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Cow Stall


 Milking was a morning and evening ritual.  The cows soon learned the process and generally if they were fed a little grain during milking, they would voluntarily come to the barn to be milked.  Without the grain inducement or if the pasture were too far from the barn, it frequently became necessary for the farmer to ‘go get the cows.’ 


Stalls such as the above were used for milking.  The space beyond the chain in the stall was for feed.  Hay was put into the larger section on the left.  The smaller ‘box’ on the right was for grain.  The short partitions between the stalls separated the cow from the cows in the neighboring stalls.  The chain was fastened around the cow’s neck to keep her in the stall until the milking was done.  Release of the chain was usually the signal to the cow that she could leave.


Photo taken 2005


Provided by Dorothy Bayes


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