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Brinkers in Medina County

The Brinkers in Medina are pretty much all cousins to some degree to each other. The Brinker family came from Pennsylvania in the 1800s. They owned land and did a lot of living around Chatham; which just happens to be the dear little town I grew up in. My paternal grandma was Brinker and she married a Norris. The Norris' moved to the area around the 1910s-1920s and lived around the border of Medina - Wayne counties; Lodi - West Salem. They had lived previously for about 20-40 years in Wayne Co., West Virginia [Huntington area]. Prior to that about 40 years or so in Lawrence Co., Ohio [Ironton]; and prior to that Virginia. The Brinkers came to America in the late 1600s and several direct ancestors were in the American Revolution and their direct descendants have been accepted in DAR & SAR. Chatham Cemetery in Chatham is loaded with Brinkers; as is Hazzard and West Salem Cemeteries in and near West Salem. I have written a 35 page history of my Norris family and a 114 page history of the Brinkers.

Submitted by: Paula Talbert

Brinker History from the History Books

The following is from the
History of Medina County and Ohio.; page 800:

Chatham Biographical Sketches

"WILLIAM BRINKER; farmer; P.O. Chatham Center; born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., Aug. 18, 1816; son of George and Mary (Wimble) Brinker. George was a son of Henry, who was a son of Jacob, whose ancestors were from Germany. To George Brinker was born a family of fourteen children, twelve of whom grew to the years of responsibility. Their names were Jacob, Elizabeth, Henry, George, Abram, William, Margaret, Simon, Isaac, Jesse, Mary and Lewis. Of those living are Henry and Jesse, in Marion Co.; Simon, Abram, Lewis and Margaret, in Westmoreland Co., Penn.; Isaac, in Dakota Territory; and William, in this township. The father of Mr. Brinker was born in Northampton Co., Penn., Jan. 5, 1781; his wife, Mary, was born Jan. 15, 1788. William came West with his parents to Wayne Co. at 21 years of age. Nov. 7, 1839, was married to Mary Rice, who was born in June 1819, in Wooster; daughter of Peter Rice, who was a son of Frederick. Peter Rice was married to Elizabeth Vandyke, and by her had ten children, nine of whom grew up -- Frederick, Susannah, Mary, Eliza, Anna, Sarah, William, Harriet, Fannie. Of those living are Mary, Eliza, Mrs. William Hendee, of Michigan; Sarah, Mrs. William Inman, of Wellington; Harriet, Mrs. James Hilman, of Sullivan, Ashland Co.; Fannie, Mrs. Green, of Missouri. Elizabeth Vandyke was a daughter of William, to whom were born five sons, four of whom came to maturity. Elizabeth had one brother in the war of 1812, his name was William. After Mr. and Mrs. Brinker were married, they located in Ashland Co., and lived there until spring of 1848, when he came to this place. He first purchased 65 acres of land, for which he paid $8 per acre. This land was a portion of the "Porter tract." Two years later, he added 66 acres more, for which he paid $17 per acre. A portion of his land had been in the course of the "windfall," which saved him no little labor in clearing up his land. Mr. Brinker is one of the one self-made men of the township; beginning poor, he has, through his own resources, accompanied by the assistance of his companion, secured a farm of 206 acres. Of eight children born him, five are living, viz., Leah A., Irvin A., Curtis W., Frederick S., Sylva E., all residing in the township. All of the family are members of the Congregational Church, Mr. Brinker having been identified with a church organization since 21 years of age."

