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Flynn Family Monument (inactive)

A single grave stone remains behind the garage at a house on S. State Street between the railroad and Walnut Street. It had been overgrown badly for many years, but was remembered by an elderly neighbor as a child. There are no other obvious stones in the area, but there are corrugated appearing indentations nearby.

This couple seems to be somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps the near illegibility of the stone is throwing us off a bit. There is no obituary in the index for either of these people. An attempt at deed research even by a title company ran into a dead end when getting back to 1930.

There is an estate file for Michael C. Flynn who died 4 Feb 1891 of Painesville, leaving no widow and Mary Sullivan, sister. (There is another Michael Flynn who died two years later who was also married to a Mary.) There was a piece of property which was sold to Mary C. Flynn in 1881, but the description does not sound like this property. It did belong to this couple, however, and was sold at Sheriff sale. There were law suits for debts involved. Some other names involved with this family are Thomas Keane, Nora O'Malia, William Keane, Richard Welch, John Kane, Mary and William Sullivan.

Further knowledge of this cemetery is requested.

This stone is on private property with no public access.

Painesville Township

Flynn Cemetery  



Sec- tion


Stone #




 Flynn, Michael C.

 Flynn, Mary C.




[W face] Michael C. Flynn/ Died/ Feb. 4, 1891/ Aged 78 yrs./ [N face] Mary C. Flynn/ Died,/ Aug. 27, 1898/ Aged 88 yrs./ Wife of/ Michael C. Flynn


N face hard to read


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