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Epidemics in Medina County, OH

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On February 28, 1998

Here is a partial list of epidemics that have hit Medina County. The local Health Department is checking to see what they can find. This list is taken from "The History of Medina County and Ohio" published in 1881 by Baskin and Battey.

1833-34 Asiatic Cholera
1839-40 Dysentery
1853-54 Dysentery
1852 Small Pox
1855 Varioloid
" Small Pox
1843-44 Malignant Erysipelas
1848 Malignant Erysipelas
1859 Diptheria
1863-65 Cerebro-spinal meningitis

Variolia is another name for small pox and erysipelas is a contagious skin disease according to the Old Disease Web site;

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