The following is from the History of Medina County & Ohio.; page 872:

Harrisville Township Biographical Sketches

"MOSES A. MIHILLS, farmer and stockraiser; P.O. Lodi; is among the worthy young farmers and representative stockmen in this township; was born Sept. 29, 1846; a son of William L. and Caroline (Frost) Mihills; he was born in Canada Nov. 15, 1816; son of Moses, to whom were born a family of ten children -- William L., Washington, Norris, Uriah, Darius, Sylvester, Charlotte, Mary E., Alice and Amanda. To Aaron Frost were born Caroline, Harriet, Matilda, William, John; by Mr. Frost's second marriage were born Aaron, Rosetta, Charlotte, and Sarah. William L., the father of our subject, came West in 1839; first located in Chatham, where he lived until 1847, when he purchased 50 acres in this township, where Moses now lives. To him were born four children --Merick A., now a manufacturer at Painesville; Merib A., in Ashtabula Co., the wife of William Main; Lee K., now in Osborne Co., Kan., and attorney at law. Moses A. was reared to farming, and has always remained on the farm. Nov. 29, 1866, married Elizabeth Brinker, born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., Jan. 17, 1844; daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Poorman) Brinker; her father's name was Jacob Poorman, to whom were born Leonard, Jacob, Elizabeth, Catharine, Margaret and George. To Jacob Brinker were born George, Catharine, Henry, Mary, Elizabeth R., Abram, Sarah C., John S.; all living but Abram and Sarah. The family came West in 1856, locating in Chatham Township. Jacob Brinker was killed in July, 1876, being 67 years old. His wife now resides in Ashland Co. with her children. Since Mr. Mihills' marriage, he has been a resident of the farm; has 161 acres of land. Since 1875, has been engaged in breeding and raising high-grade and thoroughbred short-horns and Berkshire swine. His cattle are known as the Woodland herd, and he is doing what he can to encourage the introduction and growth of fine stock in his township and county. Mr. Mihills' brother Merick was a Lieutenant in the 178th O.V.I., and served through the greater part of the war. Mr. Mihills is enterprising, and deserving of success. He has two children -- Ida M., born July 9, 1869, and Lyman U., born Sept. 13, 1872. Mr. M. is a Republican and a worthy citizen of the township."

The following is from the Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion. 1861-1866: Vol. VII: 87th - 108th Regiments - Infantry.; page 479:

"Company I; 102nd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry -- Mustered in 6 Sep 1862 at Covington, KY., by P.H. Breslin, Captain 18th Infantry, U.S.A. Mustered out 30 Jun 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee, by John T. Morris, Captain, and A. C. M. 1st Division, 4th Army Corps."

The following is from the Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion. 1861-1866: Vol. VII: 87th - 108th Regiments - Infantry.; page 479:

102nd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Three Years' Service
"This Regiment was organized at Mansfield, O., in August and September, 1862, to serve three years. It moved by rail to Covington, Ky., September 4, 1862, and was engaged in the defense of that city against General Kirby Smith. After about two weeks of duty it was sent to Louisville, Ky., and participated in the defense of that city against General Bragg, and joined in the pursuit of his army October 15, 1862. The Regiment started for Nashville September 21, 1863, where it remained about six months. On the 26th of April, 1864, the Regiment was transferred to Tullahoma, Tenn., where it guarded the railroad from Normandy to Decherd until the 6th of June. The Regiment then moved across the Cumberland Mountains to Bellefonte, Ala., arriving on the 10th of June, continuing its march to Dodsonville, where it was employed on the defense of the line of the Tennessee River from Stevenson to the foot of Seven Mile Island, a distance of fifty miles. During the summer the Regiment had frequent engagements which the enemy. On the 23d of September about four hundred men of the Regiment were ordered to re-enforce the fort of Athens, Ala., and on the 24th lost a large number of men killed and wounded, the remainder being captured and sent to Cahaba Prison. After being paroled the prisoners were placed on board the ill-fated steamer Sultana, and, as near as can be ascertained, seventy perished in that disaster. The Regiment was engaged at the seige of Decatur, Ala., October 26, 27, 28 and 29, 1864. After the siege it was frequently engaged in sharp and severe skirmishes with the enemy. It was mustered out June 30, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn., in accordance with orders from the War Department."

My ancestor from Medina Co was in this unit. Submitted by: Paula Talbert

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