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A Message from the Past


Does anyone remember carving these initials in this beech tree? If you do, you would need to be about 140 years old! While the author of this message is no longer known the 32-inch diameter (measured 6 feet above the ground) beech tree dutifully trumpets the affection between R.J. and V.D. (or, at least one of them) presumably pronounced on August 20, 1875. This tree continues to stand today in a woods on a farm occupied by Glenn and Dorothy Bayes. Dorothy Bayes is included in the photograph above to provide perspective. The known record of ownership of this farm is:  Joel (1853 – 1928) & Martha Jones (1867 – 1950); then, Homer (1905 – 2003) & Ruth Jones (1906 – 1989); then, Glenn & Dorothy Bayes (both livivg); then Glenn & Dorothy’s son and daughter, Phil & Debbie Tustin & Gary & Kim Bayes.


Photo taken about 2009



Provided by Dorothy Bayes


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