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Madison Memorial Cemetery

Inscriptions Section Map

Arcola Cemetery, as this active cemetery is generally known, lies on the east side of Arcola Road at the bend 1/4 mile north of Middle Ridge Road and mile south of North Ridge Road (US 20). Set in nursery lands, it is very flat. Having begun in 1957, the stones are almost all granite. Slants, uprights, and flush markers are the rule, and there are no tall monuments in this cemetery.

The land was deeded to the Township of Madison by Carl W. and Alda M. Whipple on 17 March 1953. Known as land in lot No. 2 in Tract No. 1, this pentagonal piece of property contains 7.528 acres.

All of the section's rows were read from west to east, and the stones read from north to south. When reading, a large pile of temporary funeral home markers which had been replaced with monuments, or torn up by lawn mowers was found in the garage. Shortly after reading them, they were discarded. They were included here if there was no other monument and addition information was added if there was. Proofing was done on the readings and new stones added on the following dates:
Sec. 1, 3, 9 11 June 2001
Sec. 2, 4 15 June 2001
Sec. 5 10 &15 June 2001
Sec. 6, 7 23 June 2001
Sec. 8 24 June 2001


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