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Queries: October thru December 1996


DULL posted by Janice Taylor on Thursday, October 3, 1996

Ellen DULL died 14th Nov 1916 in Van Wert Co. According to her daughter she is buried in Rockford, Mercer Co., Ohio. I need a birth date and I need to know what cemetary she is buried in.

BONE, STALBAUM, TEBOE posted by Lee Robertson on Monday, October 14, 1996

James Lewis BONE b 27 Nov 1880, child of Daniel Lewis BONE and Nancy Jane TEBOE and Marie Paulene TEBOE b 2 Feb 1897 dau of Alexander TEBOE and Mary STALBAUM, were both born in Darke Co. as well as other children. Some of the decendents still live in Darke Co., as well as Greene Co., and Mercer Co., OH. I would like to hear from any one working in these lines. I have lots to share.

HEMMELGARN posted by Cathy Stefiuk on Sunday, October 27, 1996

I am looking for information on the HEMMELGARN history, more specifically the children of Bernard Joseph and Gertrude HEMMELGARN. Perhaps someone knows the address of St. Francis RC Church, possibly in or near Minster? I am looking for a birth or baptism record of my great-grandfather, Charles HEMMELGARN, born about June 30, 1876 or 77.

HEMMELGARN posted by Cathy Stefiuk on Sunday, October 27, 1996

I am in need of the names and/or addresses of Roman Catholic churches that were around in the 1870-1880 in Gibson Twps., Cranberry Prairie,and Burkettsville. Also is there a St. Francis Church in any of these places? Need birth record of Charles HEMMELGARN. Any help would help me. Thanks.

MOHRMAN, TANGEMAN posted by Anne Tangeman on Friday, November 1, 1996

My ggg grandfather and ggg grandmother came to America in 1830. At least that is the time frame, my sister and I have right now. They settled with their family in Mercer Cty., Ohio where our gg grandfather, Andres Johnnas TANGEMAN, was born on 21 Jan 1833. His parents were Johan Gerhard and Anna A MOHRMAN TANGEMAN. The family moved to Clayton Cty., Iowa in 1847, perhaps earlier. There is a story about the family leaving behind a son named Henry because the parents felt they could not feed all of the children. I would like to find out exactly when and how the TANGEMANs got to Mercer Cty, Ohio. And the port they came in at and the ship name. I am interested in knowing if there were other Germans in the area that they settled in and if so, is that why the TANGEMANs went there? Also, did they own land in Mercer Cty., Ohio? I will be glad to share the info I have. Thanks.

BUSCHOR, SCHWIETERMAN posted by Liz Schwieterman Whitley on Tuesday, November 5, 1996

All SCHWIETERMAN family decendants!! Many individuals have been keeping track of different branches of this great and large family that settled in Mercer County. From the orginal family... John Herman Arnold SCHWIETERMAN and Mary Cathrine BUSCHOR, and their first son Gerhard (all born in Germany) and then 8 children born in Mercer Co., more than 1300 people are decendant from this couple. They came in 1937. And in 1997 we would like to combine all information and locate all relations for an up-to-date family history and family tree. Please spread the word and update your family by sending your family info. Full name (incl. maiden name and parents of spouse) birthdate and place (city, county, state, or country) same info for children. Marriage date and place. Death date and place. For reference, please list parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. This is to aid in listing you in the correct branch.

LENARTZ, LENORD, PRICE, WEIS posted by Penny Weaver on Tuesday, November 12, 1996

WEIS and LENARTZ (or LENORD, etc.) in Mercer County from at least 1850. Possibly earlier. G-g-grandfather Joseph WEIS and wife (Mary) Christiana LENARTZ were members of St. Joseph Catholic Church; Victoria (Twp.?). Had 11 children; a possible brother was Nicholas WEIS. Looking for any info. Mercer Co. records not too plentiful for me. Have checked Mercer Co. history: a son, Joseph, helped settle Coldwater - 1st mayor; another son, T.A., was a Mercer Co. auditor late 1880's. My g-grandfather was son of John H. WEIS who married Isabell (Nellie) PRICE. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

MCDOWELL, STUDEBAKER posted by Steve Lowery on Monday, November 18, 1996

Descendants of Samual McDOWELL (1770-1853) and Mary (STUDEBAKER) McDOWELL (1778-1853).

HAY posted by Dave Hay on Friday, November 22, 1996

Have verbally traced paternal ancestry back to a "William Lovebury HAY" who resided in the Celina/Coldwater areas in the early 1900s. I have visited the county but cannot find any info.

BLAIR, EDWARDS posted by Kathleen Blair on Monday, December 2, 1996

William Charles BLAIR born Abt 1878 - died in Martins Ferry, OH (1955 ?) m. Alice Marcia EDWARDS (from IL.) Moved to Martins Ferry around 1900 from Cambridge, OH. He was either the Mayor of Cambridge or the Sheriff, don't know which. Contact:

EMANS posted by Terry Couts on Monday, December 2, 1996

I have lots of information, hard copy and in the computer on the Walter EMANS family. I am very willing to share this information with anyone wishing to have it, provided they share any marriages, deaths, births, divorces, wills, etc. with me about this family. Walter EMANS was born just outside of Mendon, Ohio. He moved to Van Wert county in the 30's or 40's. He had many relatives that have remained in the Mercer County area. Again, I have loads of information I am willing to share with anyone willing to provide me with family history.

ANDERSON, MICHAEL, ROBESON posted by Tom Robeson on Monday, December 23, 1996

Looking for parents of Allen Pierson ROBESON born in Paulding Co., OH, in the mid 1800's died in Lucas or Wood Co., OH, in @1940's he married Sarah Jane MICHAEL of Paulding Co. She died in Convoy, Van Wert Co., OH, @1950's. To this union was born Noah Franklin ROBESON born 1888 in Paulding Co., OH, and Nellie Robeson. Noah Franklin ROBESON b. 1888 Paulding, Paulding Co., OH, d. 1944 Van Wert, Van Wert Co., OH, married Goldie May ANDERSON b. 12-15-1891 Mercer Co., OH, d. 12-16-1992 Van Wert, Van Wert Co., OH. To this union were born Norma Lodema, Mildred May, Helen Iona, Francis Ilene, Vera Joan, Franklin Pierson, and Noah Junior ROBESON.

BLACKETER, STEWART posted by Mike Milburn on Sunday, December 29, 1996

Descendants of Vincent Y. BLACKETER and Lucinda STEWART, married 9-19-1832 in Mercer Co., Ohio, please

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