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Licking County Ohio Genealogy


Robert M. Sizelove, Sr. (Cemeteries)
Linda Fredrickson (1860 Census, Marriage Records)
Holly Winegardner Johnson (History)
Volunteer needed! (Probate Records)
Carol Cyrus (Tax Records)
Glenna Tippett Mullen (See Below)
OHGenWeb Research Exchange Program - More Volunteers
Glenna Tippett Mullen offers to do free volunteer reference look ups in her personal library for Licking Co., Ohio:
A BRANCH FROM THE GREEN TREE; Compiled by Robert M. Green; Published by Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland; Library of Congress Catalogue
Card Number 78-65343; Copyright 1978. This book has detailed index not only by surname but also includes given name or initials. Total of 901 pages. Many names other than Green as well as other areas than just Licking County, Ohio; but mainly re: Licking Co. Book may be purchased
from Licking Co., Ohio Gen. Soc.
Polly Barcus and Mildred Francis; Typed by Jean Marcelain; Published by Licking County Genealogical Society--Chapter of O.G.S.; 1984; Reprint 1987. Book is not indexed; but all surnames beginning with same letter
in same area and then organized after first letter of surname by date. Has 158 pages. Book may be purchased from Licking Co. Ohio Gen. Soc.
HISTORY OF LICKING COUNTY OHIO, ITS PAST AND PRESENT; Compiled by N. N. Hill, Jr.; Illustrated; Published by A. A. Graham and Co., Newark, Ohio;
1881; Reprint by Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, Indiana; 1971. Has 822 pages. Not indexed; but see below.
INDEX BOOK FOR HILL'S HISTORY OF LICKING COUNTY OHIO; 1881 as compiled by N. N. Hill, Jr. and published by A. A. Graham and Company; Published
by The Johnstown Genealogy, Johnstown, Ohio; 1972. Index includes surnames with given names. Has 75 pages.
CUTRIGHT FAMILIES; Compiled and published by Ellen (Cutright) Decker; Typed by Linda Wilson; Illustrated by Bonnie Baker; 1988. Book is not indexed--see below. Has 1020 pages and many photos. Book covers many
areas but mainly from several counties in Ohio to Clark, Coles, and Cumberland Counties in Illinois. NOTE: This book is for sale by referring to Reference Look Ups on Cumberland County, Illinois website of USGenWeb. Eleanor (Wade) Cutright handling the sale of the book since Ellen's demise. Eleanor not on the net. All monies except for
the postage go to a teaching scholarship at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.
INDEX OF THE CUTRIGHT FAMILIES by Ellen (Cutright Decker); Index compiled by Linda Wilson; 1989; Distributed by Casey Township Library in Casey, Clark County, Illinois. Index may be purchased from library.
Index listed by surnames including given names and has 100 pages.
NEER KINDRED; Information compiled by James Roger and Jewell Josephine (Neer) Gammon; Published circa 1970. Book fully indexed by surname, followed by given name. Book has 210 pages.
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