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FACER Tracie Hopkins Boeliner Jul 1997
FAIRBANKS Mary Killoran Nov 2008
FAIRCHILD Linda Dunlap Feb 1999
FAIRFIELD Connie Fairfield Ganz unknown
FARMER Judi Farmer Sep 1997
FARRAND R E Francis Jan 1999
FARRELL Jean Copeland Mar 2000
FASHING Nancy Fashing Veits Oct 1998
FARNHAM Alyce Healey-Boser Nov 1999
FARNHAM Kendra Aubrey Apr 1999
FAUVER Jeff Sigsworth Dec 1999
FAUVER Gloria Albinak Aug 1997
FAXON Terri Bates Black May 2000
FAY Mary O Haller Mar 2002
FEAKINS Sandy Shuster Jul 2000
FEEMAN Jennifer Justice Oct 2008
FELL Jane Kenney Jan 2003
FELT Joyce Peck Jul 2002
FERRIS C Brown Mar 2002
FERRIS Betty Barker Mar 1997
FIED Gerald Boone May 1999
FIELDING Gayle Traxler Aug 2001
FIGHT Gerald Boone May 1999
FILKER Tami Jun 2006
FILLGROVE Edith Fields May 1997
FINEGAN Mary Anne Cella Nov 2008
FINKEL DF Bliss Apr 2006
FINKEL Shirley Patterson Jan 2009
FISCHER Joyce Knoch Oct 1997
FISH Mary Killoran Nov 2008
FISHER Judy Burritt May 2000
FISHER Russ Sage May 1999
FISHER Barbara J Lindsey Mar 1998
FISHER Ruth Fisher Sep 1998
FITZGERALD Brian Christensen Sep 1999
FITZGERALD Frank Waldeck Nov 1998
FITZHARRIS Dave Curry Jan 1998
FITZPATRICK Mark & Cheri Nov 1999
FLAGLER Byron Bray Apr 1998
FLANAGAN, FLANIGAN Sharon Arnold Mar 2001
FLICKINGER Cheryl Bakker Apr 1989
FLOOD Lisa Dec 2004
FOECKING Paul A Studley Jul 1998
FORMEROID Jean Jasinski Jan 2002
FOLSOM Randal Cooper Mar 1999
FOOTE Alyce Healey-Boser Nov 1999
FORD Stephen Wilson May 1999
FORD Linda Dunlap Feb 1999
FORTNER Sheila Fortner Oct 2001
FOSTER Jean Bick Oct 2008
FOSTER Jean Jasinski Jan 2002
FOSTER Lisa Bandagski Oliver Nov 2004
FOWL Peggy Hanton Nov 2007
FOWLS Wilda Wheeler Collier Feb 1998
FOX Mary Anne Cella Nov 2008
FOX Judy Kelble Oct 1997
FRANCIS Diane Armstrong Jun 2002
FRANK Joan Kraft Feb 2003
FRANKLIN Mark Musil May 2001
FREEMAN Patti Bates Mar 2001
FREEMAN Jennifer Allison Jan 1998
FREEMAN Melanie Jan 2000
FREEMAN Lola Angell Jul 2002
FREEMAN Constance Sims Feb 2008
FRENCH Wayne French Oct 1999
FRENCH Linda Dunlap Feb 1999
FRENCH Dave VanArsdale Aug 2003
FRERICK Les Kramer Jun 2008
FRETTER Donna Schultheiss Sep 2005
FREY Sylvia Jun 2002
FREY Nancy Fashing Veits Oct 1998
FRIEND Deb Mohler Nov 1999
FRIEND Vivian Arendall Jan 1999
FRYDRYCHOWICZ Lynn Kulhanek Mar 1999
FUHRMAN Nancy Baker Nov 2008
FULESI Bosmeny Feb 2003
FULLER Byron Bray Apr 1998
FULLER Ruth Fisher Sep 1998
FURDYN, FURDEN Helen Batko Jul 2001
FYE Alan Schafer Sep 1999
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