 (1833) of this cemetery have predominately marble headstones with a mix of the older brownstone and the newer limestone and granite. The newer sections are mostly granite stones with a few marble and limestone mixed in. The rows in the older sections are a bit "creative" as they seem to be somewhat randomly placed. Sections 1 and 2 rows were read from west to east and the stones read from north to south. Section 3 (1932) rows were read east to west and the stones north to south. Sections 4 (1965), 5 (1979) and 6 (1979), rows were read east to west and stones from south to north.

Proofreading and updating of these inscriptions were done in June of 2000.

Addendum June 2017: A new section was dedicated in 2004. More about the cemetery is on their website at

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