Summit Township

Summit Township

Summit Township was organized on June 4, 1850, containing 23 acres. It is bounded on the North by Seneca Township and Malaga Township. It is bounded on the East by Center Township. It is bounded on the South by Wayne Township and Franklin Township. It is bounded on the West by Franklin Township and Seneca Township.

Professor Andrews, in the Geological Survey of Ohio, says, "This township is well named. It is located upon a very high ridge from which the water flows into Will's Creek on the northwest and west, into Sunfish Creek on the east, and into various tributaries of the Little Muskingum on thesSouth. A hill on the land of George Feiock, which is located one-half mile Southwest of the Village of Lewisville, is one of the highest points in Monroe County. It is 130 feet above the upper seam of coal and it is about 350 feet above the lower seam of coal which is found on the South fork of Will's Creek. Some coal has been mined on the land of William Smith in 1880 and had been taken to Woodsfield.

A stratum of iron ore, nine inches thick, was found on the land of J.R. Fisher on Sunfish Creek -- said land being located North of the land of William Smith. It is believed that it is about 50 feet above the Woodsfield Evans seam of coal."

Ephraim Rucker and Mollie McBrides were the first settlers in Summit Township. Mr. Rucker came from Virginia and Miss McBrides came from Pennsylvania. Mollie McBrides settled North of Lewisville and this settlement was known as Mollie's Garden. Mr. Rucker settled in the Western part of Summit Township. These first settlers built the first cabins around 1814 in Summit Township. Other early settlers were as follows: James Benson, Michael Crow, William Craig, Philip Cline, Edward Coulter, John Hamilton, Jacob Wise, David Ayers, Ephraim Dearth, Thomas Scott, James Allen, Robert Smith, Thomas Allen, Henry Benson, Barak Fisher, Alexander Ferrel, Robert Stewart, John McBrides, Robert Hannahs, and Hugh Henderson, These early settlers came from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

The first election was held in Lewisville on September 7, 1850. There were as many voters in the township at this time as there were in 1880. The first vote was cast by Lemuel Rucker. Michael Crow and George W. Watson were elected as the first Justices of the Peace for Summit Township although Mr. Watson had been elected as a Justice of the peace in Center Township before Summit Township was organized. Other officers which were elected for Summit Township at this time were as follows: Barnet Mann, Trustee; John H. Ayers, Trustee; Jacob H. Hamilton, Trustee; Isaac Barnhart, Assessor; William Milligan, Treasurer; and Philip Weber, Constable.

Francis Allen built the first grist mill about one and one-half miles North of Lewisville in 1830 -- being a horsepower draft mill. A man by the name of Mr. Miller built a water grist mill (known as Baker's Mill) about two miles Northeast of Lewisville on Sunfish Creek in 1835. Ephraim Rucker built a sawmill thereabouts three miles West of Lewisville on the headwaters of Will's Creek in 1835.

A school was taught by Philip Cline in 1825. This school was located about two and one-half miles Northwest of Lewisville and there were 30 scholars in attendance. The school was a subscription school and it was of primitive style. The subscription rates were as follows: For a term of three months -- $1.50; For a term of 26 days to one month -- the rate, generally paid with corn, was 18 cents per bushel of corn.

The first postoffice, called the Shannon, was located in the Southwestern part of Summit Township. The name of the postoffice was later changed to Lecompton. The only other postoffice in Summit Township was located in Lewisville.

The Baptists held the first religious services at the home of John Hamilton in the Northwestern part of the Township. The Presbyterians organized the first society in 1830. They erected a log building in 1853, later tore it down, and then erected a frame on the same site. This structure was remodeled in 1881. This church was known as the Buchanan Presbyterian Church and Reverend McCandlas was the first minister. Among its first members were Mr. and Mrs. William Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. William Pickens, Mr. and Mrs. James Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper, and Mrs. and Mrs. Archibald Cooper. The Episcopal Methodists organized the second church on the headwaters of Will's Creek. Reverend Leeper was the first minister and among the first members of this church were Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wise, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Wise, and John Dearth. This church was known as the Wise M.E. Church. There were five churches in Summit Township in 1880. They were as follows: The Presbyterian Church, two Evangelical churches, one German Methodist church, and one English Methodist church.