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Plains Road Cemetery (Willoughby Municipal) (active)

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This modern cemetery with all flush grave markers is situated behind the Plains Pioneer Cemetery. It is on Lake Shore Boulevard, previously known as Plains Road, just east of Lost Nation Road. With the annexation of the Lake Front, the city "inherited" the Pioneer Cemetery with plans to maintain its old fashioned charm. Upon purchase of the Osborne property, 16 acres of land were added to the Pioneer graveyard area. This land was developed and the new Plains Road Cemetery opened in January of 1976.

Upon opening, plans were already in the works to use the stone from the old vault in the cemetery in town to construct the gates at this new cemetery. It was some time later that the project was completed. The plaque on the stone work says "Stone gate/ dedicated/ 1976/ Plains Road Cemetery."

There is an American Legion veteran memorial stone to all who served. Another stone at the main flagpole has a cross in a cloud, open book, rosary and flower carved on its back; on the front is the inscription: "Willoughby/ Memorial Gardens/ Dedicated in Faith/ To our friends and loved ones. In the time of sad remembrances/ Give a prayer to old friends gone./ Let your heart, with mounful greeting,/ Hear their sad appeal."

The cemetery consisted of two sections, one on the west, Section A, behind the pioneer cemetery, and one on the east, Section B. In 2001 two more sections were opened directly south of the first two where there had been a white pine nursery. These are labeled C and D. There is still adequate expansion room for many years to come.

Section A rows were read from the road west, and the stones from south to north. Section B rows were read from the road east, and the stones from north to south.


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