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Morrow County 1850 Census Surname Index
Surname/Given Name/Age/Township Abbreviation/Sheet Number
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B*ham Anna (5)                                            TR 419b
B*ham Elipah (28)                                         TR 419b
B*ham Elizabeth (2)                                       TR 419b
B*ham George (4)                                          TR 419b
B*ham Jane (1)                                            TR 419b
B*ham Mary (28)                                           TR 419b
Babcock Harriet (6)                                       SB 526a
Babcock Joseph (54)                                       SB 526a
Babcock Julia (30)                                        SB 526a
Babcock Mary (1)                                          SB 526a
Babcock Perry (47)                                        SB 526a
Babcock Ssarah (5)                                        SB 526a
Backman John (65)                                         NB 397a
Bacon Isaac F. (9)                                        CR 389b
Bacon Loretta H. (2)                                      CR 389b
Bacon Mary (33)                                           CR 389b
Bacon Rolland (36)                                        CR 389b
Badger Asa I. (14)                                        CN 368a
Badger Charles A. (5)                                     CN 369b
Badger Edith (33)                                         CN 369b
Badger Hiram R. (20)                                      CN 368a
Badger James F. (8)                                       CN 369b
Badger John (23)                                          CN 366b
Badger Joseph C. (45)                                     CN 369b
Badger Lewis M. (2)                                       CN 367a
Badger Maria (16)                                         CN 369b
Badger Mary (48)                                          CN 368a
Badger Phebe (12)                                         CN 369b
Badger Robert (39)                                        CN 369b
Badger Sarah J. (26)                                      CN 369b
Badger Sarah (22)                                         CN 367a
Badger William M. (10)                                    CN 369b
Baggs Alexander (13)                                      CH 455b
Baggs Andrew (64)                                         NB 410b
Baggs Andrew (15)                                         CH 455b
Baggs David (10)                                          NB 410b
Baggs Eliza (2)                                           NB 411a
Baggs Eliza (52)                                          CH 455b
Baggs Georg (12)                                          NB 410b
Baggs Isabel (43)                                         NB 410b
Baggs James (16)                                          NB 411a
Baggs James (50)                                          NB 411a
Baggs Jane (50)                                           NB 410b
Baggs John (62)                                           NB 410b
Baggs John (28)                                           CH 455b
Baggs Margaret (7)                                        NB 411a
Baggs Margaret (38)                                       NB 411a
Baggs Martha (8)                                          NB 411a
Baggs Mary (16)                                           NB 410b
Baggs Mary (10)                                           NB 411a
Baggs Sarah J. (14)                                       NB 411a
Baggs Susan (12)                                          NB 411a
Baggs Susanna (19)                                        NB 410b
Baggs Thomas J. (10)                                      CH 455b
Baggs Thomas (7)                                          NB 410b
Bailey Elizabeth (30)                                     PR 427b
Baily Andrew (3)                                          GL 501b
Baily David (30)                                          GL 501b
Baily Esther C. (3)                                       NB 409a
Baily Harriet (13)                                        NB 409a
Baily Henry (25)                                          CH 454b
Baily Increase (40)                                       NB 409a
Baily John (4)                                            GL 501b
Baily Julia (38)                                          NB 409a
Baily Mary (6)                                            GL 501b
Baily Rachel (9/12)                                       GL 502a
Baily Samuel (2)                                          GL 502a
Baily Sarah (29)                                          GL 501b
Bain Amanda (33)                                          CH 452b
Bain Edith L. (8)                                         CH 452b
Bain Elisha (10)                                          CG 468a
Bain Findley (12)                                         CG 468a
Bain Hannah (18)                                          CG 468a
Bain Jane A. (13)                                         CH 452b
Bain Jane (14)                                            CG 468a
Bain John (6)                                             CH 452b
Bain Mary (47)                                            CG 468a
Bain William (17)                                         CG 468a
Baird Almon (19)                                          SB 532a
Baird Comodore (39)                                       SB 525b
Baird Elizabeth (6)                                       SB 525b
Baird Elvira (5)                                          SB 525b
Baird Lucy (9)                                            SB 525b
Baird Mahala (29)                                         SB 525b
Baird Sophronia (13)                                      SB 525b
Baker Adam (21)                                           PR 425a
Baker Adam (6)                                            PR 427b
Baker Albert (9/12)                                        HA 35a
Baker Barbara An (7)                                      PR 427a
Baker Caroline (2/12)                                     PR 427b
