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Lake County Genealogical Society

Ft. Wayne Trip Photos

Aug 29-31, 2012

Thanks to all who contributed!
1. Allen County Public Library (L-R) Nancy Turo, Wally and MJ Huskonen

Photo from Joanne Perkovich

2. Allen County Public Library (L-R) Ray Malone, Judy Rocker, Linda Poole, Bonnie Snyder

Photo from Patty Epperson

3. Casandra Brown copying city directories

Photo from Sally Malone

4. Carts and Books - Copies for Casandra

Photo by Sally Malone

5. Bicycle Parking Meter

Pic by Joanne Perkovich

6. Hard at Work - (Clockwise from 7) MJ Huskonen, Wally Huskonen, Mary Gross, Joy McMullen (standing), Pat McGowan, Thelma Abdul-Alim, ?, Carl Johnson (1:00) ?, ?, Cynthia Turk

Photo by Sally Malone

7. Deborah Abbott hard at work

Thanks to Sally Malone

8. More hard work happening. Joellen O'Neil (L) Judy Rocker (R), Linda Poole (front)

A Sally Malone photo

9. Books Everywhere!

Photo by Sally Malone

10. Main Reading Room with Joellen, Judy and Debbie

Another Sally pic

11. Wednesday Dinner at Cheddars - back table Cynthia's back, to left- Sandra Beane-Milton, ?, Pat McGowan smiling, Joellen O'Neil?. Front table 7:00 Lois Wheeer, Carl Johnson, Wally Huskonen, MJ Huskonen, Rochelle Donato

Photo courtesy Sally Malone

12. Thursday Dinner at Don Hall's Factory

Photo by Cynthia Turk

13. (L-R) Jim Murray (driver) Rochelle Donato, Jane Rosenburg, Sally Malone, Ray Malone, Bonnie Snyder?, Casandra Brown, Bobbi Cummings?, ?, ?, ?, Patty Epperson, Debbie Abbott, Joy McMullen, Jackie Clinger

Another Turk snap

14. (L-R) Nancy Turo, Casandra Brown, Pat McGowan, Thelma Abdul-Alim, Wally Huskonen, MJ Huskonen, Carol Kelsey?, Clarence Bowers, Marilyn Williams, Lois Wheeler, Dave Morse, Mary Lou Cheney

One more Turk item

15. Friday dinner at Bubba's Q, Avon, Ohio

Photo by Cynthia Turk

16. At Bubba's (L-R) Joellen O'Neill, Judy Rocker, Casandra Brown, Ray Malone, Sally Malone, Bonnie Snyder, Linda Poole

Thanks to Joanne Perkovich

17.Dave Morse by the bar and smoker

Photo by Joanne Perkovich

18. Coach Driver Jim Murray at Bubba's Q

Another Cynthia pic

19. (L-R) Mary Gross, Jackie Clinger (standing), Jane Rosenberg, Bobbi Cummings, Connie McHugh, Karen McHugh, Patty Epperson, Tour Leader-Cynthia Turk

Another by Joanne Perkovich

20. (L-R) Nancy Reider, Blanche Francetic, Jim Murray, Mary Lou Cheney, Joy McMullen, Nancy Turo.

From the camera of Joanne Perkovich

21. (L-R) Rochelle Donato, Carl Johnson, Eb Molesch, Denise Molesch, Wally Huskonen, MJ Huskonen

Thanks to Joanne Perkovich

22. (L-R) Thelma Abdul-Alim, Pat McGowan, Denise Michaud, ? Nancy Fischer, Sandra Beane-Milton, Debbie Abbott

Another Joanne offering

23. (L-R) Ann Meehan, Clarence Bowers, Erica Zaharia, Jackie Clinger, Dave Morse, Carol Kelsey

Thanks to Joanne Perkovich

24. (L-R) Mary Lou Cheney, Joy McMullen, Nancy Turo, Nancy Reider, Blanche Francetic, Joanne Perkovich

From the camera of Joanne Perkovich

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