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South Kirtland Cemetery    Sec. B Rows 7-11

Name Sec- tion Row Stone
Inscription Symbols Comments

 Messner, Louise S.

 Messner, Harold K

B 7 1 MESSNER/ Louise S./ 1907-1998/ Harold K./ 1907-1969 cross between names  

 Plum, Clara Barringer

B 7 2 Wife/ Clara Barringer Plum/ March 1894 June 1989/ In Loving Memory   ivy on either side of name

 Barringer, Charles E.

B 7 3 Husband/ Charles E. Barringer/ June 1889 April 1968/ In Loving Memory   ivy on either side of name

 Carter, Lillian L.

 Carter, Ralph H.

B 7 4 CARTER/ Lillian L./ 1903-1968/ Ralph H./ 1905-1969   flower vine either side of name

 Gant, Tamera Louise

B 7 5 Daughter/ Tamera Louise/ Gant/ Aug. 31, 1969 Sept. 1, 1969/ We Miss You praying kneeling angel  

 Breyley, Elizabeth K.

 Breyley, John J.

B 7 6 BREYLEY/ Elizabeth K./ 1888-1977/ John J./ 1887-1977/ Rest In God's Loving Care flowers  

 Haynes, Emma O.

B 7 7 Emma O. Haynes/ Aug. 20/ 1885 - Dec. 12,/ 1969 grapes  

 Wolff, Mary C.

 Wolff, Adolph J.

B 7 8 WOLFF/ Mary C./ 1912-1986/ Adolph J./ 1910-1971 grapes  

 Davies, Sharon L.

 Davies, Minnie B.

 Davies, Lawrence M.

B 7 9 DAVIES/ Sharon L./ March 19, 1945/ [NE]/ Minnie B./ Jan. 2, 1916/ April 18, 2000/ Lawrence M./ Sept. 3, 1907/ Sept. 6, 1992/ The Lord Is My Shepherd 2 praying hands  

 Owen, Charles P., Jr.

B 7 10 Charles P. Owen Jr/ MMS2 US Navy/ World War II/ Jun 23 1920 Oct 2 1975 cross; WW II flagholder gov't granite

 Owen, Charles P.

B 7 11 Charles P Owen/ Florida/ CPL 106 Engineers/ World War I/ Jan 7 1899 Feb 25 1968 cross; WW I flagholder gov't granite

 Owen, Charles P., III

B 7 12 Son/ Charles P. Owen III/ 1946 - [NE]/ At Rest   plain stone

 Helm, Kathleen Pat

B 8 1 Kathleen (Pat) Helm/ 1925 1988 flowers; bird bird between dates

 Helm, Barney P.

B 8 2 Son/ Barney P. Helm/ 1946 - 1969 tee pee between dates***  

 Rubertino, Salvatore S.

 Rubertino, Mildred M.

B 8 3 Rubertino/ Salvatore S./ 1925-1983/ Mildred M./ 1915-1999 praying hands with rosary; flowers  

 Sepanski, Blanche Q.

B 8 4 Mother - Grandmother/ Blanche Q. Sepanski/ 1908 + 1987/ God Bless You - We Love You cross  

 Hommel, Arthur F.

B 8 5 Arthur F. Hommel/ 1908 - 1991/ He Lived His Life As A Friend flying bird  

 Breyley, George J.

B 8 6 George J. Breyley/ April 26, 1916/ May 10, 1991 cross; symbol of maybe an engineer on stone  

 Williams, June M.

 Williams, S. E. "Dugie"

B 8 7 WILLIAMS/ June M./ 1918-1991/ S. E. "Dugie"/ 1911-1984    

 George, Edwin L.

B 8 8 Edwin L George/ US Army/ World War I/ 1896-1978 cross; WW I flagholder gov't granite

 Wilson, Wayne, Jr.

B 8 9 Wayne Wilson, Jr./ 1925 + 1976    

 Shelko, Martha F.

B 8 10 Mother/ Martha F. Shelko/ 1887 1969 book border; flower  

 Domke, Jerome M.