Baker Caroline (19)                                       NB 409a
Baker Catharine (18)                                      PR 425a
Baker Catharine (8)                                       CG 474b
Baker Catharine (26)                                      CN 377b
Baker Christiana (26)                                     PR 425a
Baker Christiana (60)                                     PR 425a
Baker Conrad (6)                                          CG 474b
Baker Daniel (17)                                         PR 427b
Baker Daniel L. (14)                                      CN 377a
Baker Eliza (11)                                          NB 397b
Baker Elizabeth (39)                                      PR 427a
Baker Elizabeth (38)                                      PR 427b
Baker Elizabeth (52)                                      NB 397b
Baker Elizabeth (21)                                      CG 474a
Baker Elizabeth (52)                                      CN 377a
Baker Elizabeth J. (2)                                    PR 433b
Baker Esarus (17)                                          HA 41a
Baker Francis (7)                                          HA 41a
Baker George C. (10)                                      PR 427b
Baker George (45)                                         PR 427b
Baker George (20)                                         NB 397b
Baker George (66)                                         CG 471a
Baker Henry (47)                                          CG 474a
Baker Henry (12)                                          CG 474b
Baker Isaac (20)                                           HA 41a
Baker Jacob (9)                                           PR 427a
Baker Jacob (1)                                           PR 427b
Baker Jacob (51)                                          NB 397b
Baker Jeremiah (22)                                        HA 35a
Baker John (50)                                           PR 427a
Baker John (10)                                            HA 41a
Baker John (26)                                           FR 482b
Baker John W. (27)                                        CN 377a
Baker Joseph (2)                                          PR 427a
Baker Lemuel (15)                                         SB 528b
Baker Levi (3)                                            PR 427b
Baker Louisa (14)                                         CG 474a
Baker Lydia (12)                                           HA 41a
Baker Mahlan (4)                                          CN 377a
Baker Margaret (15)                                       PR 427b
Baker Margaret (18)                                       NB 409b
Baker Mary C. (14)                                        PR 427b
Baker Mary (22)                                           FR 482b
Baker Morris (8)                                           HA 41a
Baker Morris (45)                                          HA 41a
Baker Peter (59)                                          PR 425a
Baker Philip (27)                                         PR 433a
Baker Rachael (25)                                         HA 35a
Baker Rhoda (43)                                           HA 41a
Baker Samuel (10)                                         PR 427a
Baker Sarah (5)                                           PR 427b
Baker Sigmund (25)                                        NB 409a
Baker Stephen (25)                                        CN 377b
Baker Susan (9)                                           PR 427b
Baker Susan (23)                                          PR 433b
Baker Susan (14)                                           HA 41a
Baker William (54)                                        CN 377a
Baldwin Adaline (16)                                       PU 67a
Baldwin Alonicus Y. (8)                                   WA 360b
Baldwin Alvira (1)                                         PU 67a
Baldwin Charlotte (6)                                      PU 67b
Baldwin Elijah (45)                                        PU 67a
Baldwin Elijah (4)                                         PU 67b
Baldwin Elijah Sr (82)                                     PU 67b
Baldwin Erastus (51)                                       PU 67b
Baldwin Francis (11)                                       PU 67a
Baldwin James A. (15)                                     WA 360b
Baldwin John (17)                                         WA 360b
Baldwin Lucy (5)                                           PU 67a
Baldwin Mary (43)                                         WA 360b
Baldwin Mary (9)                                           PU 67a
Baldwin Minerva E. (11)                                   WA 360b
Baldwin Mortimer (19)                                      PU 67a
Baldwin Nancy (38)                                         PU 67a
Baldwin Ruth (77)                                          PU 67b
Baldwin Susan (38)                                         PU 67b
Baldwin Thomas J. (48)                                    WA 360b
Baldwin Thomas J. (14)                                    WA 360b
Bale Angeline (18)                                        CH 450a
Bale Henry (57)                                           CH 450a
Bale Henry (14)                                           CH 450a
Bale Lydia (57)                                           CH 450a
Bale Mary (22)                                            CH 450a
Bale Peter (19)                                           CH 450a
Bale Susan (20)                                           CH 450a
Ball Catharine (27)                                       SB 521a
Ball Clayton (2)                                          CH 436b
Ball Elizabeth (21)                                       CH 436b
Ball Iden (1)                                             SB 521a
Ball Iden (44)                                            SB 521a
Ball James (13)                                           SB 521a
Ball Joel (8)                                             SB 521a
Ball John (5)                                             SB 521a
