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View of the Farm


This picture is taken from behind the barn.   Barn is on the right.  Little building on the left, nearest to the left margin of the picture was called the far shed.  It was used to store equipment.  The other larger building on left is the granary.   You can see the lane in the background that leads to the main road. 


This picture provides an opportunity to explain an interesting phenomenon frequently found in Monroe County.   The view in the picture above depicts a lane coming to a farm from a main road.  Logically, the lane passes the house and proceeds to the barn and other buildings.  It was frequently the case (although not on this farm) that the lane would be continued to either go to another farm or to provide a road to another village or another main road.  As a result such a road would bisect the cluster of buildings formed by the house, barn, granary, and sheds.  If the utility of such a road was such that it became a permanent public road, the cluster of house and barnyard buildings may be permanently bisected by that public road.  This happened frequently and today many of the old Monroe County farms have a public road running though their barnyard.


Photo taken about 2000


Provided by Dorothy Bayes


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