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Mentor Avenue (Painesville Township) Cemetery
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This cemetery is also known as Blish Cemetery, Mentor Avenue Cemetery, and Nye Road Cemetery. It is located on US Route 20 east of Nye Road and west of Painesville City in a commercial district. It was originally a part of Concord Township and owned by William McMackin. It was annexed to Painesville Township in 1874 and put under the control of the Township Trustees in 1894. It was not generally well cared for until 1915 when several people took an interest in a "clean up" campaign to make the little cemetery a beauty spot. Currently it is well cared for and all summer is bordered at the front by plantings of red geraniums against the fence.

Many early Concord residents are buried there. This is the burial site of Revolutionary War soldier, Benaiah Jones, his brother Elkanah, his sister Abigail, and his brother-in-law, architect and builder, Jonathan Goldsmith.

Although the graves seem to be randomly placed, there are fairly consistent rows at an angle to the road. The semicircular drive delineates what we have determined to be the "sections." There is a section in the south end beyond the road with many unmarked or illegible concrete head stones. According to the township these are marking the graves of the unknown and indigent.

The majority of this cemetery has marble stones, interspersed with some brownstone and granite. The Jonathan Goldsmith monument is a lovely zinc alloy in the center of the cemetery.

These inscriptions readings were complete as of 5 April 2000.

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