B 8 11 Dear Dad/ Jerome M. Domke/ 1914-1979 flower and cross  

 Dale, Sylvia M.

B 8 12 Sylvia M. Dale/ 1916-1968 flowers  

 Pepin, Dolores A.

 Pepin, Wallace L.

B 8 13 PEPIN/ Dolores A./ 1917-1990/ Wallace L./ 1917-[NE]/ "Till The Shout" I Thess. 4:16 rose above each name  

 Ward, Helen H.

 Ward, Clifford H.

B 9 1 WARD/ Mother/ Helen H./ 1917-1970/ Father/ Clifford H./ 1921-[NE] flowers; WW II flagholder  

 Schupp, Lewis B.

 Schupp, Harmony L.

B 9 2 SCHUPP/ WW I/ PFC/ Father/ Lewis B./ 1895-1982/ [flower & ring] Married May 26, 1922/ Mother/ Harmony L./ 1904-1994/ Up Where The Sun Is Shining Bright - Down Here We Sleep In Endless Night/ [gov't stone footstone] Lewis B Schupp/ PFC US Army/ World War I/ Apr 27 1895 March 6 1982 Army insignia; cross; wheat; book entitled Harmony in Verse; WW I flagholder  

 Bekkedahl, Mildred A.

 Bekkedahl, Donovan F.

B 9 3 BEKKEDAHL/ Mildred A./ 1909-1969/ Donovan F./ 1900-1987 flowers  

 Flack, Edna M.

 Flack, Robert W.

B 9 4 FLACK/ Edna M./ [NE]/ Robert W./ 1925-1970/ [gov't granite footstone] Robert W Flack/ Ohio/ PFT 1560 SVC Comd Unit/ World War II/ Aug 29 1925 Oct 18 1970 praying hands; WW II flagholder  

 Flack, Lillian I.

 Flack, Robert B.

B 9 5 FLACK/ Lillian I./ 1898-1973/ Robert B./ 1896-1989 flowers; scroll border  

 Simpson, Elizabeth M.

 Simpson, Cameron G.

B 9 6 SIMPSON/ Elizabeth M/ 1903-1983/ [double heart] Married/ Jan.29/ 1931/ Cameron G./ 1900-1971/ Parents and Grandparents ivy  

 Anderson, Hilda

 Anderson, Leonard

B 9 7 Hilda Anderson/ Feb. 18, 1903/ Apr. 20, 1971/ Leonard Anderson/ Nov. 26, 1896/ Apr. 21, 1980 flowers  

 Bertleff, John H.

B 9 8 Husband - Father/ John H. Bertleff/ 1905-1973/ Loving Memory corner flowers planting

 Raymond, Dale T.

B 9 9 My Beloved Husband/ Dale T. Raymond/ Mar. 28, 1940/ Aug. 1, 1988/ In God's Loving Care gladiolas in corner  

 Kuznik, Anton A.

B 9 10 Father/ Anton A. Kuznik/ 1888-1956/ NAJ POCIVA V MIRU corner flowers  

 Hill, Catherine G.

B 10 1 Catherine G. Hill/ March 22, 1901/ Aug. 1, 1979 flower  

 Braun, Ralph K.

 Braun, Dorothy I.

B 10 2 BRAUN/ Ralph K./ 1919-1971/ Dorothy I./ 1922-[NE]/ In My Father's House are Many Mansions [on back] BRAUN WW II flagholder [mason wall gate and like church door open thru to other side. Man and woman on stairs heading to door.

 Gagnon, Jean L.

 Gagnon, James B.

B 10 3 GAGNON/ Mother/ Jean L./ 1916-1996/ Father/ James V./ 1911-1971 2 praying hands  

 Terrill, Arleen B.

 Terrill, Walter I.

B 10 4 TERRILL/ Arleen B./ 1907-1972/ Married 1931/ Walter I./ 1905-[NE] heart; roses  

 Schmegner, Leroy

 Schmegner, Glenora

B 10 5 SCHMEGNER/ Leroy/ 1913-1986/ Glenora/ 1916-1977    

 Dominguez, Jose M.

 Dominguez, Margaret R.

