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Assorted Tools found on the Farm


Farm work was hard and at the turn of the century, some of the tools were not yet well developed.  Above are some of the tools you might find on the 1800 and early 1900 farm.  Across the top is a two-man crosscut saw.  At the far left are two levels.  The next three items are hand planes.  Next is a two-handed draw-knife (used for rough-shaving of wood) hanging over a drill-brace.  Immediately to the right of the knife and brace is a soldering iron (requires external heating).  Three wood augers are at the right of the picture.  A scriber/marker (used for scratching a mark on wood, stone, metal, etc.) is hanging between the two left most wood augers.


Near the bottom of the picture is a wooden toolbox.  Two wood augers protrude vertically from the toolbox and a hand plane rests in the toolbox.


Photo taken July 2005


Provided by Dorothy Bayes


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