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Thrashing-time near Sardis, Ohio Washing up for dinner


Thrashing is hard work. Every job on the rig and in the field bringing in the sheaves is hot and dirty work. Sweat combines with the dust and chaff to form an armor of dirt frequently interrupted by streams of sweat. Dinner-time is not only a break from long hours of hard labor, it is a time to enjoy a sumptuous meal. The wash line is a temporary community facility set up for the occasion and usually has at least two pans or buckets of water. The first bucket of pan is to knock of the gross dirt and soon becomes cloudy to muddy. The second or third wash pan includes soap and allows the men to get clean enough to handle their food. What dirt the pans of soap and water doesnt get, the community towel will.


l to r.  Ross Martie, Homer Jones, Robert Martie, Max Wohnhas, Gary Wohnhas, Thurman Martin, Earl Billiter, girl peeking into the picture on the right is Mary Billiter.


This photo taken were taken at the Homer Jones farm on Calico Ridge, Jackson Twp. Summer 1952


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Provided by Dorothy Bayes


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