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PIONEER RECOLLECTIONS: MIAMI VALLEY OF OHIO 1797-1850 . . . . . . . . Compiled by Juda Moyer with over 900 indexed names. A series of stories in old newspapers told by different people describing their journey into the wilderness of Ohio providing acumen into the hard times they lived making this book appealing to istorians as well as genealogists. $27 $3
1827 QUADRENNIAL ENUMERATION of ADULT WHITE MALES, MIAMI COUNTY, OHIO . . . . 77 pgs, spiral bound, indexed. Compiled by Virginia G. Boese. Contains copies of the original 1827 enumeration and is the oldest known Miami County census still in existence. 16 3
1835 QUADRENNIAL ENUMERATION OF ADULT WHITE MALES, MIAMI COUNTY, OHIO . . . . 185 pgs, soft cover, index added, with county map. Enumeration of eligible voters conducted to determine legislative apportionment for Ohio. Photographic record of the original 1835 Quadrennial Enumeration taken from microfilm at the Wright State University archives. 16 3
1850 FEDERAL POPULATION CENSUS, MIAMI COUNTY, OHIO . . . . 377 pgs, soft cover, indexed by townships, with county map showing the location of each township. The first federal census to list all members of the household, their ages and places of birth. 31 3
1981 HISTORY of MIAMI COUNTY . . . . 581 pgs, hard bound. Second reprint, edited by E. Irene Miller; the third major history written on Miami County. Organized by townships with separate village histories, including a number of maps and many photographs with text. Histories of many institutions and businesses included along with many family histories. Published by Miami County Historical and Genealogical Society. 20 5
MIAMI COUNTY FAMILY HISTORIES - TIRED IRON . . . . 266 pgs, spiral bound, indexed. 230 Miami County family stories and histories by family members. Includes index of over 3600 names. The book’s development was initiated when a local club of farmers who collected and exhibited antique farm machinery, hence the name Tired Iron, disbanded and contributed part of their funds to the Society for the publishing of such a book. Published by MCHGS. 30 4
THE CEMETERIES OF MIAMI COUNTY . . . . 50 pgs, spiral bound. New catalog of cemeteries in the County in an 8 ˝ x 11 soft-cover format verifying and updating previous information, with commentary and photographs. Includes cemetery photographs and township histories. Published by MCHGS. 12 3
MIAMI COUNTY BICENTENNIAL COMPACT DISC . . . . Compact disc produced by the MCHGS in honor of the County Bicentennial. Contains all the Miami Meanderings Newsletters from its initiation through Fall 2006.  The CD also includes applications for the Society and its Family Awards, the Constitution and Bylaws which were revised in 2006, and an introduction with a brief discussion of the formation of Ohio and Miami County in 1803 and 1807, respectively. 14 1
THE MIAMI MEANDERINGS NEWSLETTER, back issues . . . . Most issues are available. 3 per
MEMBERSHIP FIVE GENERATION CHARTS, Vol.I . . . . 85 pgs, indexed  11  3
MEMBERSHIP FIVE GENERATION CHARTS, Vol. II . . . . 175 pgs, indexed 22 3
THE BRADFORD FIRE, 1920 . . . . 64 pgs, soft cover, indexed, author Scott Trostel. Published by the Bradford Church of the Brethren. 8 3
GEMS OF THE GREATER DAYTON REGION . . . . 80 pages, 8 ˝ x 11 inches, hard-bound with jacket. Over 95 color photographs by photographers of the Tripod Camera Club and the region, with accompanying text providing natural and historical context. Published by Alan L. Horvath Publishers, Dayton. 36 4

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