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Save the Booher Homestead!!

The old homestead of John & Elizabeth Booher of Wayne Twp., Montgomery County, Ohio. John built this homestead ca. 1814-1817. Date is really unclear. It is one of the oldest homes still left in Montgomery County, Ohio. The homestead was used for different businesses over the last 40-60 years. It is now empty and in danger of being destroyed. John Booher is one of the original pioneers of Wayne Twp. He and wife are buried in "Old Shearer Cemetery". .I did find a reference that the main home (5 rooms) was built in 1817. The other additions are later on.

The place has huge potential, has a BIG dinning area that could be made into a Library and a place to meet. It is a big place that could accommodate a museum also. A big parking place also. Beautiful grounds that could be turned into a garden. Could be made into a "working" museum/Library. Could have weddings there to make money to run it. There is so much that can be done to it. It is really selling cheap for the 5 acres that it sits on.

Information and pictures contributed by: Michael Reck

Anyone interested in helping in any way please contact me at I am working on setting up a Foundation for that purpose, getting the place deemed a Historic Site and starting a petition to save it.  

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Information and pictures contributed by: Michael Reck






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