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Joseph Loomis

Submitted by Karen Holverson

Descendents of Joseph LOOMIS in America and His Antecedents in the Old World
revised by Elisha LOOMIS PHD.1908 Berea,Ohio

Son of John and Agnes LOOMIS



b1590. Eng. d.11-25-1658 Conn.U.S.

Sailed to America from London 4-11-1638 on the ship Susan and Ellen arrived at Boston 7-17-1638.

Arrived in Windsor abt.8-17-1639.He brought with him 5 sons and 3 daughters. Married Mary WHITE, 6-30-1614 dau. of Robert and Bridget(ALLGAR),d.8-23-1652

Deacon John LOOMIS b.1622 Essex,England,d.9-1-1688. Sailed to America from Ipswich,Eng. 4-1634, Landed in Ipswich,Mass. Married Elizabeth SCOTT,dau. of Thomas and Ann SCOTT,2-3-1648-49, b.1625 d. 5-7-1696

Sergeant Daniel LOOMIS,b.6-16-1657, Farmington Ct. d.6-25-1740.d.6-25-1740. Married #1Mary ELLSWORTH 12-23-1680 ,dau. of Sergt.Josiah and Elizabeth (Holcomb)Ellsworth; 2nd m.7-9-1713, widow Hannah DRAKE

JOSIAH LOOMIS, b. November 28, 1684, Windsor, CT; d. 1754, Simsbury, Hartford,CT. Married ELIZABETH KELSEY, January 22, 1707/08. Had 6 children.

Francis LOOMIS,b.6-12-1726, Simbury,Co., d.1783 married Elizabeth PINNEY,Had 8 children.

Loren LOOMIS ,b.10-2-1747 d. ??m. Elizabeth (Stockbridge Mohigan maiden) Stockbridge, Mass. Had 5 children.

Rivera LOOMIS b..1784

Mary LOOMIS, b.1788

Eunice LOOMIS, b..1794 m. Runah RANSFORD d.3-3-1862 Machias, N.Y., children, 1. Solomon, 2. Carl, 3. Matilda, 4. Henrietta

Levi LOOMIS, B.11-6-1801 (Berkshire Co.)Mass., d.6-26-1836 at Scotch Ridge Ohio m. Pruda PARKER STEADMAN b.12-1805, d.Scotch Ridge,Oh. 4-2-1875 Her 2nd. marriage Geo. KELLOGG, They had 8 children: George W. b.3-12-1823, Betsy, b.7-1824 m. Eli COLVIN, Caledonis,Mich., Dudley, b.2-1886, Loren Levi, b.7-26-1889, Malinda, b.4-1830,m., Samuel MIER, Webster, Ohio, Almira, b.1831 d. 1865 m. John FORREST, Marietta, b.5-7-1833 d.? ,m. Thomas Jefferson STILLWELL, William, b.1-27-1835, d.2-17-1836

Robert LOOMIS.b.4-11-1799 Mass.d.11-2-1891 Liverpool, MEDINA CO, OHIO, Ruth DAVIS wife#1, 8-20-1816 (b. 1798 d.5-14-1871). Charlotte Octavie Pardee Hausman 2nd wife married Robert LOOMIS 12-31-1881 b. d. Had 1 child, Robert LOOMIS Jr.b. 1881 d.?married. He served in the War of 1812 Had 13 children. - He outlived all but 2.

Rozilla LOOMIS b.8-3-1818, d. ??m. 7-3-1884, Philio French

Levi LOOMIS b.4-24-1820 d.?married?

Melvin LOOMIS b.3-1-1822 d. ?married Eliza MERRILL

3 children

Loren LOOMIS b.1857 d.? in Wi.married?.

Phoebe LOOMIS b.1860 d.?married?

Orvilla LOOMIS b.4-11- 1829 d. 8-9-1872, married May 7,1850, Sidney Downey

Freeman LOOMIS b.4-27- 1826 d.3-16-1851 married?

Phoebe Jeanette LOOMIS b. 6-5-1832 d. 11-24-1886 married Humphrey Thompkins 10-27-1858 Had 2 children

Ruth LOOMIS b.7-3-1834 d.8-10-1836

David N.LOOMIS b.10-3- 1835 d.12-31-1862 U.S. Army Stone River

The battle of Stones River (also called Murfreesboro) was fought as the first step in a campaign, led by Union General Rosecrans and afterwards by Union General Sherman, that ended in Sherman's March to the sea in Georgia and split the South's defenses in half. It was not an easy path and, at at several points, including Stone's River and the Chickamauga, more agressive action from the Southern Army under General Bragg might have resulted in the destruction of Rosecran's Army.

Stones River was fought just west and north of Murfreesboro, Tennessee begining on Dec 30 1862 and ending in Bragg's pull-out to the south Jan 3 1863. This battle along with the earlier battle at Shiloh proved men of valor on both sides would march and fight without disasterous retreating. Battle losses at Stones River were a staggering 24,000 men out of 12,900 of 41,000 for the Union and 11,730 of 34,739 for the Confederates. The battle began with both Armies trying to roll up their opponents left wing which resulted in a Clockwise rotation wherein Union General Hazen's stand became the center of rotation. Basically the Confederates were stopped from destroying the Union Army by Hazen's stand and the adroit placement of Artillery along the railroad leading back to Nashville. I will leave it to wiser men to describe the battle fully and explain why the South lost the battle. The best account, in my opinion, is "No Better Place to Die" by Peter Cozzens. I believe that was a line spoken in true poetic style by Irish-born Patrick Cleburne, a Conferderate General, to one of his peers upon viewing the beautiful landscape around Murfreesboro before the battle began, of which freeways and construction have erased much. It still is a beautiful town and maybe Cleburne would repeat himself although, to the west of Murfreesboro lies Franklin, Tennessee where a couple of years later Cleburne actually did die, is perhaps "a better place to die" nowadays.

Ann Eliza LOOMIS b. 8-12-1837 d. 4-2-1869 Ovid, Mich. married Jasper Allison JONES who died 11-1863 U.S. Army

Truman LOOMIS b.12-4-1824 Ohio d.3-21-1897 Wi. married Nancy ROBBIN b.8-25-1829 Vermont.d.10-2-1909 Sauk Co. Wi. Their children:

Loren LOOMIS b.1857 m.Alice

Laura LOOMIS b. 3-11-1867

David LOOMIS b.1866 d.1868


Phoebe LOOMIS married WARNE

Emerson LOOMIS ,b.7-15-1859, d.4-29-1909 married Julia PORTER THAYER, 10-31-1880 b.7-9-1862 d.5-26-1926

Their son my very precious Grandfather;

Wren Daniel LOOMIS b.8-29-1890 d.12-9-1969 married Effie Mariel ALFORD BARTLETT 4-3-1912. b. 8-29-1893 d.2-10-1987

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