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Thrashing-time near Sardis, Ohio The Thrashing Rig


The John Deer Tractor owned by Dale Riggenbach in the left foreground was the source of power for the thrashing machine. The long belt delivered the power from a belt-drive on the side of the tractor to the thrasher. The location of the rig relative to the barn suggests that the sheaves of grain that were being thrashed may have been stored in the barn and fed to the thrasher from inside the barn. A tubular spout (likely an auger) to the left of the men at the left side of the picture delivered the thrashed grain where it was bagged. The larger tubular spout running from the end of the thrasher, up and to the left into a window in the barn, blew the straw from the process into the barn.


This photo taken were taken at the Homer Jones farm on Calico Ridge, Jackson Twp. Summer 1952


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Provided by Dorothy Bayes


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