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Library Holdings
Morrow Co Books

Historical Program Morrow County Centennial 1848-1948
Morrow County, Ohio Reprint from Henry Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio
First Baptist Church of Mount Gilead, Ohio Resident Membership List April 1963
History of the Baptist Church
100th Anniversary of First Baptist Church 1853-1953 (2 copies)
First Baptist Church of Mt. Gilead, Ohio Directory,1925 donated by Wilma Lepore
First Baptist Church of Mt. Gilead, Ohio Directory,1981 donated by Wilma Lepore
First Baptist Church of Mt. Gilead, Ohio Directory,1988 donated by Wilma Lepore
Morrow County, Morrow County Centennials Sept. 8-15, 1974 By Morrow County Centennials Committee
Home At Last Is The Hunter By W.H. (Chip) Gross
The Kodak Mt. Gilead High School, October and November 1912: January, February, March, April, December 1913: January, February, March 1914
Mount Gilead Public School Course of Study, Rules, Regulations 1911 (3 copies) By Superintendent and Board of Education
Robinson Directory 1987
Sparta, Ohio, 70th Anniversary of Sparta School 1923-1993 and History of South Bloomfield By Cathy Newsome and Carma McIntee
Quakertown, Ohio "A Rich Heritage" by William Replogle
Morrow County Surnames: Ordination and Spellings compiled by Stan Sipe
Morrow County Communities, Neighborhoods, and Post Offices 19th and Early 20th Centuries Compiled by Stan Sipe
Morrow County Miscellaneous History of Education Before 1940 Compiled by Stan Sipe
Mt. Gilead Christian School Yearbooks: 2000-2002; 2007-2011
Atlas, 1857,1871,1901
Atlas, 1999
Marion/Morrow County: Ebenezer Burt, Justice of the Peace. Notes on his family
Morrow County, Plat Directory
Morrow County, Transfer Book 1848
Original Land Owners
Original Land Owners, Alphabetical
Morrow County, Ohio History Books, 1880, 1911, 1989
Morrow, Delaware, Union County History 1895
Indexes to 1880 History by Davis and Conant 2 books
Index to Morrow, Delaware, Union County History by Ruhl
Long Ago But Not Too Far - That's My Story by Geneva Kunze Brown
Silent Bell, by Mosher
Night Train on the Freedom Line by Mosher Vol. 1,2
Lest We Forget by Mosher
Morrow County, Ohio Henry Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio
Marengo, My Hometown by Fuller
Morrow County, History of Morrow Co., Railroads, Schools by Lyons
Chester Township, Various Records in Township Hall
Chesterville, Ohio Listing of All Known Veterans buried in Maple Grove Cemetery by Chuck and Donna Gleason Treisch
Morrow County, The Shadow of Bloom Grove, Warren G. Harding in His Times by Francis Russell
Johnsville School History 1885-1985
North Bloomfield Twp. Justice Dockets and Officer Bonds, Court Records
History of Johnsville by Velva Morgan
Perry Township Trustee Records
Cemetery Books, Tombstone Inscriptions Vol.1 thru Vol. 6 by Chapter
Records of Registration - War Veteran Graves 1841 through 1993
Various Obits by Warner and Conant
Death Book 1908-2001 Index by Chapter
Early Death Records 1856, 1857, 1869-1879 by Chapter
Early Death Records 1880-1889 by Chapter
Early Death Records 1890-1899 by Chapter
Early Death Records 1900-1908 by Chapter
Death Index 1908-2001 by Brenna Hobson Budd
Out-of-County Deaths for Morrow Co. Residents 1968-2001 by Chapter
Ohio Ghost Towns, Morrow County #34
Morrow County Church Books
Edison United Methodist Charge: Boundary, Denmark, Edison
Morrow County Earliest Churches 1800's-1940's by Chapter
Morrow County, Funeral Home Books, Curl 1,2,3 Harry Jacobs 1, Craven 1,2
Early Birth Records 1856, 1857, 1869-1908 by Chapter
Birth Record Book 1909-1983 by Chapter
Morrow County Marriage Index 1848-1951 Vols. 1 - 11 by Chapter
Morrow County Will Index 1848-1926
Various Birth records from newspapers by Warners
Morrow County Marriage Licenses 2007 by Warners
Morrow County Obituaries 2007 by Warners
Various Obituary records by Marge Coning
Morrow County, Revolutionary War Veterans by Maxine Marshall
Morrow County, World War II Honor Roll by Manning
Calendars, Historical Society
Know Your County Officials by Morrow Co. Township Assoc.
Cardington Lincoln Alumni 1877-2000 donated by Dorothy Fisher
Alum Creek Friends Meeting donated by Deanna Ralph
Alum Creek Friends Church Cemetery 1816-2004 by Wm. RePlogle
Peru Twp.: A Quaker Section of the Underground Railway by W. Siebert
Peru Twp.: Benedicts, A Family Album
Peru Twp.: History of Peru Twp. by Aaron S. Benedict
Peru Twp.: Alum Creek Friends Meeting
Yearbooks, Cardington, Highland, Mt. Gilead and Northmor Schools
Yearbooks, Marengonian 1939 & 1941
Morrow County, Washington Township High School (Iberia) Yearbooks 1926-1930
Stories We Tell Our Children About Iberia, compiles by Dorothy Predmore. Donated by Betty Meier.
Morrow County, Edisonians Yearbooks 1934, 1936-1939, 1941-1942
Cardington-Lincoln High School Alumni Directory and Updates
Morrow County Directories
Morrow County, Northern Harmony Twp. Early Private Landowners 1805-1840 by Vincent J. Brown
Morrow County Will Book 1848-1926 by Chapter
Morrow County, County Home Records 1871-1986 by Chapter
Looking Back, History of Johnsville Community and One Room School by Velva Morgan
Memories: This I Remember, The Mervin sisters and Maple Dell Farm by Velva Morgan
Morrow County, I Fell in Love Every September by Dorothy Scott
Missionary Federation Minutes Secretary Records 12/1/1915 through 6/19/1979 and 7/1963
Morrow County, First Baptist Church 100th Bldg. Anniversary
Morrow County, Ohio Denmark Methodist Episcopal Church History Donated by Betty Bennington
Morrow County, Denmark Unite4d Methodist Church Celebrating 100 years 1908-2008. Donated by Betty Bennington
Morrow County, Ohio Historical Program 1848 � Centennial 1948
Morrow County, Ohio Centennials Sept. 8-15-1874
Morrow and Richland Counties, The Ohio Historical Review
Morrow County, Blowing In The Wind, Life and Ministry of Rev. Harry V. Young
Morrow County, Depression, Drought, Tuberculosis by Marilyn Sipe Tharp

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