B 10 6 DOMINGUEZ/ Jose M./ 1900-1975/ Margaret R./ 1899-1973 flowers  

 McCann, Cecilia D. Tanner

 McCann, Richard L.

B 10 7 McCANN/ Tanner/ Cecilia D./ 1921-1990/ [double ring & ribbon] Dec. 24, 1943/ Vet. WW II/ Richard L. 1914-1998/ We May Live Together With Him/ [on back] McCann cross; flowers; dog; WW II flagholder  

 Greene, Mollie A.

 Greene, Helen

 Greene, Albert

 Greene, Laura June

 Greene, Barbara Ann

 Greene, Charles R.

B 10 8 GREENE/ Mother/ Mollie A./ 1908-1998/ Children/ Helen/ Albert/ Laura June/ Barbara Ann/ Father/ Charles R./ 1901-1973 flowers Evergreen planting

 Fulton, Alice C.

 Fulton, Benjamin M.

B 10 9 FULTON/ Alice C./ 1906 Mom 1978/ Benjamin M./ 1904 Dad 1973/ In My Father's House Are Many Mansions book borders; flowers  

 Hovance, Mary

B 10 10 Grandmother/ Mary Hovance/ 1884 1957/ I Will Not Forget You bird; crosses  

 Hoffman, Fred O.

 Hoffman, Angela E.

B 11 1 HOFFMAN/ Husband/ Fred O./ 1908-1996/ Wife/ Angela E./ 1908-1984/ We Had A Good Marriage flowers  

 Barnhouse, Winifred Hoffman

B 11 2 Mother/ Winifred Hoffman/ Barnhouse/ 1941 1967/ In Loving Memory flowers  

 Williams, Dennis M.

 Williams, Patricia A.

B 11 3 WILLIAMS/ Husband/ Dennis M./ 1944 1969/ Wife/ Patricia A./ 1945 2000/ Together Forever praying hands; flowers; Vietnam War flagholder  

 Williams, Elma A.

 Williams, Gail

B 11 4 WILLIAMS/ Mother/ Elma A./ 1913-[NE]/ Father/ Gail/ 1913-1990/ Together Forever praying hands; flowers  

 Meister, Vera M.

B 11 5 Mother/ Vera M. Meister/ 1918-1980/ Great Loves Live On Bible and praying hands; flowers  

 Meister, Robert A.

B 11 6 Our Dad/ Robert A. Meister/ April 9,/ 1948/ Jan.25,/ 1973/ Rest In Peace cross; flowers  

 Smith, Henrietta

 Smith, John J.

B 11 7 SMITH/ In Loving Memory/ Wife/ Henrietta/ 1904 1973/ At Rest/ Husband/ John J./ 1906 1977 roses  

 Trunk, Dorothy R.

 Trunk, Frank A.

B 11 8 TRUNK/ Dorothy R./ 1908 1999/ Frank A./ 1918 [NE] flowers  

 Fulton, Dorothy M.

 Fulton, Malcolm C.

B 11 9 FULTON/ Wife/ Dorothy M./ 1935 [NE]/ Husband/ Malcolm C./ 1935 1985/ Together Forever roses  

 Starlin, Alice C.

 Starlin, Cecil W.

B 11 10 STARLIN/ Alice C./ 1930-1995/ Cecil W./ 1931-[NE]/ Married April 12, 1952 roses  

 Fulton, Frances

 Fulton, Benjamin, Jr.

B 11 11 FULTON/ Frances/ 1926 Wife [NE]/ Benjamin, Jr./ 1926 Husband 1984/ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and Thou Shalt Be Saved Acts 16:31 flowers, book borders  

 Lucas, Andrew

B 11 12 Andrew Lucas/ 1892-1958   aluminum plaque in concrete

 Tolle, Gerald F.

B 11 13 Gerald F. Tolle/ Aug 13/ 1929/ Aug. 13/ 1991/ Gone Fishin'/ Cross; Korea flagholder  

 Tolle, Mildred N.

B 11 14 Nana/ Mildred N. Tolle/ 1905-1993   flush like footstone with Gerald

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