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35th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
 Official Roster of the Soldiers
 of the State of Ohio
 War of the Rebellion, 1861-1866

Submitted by:  Lisa Hoffman 

Field and Staff:  Mustered in Sept. 24 1861 at Camp Hamilton, Ohio, by P.H. Breslin, Captain 18th Infantry, U.S.A.  Mustered out Sept. 27, 1864, at Chattanooga, Tenn., by William G. Wedemeyer, 1st lieutenant 16th Infantry, U.S.A.

Ferdinand VanDerveer, Colonel age 38
Charles L.H. Long,  Lt. Colonel age 33
Henry V.N. Boynton , Lt. Colonel age 26
Joseph L. Budd,  Major age 31
Perkins A. Gordon, Surgeon age 39
Francis D. Morris, Surgeon age 30
Charles O. Wright, Asst. Surgeon (no age listed)
Abraham H. Landis, Asst. Surgeon (no age listed)
George B. Wright, Adju'nt age 24
James H. Bone,  ADju'nt age 27
James E. Harris, Adju'nt age 20
John VanDerveer, R.Q.M age 24
John Woods, Chaplain age 24
Joshua C. Hoblet, Chaplain age 24
Benjamin F. Clark, Sergeant Major age 21
John Adams, Ser. Maj. age 18
Lucius B. Potter, Ser. Maj. age 18
Joseph F. Saunders, Q.M.S. age 19
Martin Betz, Q.M.S. age 22
George W. Leitch, Com. Ser. age 20
Joseph S. Claypool, Com. SEr. age 23
Lorenzo Brown, Com. Ser. age 26
Samuel Hart, Hos. St'd age 43
Mordecai T. Cleaver, Hos. Std. age 29
William H. Bussard, Prin. Mus, (no age given)
Clark J. Castator, Prin. Mus, age 18

Company H.
Mustered in Sept. 9, 1861, at Camp Hamilton, OH.

Michael Gunckel, Captain, age 42
Samuel Martindale, Captain, age 31
Theodore D. Mather Captain, age 21
David W. Shaeffer, 1st Lieut. age 35
John Giller, 1st Sergt., age 26
William B. Campbell, Sergeant, age 22
Richard Miller Sergeant, age 15
John A. Ladd, Sergeant, age 28
Edward S. Weakley, Sergeant, age 19
Andrew Bell, Sergeant, age 21
William Britton, Corporal, age 19
David Huber, Corporal, age 20
James Gunckel, Corporal, age 18
Abiah Z Hoffman, Corporal, age 19
John Wesley, Corporal, age 19
Andrew J. Hetzler, Corporal, age 21
Martin Miller, Corporal, age 40
Joseph Speitel, Corporal, age 24
John G. Schmeltzer, Corporal, age 19
William H. Buzzard Musician, no age given

Alfred Amlin, Private, age 25
Ayres, James. M., Private, age 19
Antrim, George W., private, age 18
Bradford, Henry A., private, age 20
Brown, Elmore H. private, age 36
Bear, CArlton, age 22
Bear, John P, age 19
Billmire, Charles W., age 17
Castator, David, age 20
Castator, John, age 18
Castator, William, age 18
Cotter, John, age 34
Coleman, George F., age 23
Christine, Benjamin, age 44
Covens, Barney, age 25
Clenzy, Joseph, age 23
Christine, Simon, age 18
Deardorff, Wilson P., age 20
Earhart, George W., age 19
Earhart, John, age 18
Earhart,  William, age 26
Erisman, Abraham, age 27
Evans, John H. age 24
East, William M., age 22 also served  Company E, 131 OVI prior; discharged on medical disability
Emrick, Daniel P., no age given
Emrick, Henry S., age 18

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