Ball John (28)                                            CH 436b
Ball Leonora (6/12)                                       CH 436b
Ball Preston (11)                                         SB 521a
Balson Elizabeth (41)                                      HA 39a
Balson James (14)                                          HA 39a
Balson Jefferson (6)                                       HA 39a
Balson John (9)                                            HA 39a
Balson Melinda (17)                                        HA 39a
Balson Rachael (4)                                         HA 39a
Balson Robert Jr (41)                                      HA 39a
Balson Sarah (19)                                          HA 39a
Balson Susan (11)                                          HA 39a
Balson William (12)                                        HA 39a
Bamun Edgar (33)                                          NB 404b
Bamun Malinda (30)                                        NB 404b
Bamun Mary C. (3)                                         NB 404b
Bamun Thiripsa (7)                                        NB 404b
Banes Abner (14)                                          CR 380a
Banes Elizabeth F. (17)                                   CR 380a
Banes Joseph (40)                                         CR 379b
Banes Sylva (38)                                          CR 379b
Banes William S. (20)                                     CR 379b
Banett Mary (8/12)                                        WA 354b
Banett Mary (30)                                          WA 354b
Banett Thomas (40)                                        WA 354b
Banghart Abraham (38)                                     CG 463a
Banghart Mary (67)                                        CG 463a
Banker Benjamin (21)                                      CR 394a
Banker Deborah (49)                                        LN 21a
Banker Elizabeth (17)                                     CR 394a
Banker John (64)                                           LN 21a
Banker Margaret (13)                                       LN 21a
Banker Prudence (10)                                       LN 21a
Banner Alfred (27)                                        CH 440b
Banner Ann E. (25)                                        CH 440b
Barber Betsy (51)                                           WF 3a
Barber Charles (25)                                        BE 48a
Barber J.C. (13)                                            WF 3a
Barber J.M. (6)                                             WF 3a
Barber J.W. (17)                                            WF 3a
Barber James (41)                                           WF 3a
Barber Jane (11)                                            WF 3a
Barber L.M. (11)                                            WF 2b
Barber Lilla (17)                                          BE 48a
Barber Lorinda (7/12)                                      BE 48a
Barber Miron (3)                                            WF 3a
Barber N.L. (9)                                             WF 3a
Barger Deborah (30)                                       CG 460a
Barger Esther (13)                                        CG 460a
Barger George (7)                                         CG 459b
Barger George (37)                                        CG 459b
Barger Henry (36)                                         CG 459b
Barger Isaac (5)                                          CG 460a
Barger John (9)                                           CG 460a
Barger John (563)                                         CG 459b
Barger Lydia (35)                                         CG 459b
Barger Mary (6)                                           CG 459b
Barger Mary (1)                                           CG 460a
Barger Rebecca (63)                                       CG 459b
Barger Thomas (7)                                         CG 460a
Bargi Calvin (7)                                          CR 386a
Bargi Elie (19)                                           CR 386a
Bargi Elizabeth (16)                                      CR 386a
Bargi Hannah (17)                                         CR 386a
Bargi Hugh (10)                                           CR 386a
Bargi Hulda A. (5)                                        CR 386a
Bargi Lewis (43)                                          CR 386a
Bargi Mary J. (8)                                         CR 386a
Bargi Morris (15)                                         CR 386a
Bargi Robert (13)                                         CR 386a
Bargi Slocum (12)                                         CR 386a
Bargi Susanna (44)                                        CR 386a
Barham Christian (11)                                     CG 471b
Barham Eli (6)                                            CG 471b
Barham Eliza (4)                                          CG 472a
Barham Elizabeth (13)                                     CG 471b
Barham Ellen (15)                                         CG 471b
Barham Henry (7)                                          CG 471b
Barham Lydia (f)                                          CG 472a
Barham Mary (34)                                          CG 475a
Barham Samuel (43)                                        CG 471b
Barham Stephen (9)                                        CG 471b
Barham Susan (37)                                         CG 471b
Barham Thomas (16)                                        CG 471b
Barham Thomas (39)                                        CG 475a
Barham William (3)                                        CG 475a
Barkman Henry (26)                                        NB 396b
Barkman Mary (17)                                         NB 396b
Barnard Edward (53)                                        LN 25a
Barnard Emily (5)                                          LN 25a
Barnard Lorrany (47)                                       LN 25a
Barnard Lyldia (11)                                        LN 25a
