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Lake County Genealogical Society (Ohio)

Wickliffe Pioneer Cemetery (technically active)

Inscriptions Section Map

This is a small but well kept cemetery. The city has refurbished it and improved the area with gazebo, wooden walkway, etc. It is located behind Provo House at 28855 Euclid Avenue in Wickliffe. The sign says "Wickliffe Cemetery, Circa 1808" The oldest death date on a stone is that of Parley Dickinson, first husband of Clarissa Jones who died in 1808. The most recent death date is 1978, belonging to Sidney Drucker. A New Display board contains a map and plat numbers for each burial compiled by Wickliffe Cemetery Board 18 November 1998. The board is in memory of Donald L. Trimboli, Cemetery Board Member, 1998. It also states that a brochure of the cemetery is available from the Wickliffe Area Chamber of Commerce located in Provo House. An excerpt from that brochure includes the names and lot numbers that go with their map. Inscriptions were read with rows from west to east and the stones from south to north. Proofing was done as of 10 September 2003.


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