High School Dynamite Vol 1. No. 3. Woodsfiled, Ohio, March 31 1919. Col 2


The number of Alumni over seas is gradually decreasing and we are glad that it is. The Alumni have been well represented and a great many are still over there. Some of the boys of the Alumni still over there are:

Clark Williams1907
Davenport Mooney1908
Nova Smith1910
Crawford Cronin1910
Clyde Menkel1912
Ward Parry1912
Oscar Dickey1912
Lieut. Chancey1913
Wilfred Stewart1913
Homer Mellott1913
Harold McCammon1913
Philip Keyser1913
Leo Burkhart1913
John Weisend1913
Willis Timberlake1914
Calvin Keyser1915
Walter Feldner1915
Of those who have returned are;
Capt. Ewing Thornbery1908
Harold Ferguson1909
Arthur Staudt1911
Roy Pugh1911
Phillip Pollock1915

As far as we know only one of the Alumni has given his life- Lieut. Earl Thornberry from near Jerusalem died with the influenza some time in November.