Barnard Mary (19)                                          LN 25a
Barnard Richard (15)                                       LN 25a
Barnard Selah (24)                                         LN 25a
Barnard Susan (12)                                         LN 25a
Barnes Anderson (4)                                        HA 33b
Barnes Benjamin (2)                                        HA 33b
Barnes James (7)                                           HA 33b
Barnes John (13)                                           HA 33b
Barnes John (35)                                           HA 33b
Barnes Mary (31)                                           HA 33b
Barnes Mary (6)                                            HA 33b
Barnes Ross (10)                                           HA 33b
Barnes Sarah (35)                                          HA 33b
Barnes Sarah (2)                                           HA 33b
Barnes Theopilus (10)                                      HA 33b
Barnes William (37)                                        HA 33b
Barnett Abraham (33)                                      TR 419b
Barnett Arlen (2)                                         TR 419b
Barnett Martha E. (5)                                     TR 419b
Barnett Nancey (10)                                       TR 419b
Barnett Peggy (31)                                        TR 419b
Barnett William (18)                                      GL 514b
Barnhard David (1)                                         LN 26a
Barnhard George (7)                                        LN 26a
Barnhard John (4)                                          LN 26a
Barnhard Mary (27)                                         LN 26a
Barnhard Peter (36)                                        LN 26a
Barnhard William (16)                                      LN 26a
Barns Adin (9)                                            CN 363b
Barns Charles C. (24)                                     CN 363b
Barns Christian (13)                                      GL 500a
Barns Eunice (45)                                         CN 363b
Barns Fidelia (6)                                         CR 380a
Barns Franklin (14)                                       GL 504a
Barns Gersham (9)                                         GL 500a
Barns Gershim (58)                                        GL 499a
Barns Hannah (2)                                          GL 500a
Barns Henry (12)                                          CN 363b
Barns John (7)                                            GL 500a
Barns John (43)                                           CN 363b
Barns Mary (15)                                           SB 529b
Barns Nancy (35)                                          GL 500a
Barns Paul (11)                                           GL 500a
Barns Reuben (17)                                         GL 498b
Barns Ruth (73)                                           CR 379b
Barns Sarah J. (4)                                        CN 363b
Barns Sarah (36)                                          GL 499a
Barns Summerton (5)                                       GL 500a
Barns Theophilus (33)                                     GL 500a
Barns Thomas (22)                                         CN 363b
Barns William (4)                                         GL 500a
Barns William (78)                                        CR 379b
Barnum Albert P. (7)                                      WA 361a
Barnum Fidelia A. (1)                                     WA 361a
Barnum Lawyer L. (36)                                     WA 361a
Barnum Olive A. (4)                                       WA 361a
Barnum Royal L. (3)                                       WA 361a
Barnum Saml A. (9)                                        WA 361a
Barnum Sarah E. (11)                                      WA 361a
Barnum Sarah (30)                                         WA 361a
Barnum Susana A. (35)                                     WA 361a
Barr Abigail (14)                                         SB 530a
Barr Allen (53)                                           SB 524b
Barr Anna J. (6)                                          TR 419a
Barr Daniel (5)                                           SB 524a
Barr Eliza (35)                                           SB 523a
Barr George (20)                                          SB 524a
Barr Hannah (22)                                          SB 524a
Barr Harrison (18)                                        SB 524a
Barr Ira (7)                                              SB 524a
Barr Jacob (14)                                           SB 524a
Barr James (49)                                           SB 524a
Barr James (9)                                            SB 524a
Barr John (64)                                            TR 419a
Barr John (40)                                            SB 523a
Barr John (14)                                            SB 524b
Barr John S. (10)                                         TR 419a
Barr Margaret (17)                                        SB 530a
Barr Maria (9)                                            SB 530a
Barr Mary (44)                                            SB 524a
Barr Mary (20)                                            SB 524a
Barr Nancy (43)                                           SB 530a
Barr Nancy (5)                                            SB 530a
Barr Philena (13)                                         SB 523a
Barr Rebecca (48)                                         SB 524b
Barr Robert A. (4)                                        TR 419a
Barr Robert (53)                                          TR 419a
Barr Sarah (41)                                           TR 419a
Barr Sarah (12)                                           SB 530a
Barr Wesley (15)                                          SB 523a
Barr Wilber (9)                                           SB 523a
Barr William R. (12)                                      TR 419a
Barret Minor (22)                                         CG 460b
