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Pecks of Grafton, Ohio
From The Elyria Republican, October 2, 1879
Submitted by Joyce, 3rd great-grand-daughter of Anna Averill Peck born in 1782.

The Peck Reunion at Grafton

Saturday, September 20th, was the birthday of Mrs. Anna Peck, she having reached the great age of 97. Her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren arranged for a grand family reunion at the house of Mrs. Julia Felt, near this place, and the occasion was one of the most enjoyable which it has ever been our good fortune to attend. Before proceeding to an account of the reunion, it may be proper to introduce a little of Grandma Peck's history.

She was born at Sunderland, Vt., on the 20th of September, 1782. Her father, Capt. Robert Averill served three years in the war of the Revolution, and was a long time a prisoner among the hostile British. When Anna was 18 years old, her father moved to Chittenden county, Vt., at which place she was married to Benjamin Peck, September 2, 1803. From Vermont they moved to Victor, Ontario county, N.Y., on the 29th of September, 1816. From Victor, they moved to their farm near Grafton, living there ever since. Her husband was drafted in the war of 1812, and served his country six months, leaving her at home with five little children to battle against hardships and poverty. She has been the mother of fourteen children, six of whom were present at the reunion, and the aggregate age of those present was 389 years!

Somebody spoke to Grandma about how she clothed her children, and she said that she had to go out and take in work, and that her first two calico baby dresses cost one dollar per yard. Thirty three years ago her husband died. At his death, he was a prominent member of the Baptist church.

It was a strange sight at the reunion to see grandma sitting at the table with her four sons seated on her right and her two daughters, one 75 years old, on her left. It was a scene for a painter. It was a living monument to the strong physical constitution of the men and women who drove the British from our shores, and unfurled the banner of freedom over your heads! One feature of the reunion must not go unnoticed: Little Dollie Metzger of Brecksville, Ohio, only twelve years old, made a beautiful cake with Grandma Peck's name on it. – beautiful, ornamental letters, which pleased the old lady almost as much as seeing her children.

The reunion will long be remembered by all who had the good fortune to participate in its festivities. Over sixty of Mrs. Peck's direct descendants were present, and to see the old lady sit on the lounge and look over the warming friends with a smile on her face, which said plainly, "I will never be called to judgement for violating the Holy command, 'Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth.'" was truly pleasing.

The following is a list of the persons present. They are arranged by generations:

First generation: Mrs. Anna Peck, Grafton, aged 97.

Second Generation (children): Julia Felt, Eaton; Meranda Peck, Brecksville; Hiram Peck, Eaton Rapids, Mich; Maria Woolston, North Adams, Mich.; B.F. Peck, Nunda, Ill.; W.R. Peck, Ranson, Mich.

Third Generation (grandchildren): Elnora Hunt, Nunda, Ill; J.B. Felt, Grafton; R. Felt, Grafton; S.C.M. Felt, Eaton; Harriet Beaver, Grafton; Lizzie Sumption, South Bend, Ind.; Mary Metzger, Brecksville, O.; James Peck, Cleveland; G.F. Peck, Cleveland; W.B. Peck, Cleveland; Chas. B. Peck, Cleveland; Mary Terrell, Ridgeville, O.; Eliza Stebben, Brecksville, O.

Fourth Generation (great grandchildren): Minnie Sherwood, Berea, O.; Fred Felt, Maggie Felt, Addie Felt, Bert Felt, Grafton; Dela A. Felt, J.C. Felt, Dora Felt, Ora Felt, Cora Felt, Lee Felt, Ted Felt, Minnie Felt, Willie Felt, Eaton, O.; George Beaver, Nora Beaver, Natha Beaver, Grafton; Ora Sumption, South Bend, Ind.; Dollie Metzger, Brecksville, O.; Bennie Metzger, Brecksville, O.; Marie Peck, Cleveland; Mrs. C.V. Salisbury, Ridgeville; Elmer Terrell, J.E. Terrell, Ridgeville, O.; Clarence Sherwood, Berea, O.

Fifth Generation (great great grandchildren): Chas. V. Salisbury, Jr., Ridgeville, O.; Clarence Sherwood, Berea, O.

Relations by marriage: Jane Peck, Nancy Peck, J.A. Metzger, Brecksville, O.; Phoebe J. Peck, Mary M. Peck, Urana M. Peck, Cleveland; Sarah J. Felt, Chas. Beaver, Grafton; Sarah A. Peck, Nunda, Ill.; Emma Felt, Eaton, O.; Chas V. Salisbury, Ridgeville.

Besides the relatives named above, a host of friends of the family were present to enjoy themselves, and to partake of the splendid supper. May everyone present live long to enjoy many of these glorious oases in the great desert of life.

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