World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing

Monroe County: World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Ohio, 1946
Transcribed by:
Mary Ann Hetrick
September 28, 2009
From images at:
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
WWII Army Casualties: Ohio

From the War Department Report June 1946
The long number following the name is the selective service number, rank, type of casualty,
KIA=killed in action
DOW=died of wounds
DOI=died of injuries
DNB=died non-battle
FOD=finding of death


Last NameFirst NameSerial NumberRank Listed
Austin Linus J 0-669947 1 LT FOD
Bobbs Carl 35760074 PVT KIA
Briggs Lawrence J 35760072 PFC KIA
Burkhart Herman J 15323229 PFC DOW
Butler Raphael C 35400517 PFC KIA
Caldwell Clifford F 35758804 PVT DNB
Decker Harold D 35415103 PFC KIA
Di Girolomo Albert 3538804 PFC KIA
Givens Donald R 0-733636 1 LT DNB
Graham George R 16013456 PVT DNB
Harper Frank N 15322614 PVT KIA
Howell Chester L 35888087 PVT KIA
Jeffers Floyd F 35405017 T SG KIA
Kinzy Robert C 35754486 PVT FOD
Klay Floyd H 0-790254 1 LT KIA
Liniger Harry L 35886692 TEC4 DNB
Mann Roy E 0-827869 1 LT DNB
Mastrantonio Ezio G 35623347 SGT DNB
Miller Hubert C 35762575 PVT DNB
Morris Russell A 35419941 PVT DOW
Morris Wilbert O 35614445 PVT FOD
Murphy William H 0-006835 COL KIA
Moser Clyde E 35750706 PFC KIA
Norris John 35610988 PFC KIA
Paulus Fred A 35758806 S SG FOD
Pfalzgraf Paul E 2065821 2 LT DNB
Piatt Charles R 35238314 PFC DNB
Piatt Harry E 35279706 SGT KIA
Piatt Herber E 35847467 PFC KIA
Potts Cecil 35611057 PFC DOW
Potts Clayton R 35415087 PFC M
Reed John W 35400507 SGT DNB
Ritchie John H 35227993 PVT KIA
Ritchie Kenneth L 35628268 PFC DNB
Romick Floyd M 35037219 S SG FOD
Stauffer Laverne P 35843335 PVT KIA
Stenger Adam J 38031537 SGT KIA
Stephen Garold M 35001686 PFC FOD
Stephen James W 35003295 SGT DOW
Stewart James G 35419944 PFC DNB
Strickling Kenneth A 6988120 T SG DNB
Taylor Elvie G 1318250 1 LT KIA
Truax Chester E 35279704 SGT KIA
Vankirk Charles H 35835352 PVT DOW
West Lindsey W 35614407 CPL DNB
Wheeler Paul R 35750693 T SG KIA
Willis Wilfred R 35001695 Tec5 DNB
Wright Ralph N 35415116 S SG KIA