Barret Nancy (16)                                         CG 460b
Barrett Emma (36)                                          BE 54b
Barrett Lorinda (1)                                        BE 54b
Barrett Mary (15)                                          BE 54b
Barrett Reuben (52)                                        BE 54b
Barrett Smith (8)                                          BE 54b
Barrett William (4)                                        BE 54b
Barrington Thomas (15)                                    GL 496b
Barrows Mary (32)                                          BE 55a
Barrows Orville (30)                                       BE 55a
Barry Elisha (62)                                          WF 12a
Barry Joshua (13)                                          WF 12b
Barry L.W. (16)                                            WF 12a
Barry Martha (25)                                          WF 12a
Barry Sarah (67)                                           WF 12a
Barry Sarah (18)                                           WF 12a
Barry Yelverton (14)                                       WF 12a
Bartholomew Chester (28)                                    WF 4a
Bartholomew James (10)                                      WF 4a
Bartholomew Minerva (6/12)                                  WF 4a
Bartholomew Nancy (2)                                       WF 4a
Bartholomew Sarah (28)                                      WF 4a
Bartlett Abner M. (7/12)                                  CR 384a
Bartlett Abner M. (34)                                    CG 462a
Bartlett Ann (32)                                         CH 452b
Bartlett Ann E. (6)                                       CR 384a
Bartlett Bryant (11)                                      CH 452b
Bartlett Daren (17)                                         WF 8b
Bartlett Drusilla (1)                                     CG 462a
Bartlett Emaline (15)                                       WF 8b
Bartlett Flora (2)                                        CH 452b
Bartlett George V. (33)                                   CH 452b
Bartlett Grancin (6)                                      CH 452b
Bartlett Hannah (18)                                        WF 8b
Bartlett Harriet N. (4)                                   CR 384a
Bartlett Henry (11)                                         WF 8b
Bartlett Hugh M. (7)                                      CH 452b
Bartlett Jerusha (65)                                       WF 9a
Bartlett Joel R. (30)                                     CR 384a
Bartlett John (17)                                        GL 514b
Bartlett John (6)                                         CG 462a
Bartlett Julietta (4)                                     CG 462a
Bartlett Lafayett (20)                                    CH 455a
Bartlett Lester (45)                                        WF 8b
Bartlett Lester (2)                                         WF 8b
Bartlett Lorenzo (7)                                        WF 8b
Bartlett Loretta (4)                                        WF 8b
Bartlett Lorinda (16)                                       WF 8b
Bartlett Louisa (10)                                        WF 8b
Bartlett Margaret E. (5)                                  CH 452b
Bartlett Mary E. (28)                                     CR 384a
Bartlett Obedience (65)                                   CG 462b
Bartlett Robert (10)                                      CG 462a
Bartlett Sarah (31)                                       CG 462a
Bartlett Sarah (31)                                       CH 452b
Bartlett William (37)                                     CH 452b
Bartley Temperance A. (20)                                WA 359b
Bartlow Ann (11)                                          CR 379b
Bartlow James (36)                                        CR 379b
Bartlow Mahala (13)                                       CR 379b
Bartlow Malissa (4)                                       CR 379b
Bartlow Maria (32)                                        CR 379b
Bartlow Mary (8)                                          CR 379b
Bartlow Ruth (10)                                         CR 379b
Bartlow Sarah F. (1)                                      CR 379b
Barton Elzy (37)                                          GL 511b
Barton Flora (3)                                          GL 511b
Barton Helen (9)                                          GL 511b
Barton Nancy Ann (32)                                     GL 511b
Barton Victoria (12)                                      GL 511b
Barton Walter (5)                                         GL 511b
Bashan Mary J. (29)                                       NB 412b
Bashan Stephen (17)                                       NB 412b
Bashan Susan (68)                                         NB 412b
Bashford James (21)                                       WA 354a
Bashford John M. (25)                                     WA 354a
Bashford Joseph (19)                                      WA 354a
Bashford Joseph (64)                                      WA 354a
Bashford Margaret (67)                                    WA 354a
Bashford Robert C. (33)                                   WA 354a
Bashford Sarah (17)                                       WA 354a
Bashford William (23)                                     WA 354a
Baskins Abner B. (49)                                     NB 403a
Baskins Abner K. (14)                                     NB 403a
Baskins Ann (43)                                          WA 352b
Baskins Arminta (1/12)                                    WA 352b
Baskins Bersheba (6)                                      NB 403a
Baskins Clark J. (8)                                      NB 403a
Baskins David W. (11)                                     NB 401a
Baskins Elizabeth (20)                                    NB 403a
Baskins Elizabeth (39)                                    NB 401a
Baskins Elizabeth (52)                                    NB 401a
Baskins Francis (10)                                      WA 352b
