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Anthony Barthelmy married Emily Ligier Sept. 27, 1860; married by John Schiff, St. Mary Church, Dayton, ohio.

Married the 15th Feb. 1829, Michael Hay and Christina Crull; also on the 20th January 1829 George Wagoner and Elizabeth Burkwalter; also on the 14th March 1829 Benjamin Miller and Betsy Bowser; also on the 29th March 1829 Henry Crul and Nancy Bowser; also on the 5th April 1829 David Ullery and Susannah Shively by me, David Bowman.

Married on the 23 April 1829 Joel Sharrit and Mary Hon, by me, George Rowe, J.P.

Married on the 25th Dec 1829 John Miller and Rosanna Dorethe Tett(Lett?) by me John Folkerth, J.P.

Married on the 21st January 1829 Richard Hughs and Sarah Roberts by me, John Folkerth, J.P.

Married on the 19th February 1829 Phillip Studibaker and Rosannah Warner by me, Dutchman.

Married on the 4th April 1829, David Hulse and Margaret Shepherd by me, Joseph H. Brown? Bowson? J.P.

Married on the 30th April 1829 James H. Jones and Mary Ann Iddings by me John Folkerth J.P.

Married on the 21st May 1829 Jeremiah Tritt and M.B. Bassett by me David Winters, M.G.

Married on the 12th May 1829 Frederick Kimmerling and Catharine Hultry by me George Rowe, J.P.

married on the 4th April 1829 John Rattiff (Ralliff?) and Nancy Snider by me Henry Hatfield J.P.

Married on the 12th February 1829 William Coulter and Sarah Lytle by me William Dixon

Filed April 1, 1841 Joel Sharits and Susannah Russel married April 6 1841 by Philip Kellar, J.P. J. Sharits, sworn

John Harris and Elizabeth Foreacre married on 4 April 1841 by John Burnett, J.P. John Patz present

Westley Mooney and Martha Clemer married April 6 1841 by Wester(?) Davis, M.G. David Clemer, her father, present

George Pease and Mary Ann Baume April 6 1841 by me David Winters, M.G.

Philip L.G. Lambkin(?) and Elenor Weaver April 15 1841 by Jos. Patterson J.P. George Weaver present, father of Elenor and certif of George Cumberlin the father of Philip filed

Oliver Kittredge and Lucretia George April 6 1841 by Ethan Allen, Rector Christ Church, Dayton

Marriage of Abraham Bowman to Mary Ellen Ryan, married 7th day of September 1863 by Rev. J. L. Stirewall(?)

Marriage of Lewis E. Ryan (Rhine on the records) to Florence Gunckel, married 21st day of September 1882 by J.S. Swain, Minister of the Gospel

Marriage of Daniel Bartimay and Emma E. Hull, married 14th day of October 1880 by ME Pastor of Grace Church, William S. Hypes

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