Terns to Wasson
Terns, Aurelia C., see Aurelia C. Gerhart
Terns, Catherine C., see Catherine C. Linden
Terns, Florence L., see Florence L. Eckenfels
Thomas, Lucretia, see Lucretia Porter
Thompson, Anthony J.
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Hanna
Thompson, Hiram
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Joseph A.
Thompson, Margaret
Thompson, Rose, see Rose Holbury
Thornton, Anna May
Thornton, Clarence Walter
Thornton, Janice Irene
Thorp, Emily A., nee Squires
Timko, Mike
Tomasic, Janice
Trumble, Charles E.
Trumble, Cornelia, nee Knapp
Trumble, Edward
Trumble, George
Trumble, Wm.
Trumble Jr., Edward
Trumble, William
Turner, Olive M.
Turner, Thomas Z.
Uehlein, Leonard R.
Ulmschneider, Helen, nee Krugman
Urban, George
Ursem, Marie, see Marie O'Conner
Ursem, Marie F., see Marie F. O'Conner
Van Wormer, Celia B., nee Dague
Veltrie, Trullah V., see Trullah V. Huber
Vogler, David B.
Vogler, Gertrude
Vogler, Mable L., nee Strothers
Vogler, Minnie
Vogler, Ralph
Vogler, W. Ralph
Vogley, Alice
Wacker, Albert J.
Wacker, Louis F.
Wagner, Donald E.
Walker, Connie I., see Connie I. Minnich
Wallington, Thomas
Waltner, Barbara, see Barbara Dague
Ward, Jessie, see Jessie Grills
Washburn, Sarah S.
Wasson, Fred T.


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