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Biographical Articles

Chapman Family Article Surnames mentioned: Chapman, Gardiner, Salstonstall, Bliss, Griswold, Sheather, Kirtland, Grinnell, Kelsey, Furray, Fields, Taylor, Banistee, Stanton, Pitkin, Andross. *A partial biography of Thomas Wilford may also be viewed on page 4. That article contains the surnames: Wilford, Falkner, Quirk, Stanton, Peach.

Drake, David Biography. Surnames mentioned: Drake, Benson, Braman, Alger, Cone, Plase, Graham. ** A partial biography of C.D. Stocking may also be viewed on page 1092. That article contains the surnames: Stocking, Lilly, Hawes

Holland, Abram, Biography. Surnames mentioned: Holland, Henry, Dimmock

Lawler, Edwin

Lawler, Irvin D.

Lawler, Jerome W.

Schellhous, Lorancie, Life Of, Surnames mentioned in Part 1: Schellhous, Niendorf, Sexton, Cable, Alford, Perry, Parks, Barker, Ferris, Webster. Surnames mentioned in Part 2: Eldred, Webster, Noyes, Brooks, Scott, Palmer, Adams, Kents, Vaughn, Stebbens, Legg, Gorton, McMellen, Hatch, Bingham, Matteson, Culver, Corsen, Stewart.

Schwartz, John and son Joseph

Tenney, John

Mrs. Elizabeth McRoberts, The Last Pittsfield Pioneer, Memorial