Baskins Francis (54)                                      NB 401a
Baskins Francis M. (10)                                   NB 403a
Baskins George (16)                                       WA 352b
Baskins George (83)                                       NB 401a
Baskins George (40)                                       NB 401a
Baskins George K. (21)                                    NB 403a
Baskins George W. (18)                                    NB 401a
Baskins Hannah (3)                                        NB 403a
Baskins Hubbard D. (2)                                    NB 401a
Baskins Jacob (18)                                        WA 352b
Baskins Joseph (16)                                       NB 403a
Baskins Joshua (4)                                        WA 352b
Baskins Martin B. (4)                                     NB 401a
Baskins Mary A. (12)                                      NB 403a
Baskins Mary (42)                                         NB 403a
Baskins Rachel D. (17)                                    NB 403a
Baskins Rachel (14)                                       WA 352b
Baskins Rachel (17)                                       NB 401a
Baskins Rebecca (19)                                      WA 352b
Baskins Rosatha J. (3/12)                                 NB 401a
Baskins Susan (6)                                         WA 352b
Baskins Thomas (8)                                        WA 352b
Baskins William (45)                                      WA 352b
Baskins William (12)                                      WA 352b
Baskins William (6)                                       NB 401a
Bassinger Barbara (35)                                    NB 400a
Bassinger Catharine (3)                                   NB 400a
Bassinger John (2)                                        NB 400a
Bassinger John (40)                                       NB 400a
Bates 61 (m)                                              FR 477b
Bates Aloin (2)                                           FR 493a
Bates Ashly (2)                                           FR 493a
Bates Calvin (26)                                         FR 477b
Bates Caroline (12)                                       FR 477b
Bates Charles (8)                                         FR 477b
Bates Charles (4)                                         FR 493a
Bates Dallis (5)                                          FR 493a
Bates Eldridge (22)                                       FR 478a
Bates Elizabeth (2)                                       FR 493a
Bates Keziah (26)                                         FR 477b
Bates Margaret (10)                                       FR 477b
Bates Mary (21)                                           FR 493a
Bates Mercy (50)                                          FR 477b
Bates Orsan (21)                                          FR 477b
Bates Oscar (3/12)                                        FR 478a
Bates Ralph (3)                                           FR 477b
Bates Rufus (27)                                          FR 493a
Bates Rufus (28)                                          FR 493a
Bates Susan (18)                                          FR 478a
Bates William (17)                                        FR 477b
Bauer Ann E. (6)                                          PR 434b
Bauer George (37)                                         PR 434b
Bauer Hannah (33)                                         PR 434b
Bauer Lucy (8/12)                                         PR 434b
Bauer Oswald M. (3)                                       PR 434b
Bauer Sarah M. (9)                                        PR 434b
Baughman Abijah (1)                                       PR 422b
Baughman Francis W. (59)                                  PR 422b
Baughman Henry B. (30)                                    PR 422b
Baughman James (9)                                        TR 419b
Baughman Josias (25)                                      PR 422b
Baughman Mary A. (25)                                     PR 422b
Baughman Mary C. (4)                                      PR 422b
Baughman Mary (56)                                        PR 422b
Bawhauser Jedidah (10)                                    PR 434a
Bawhauser Lysia (31)                                      PR 434a
Bawhauser Peter (35)                                      PR 434a
Bawhauser Sylvester (3)                                   PR 434b
Bayer Alfred (1)                                          SB 524a
Bayer Elenor (21)                                         SB 524a
Bayer John (29)                                           SB 523b
Bayly Elizabeth (21)                                      SB 522a
Bazell Matilda (55)                                       GL 498a
Beacon Amelia (20)                                        PR 433a
Beard Charles (21)                                         BE 53b
Beard Eliza (39)                                           BE 53b
Beard Hetty (17)                                           BE 53b
Beard Jeremiah (84)                                        BE 51b
Beard John (2)                                            CN 372b
Beard Loisa (11)                                           BE 53b
Beard Lucinda (15)                                         BE 53b
Beard Margaret (8)                                        CN 372b
Beard Mary (18)                                            BE 51b
Beard Nancy (33)                                          CN 372b
Beard Peter (35)                                          CN 372b
Beard Rebecca (4)                                         CN 372b
Beard Reuben (45)                                          BE 53b
Beard Rhoda C. (12)                                       CN 372b
Beard Samantha (9)                                         BE 53b
Beard Timothy (49)                                         BE 51b
Beard William (10)                                        CN 372b
Beard William (58)                                         BE 51b

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