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Montgomery County, Ohio

July 1999

ARCHER, David, born 31 Dec 1783, died 8 Jan 1844, buried Sugar Creek Baptist Cemetery, Centerville, OH.  Wife named Jane.  Children: Mary Ann, married Aaron BENHAM; William, married Eliza NUSKELLY/MISKELLY; Elizabeth, married Joseph COTTERILL; and Catherine Jane, married Joseph COTTERILL.  Who were David's parents?
Submitted by Lucille Wattles on 7/3/1999
Query posted Saturday, July 03, 1999 by Lucille Wattles

Trying to determine if ANDREW PARSONS who died in Dayton in 1848 is the father of BALDWIN PARSONS who was born in 1820 in Darke County Ohio.
Submitted by Curtis B. Parsons on 7/3/1999

MARQUARDT, Jr. Peter-looking for information on this individual or family memebers.  He was born on 18 July 1850 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH to Peter Marquardt, Sr. & Justine ??  He married Katie E. Rehms and had three children that I know of : Emma G.(b. 1878) , Minnie May (b. 2 Sept. 1879), and Katherine.  Peter died on 17 December 1928 in Sturgis, Union Co., KY.
Submitted by Peter Marquardt on 07/07/1999

Submitted by Cherie Smith on 7/10/1999

I'm looking for anything related to Nathan SILVER, born 1749 in NJ who moved to KY abt. 1807, then OH by 1810.  His sons were Aaron,John;Nathan,Jr.;Joseph Clark;and Robert.  He had two daughter, names unknown.
Submitted by  Beth Smith in 7/11/1999

Looking for names of spouse and siblings for:

James Finley WELLS, b. 1823, OH; d. 1901, Dayton, Montgomery, Co., OH.

He was a son of Silas and Elsie (SKINNER) WELLS.
Submitted by Peggy Riggs Kopp on 7/11/1999

Looking for the surname MOONEY.  I know from her obituary that Martha Jane Mooney was born near Dayton, OH.  b: 22 Sep 1844.  She married David Morris, 24 Dec 1863 in Rush County, IN. AFter 1870, they lived and died in Shelby County, IN.  I can't find any Mooneys anywhere, so any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Submitted by Jill Knitl on 7/11/1999

Submitted by Kay Altenburger-DeWitt on 7/11/1999

I am looking for all information I can find on Adam SAUL and his family.  His wife's name is Mary Ann Emerick Saul.  Adam had one brother, Conrad Saul.  Their father is Samuel Saul.  Samuel's wife is Barbara Linkert Saul.  Samuel and his wife came over from Germany, believed Hesse-Kassel.  Adam and Mary Saul had 10 children.  Their son Archibald Dalton Saul is my grandfather's father.  Adam and Mary have one grandson that I know of that lives in OH today.  He's a first cousin to my grandfather and looks just like him!  The other nine children were:  Carson D K Saul, Sallie Albirdie Saul, Joseph Oliver Linkert Saul, Nelson Saul, Delilah May Saul, Daisy Elgevia Saul, Adam Bertram Saul, Mary Annabelle (Saul) Frazier, and Bessie Leona (Saul) Godwin.

Mary Ann Emerick's parents are Henry C. Emerick, bd 25 Sept 1814 in OH, and Fanny Nauman, bd 6 Feb 1823 in PA.  Henry and Fanny were supposed to have married 11 Dec 1837 in Montgomery Co OH.  Henry and Fanny Emerick's children are: John Emrick, Abraham Emerick, Sarah Dinah (Emerick) Beard, Peter Oliver Emerick, Fanny Ellen (Emerick) Harshbarger, William Emerick, and, of course Mary Ann.

Does any of this sound like your family?  If so please email me so we can get information exchanged.  Thank you.
Submitted by Susan Turnbull  on 7/15/1999

Looking for Herbert Raymond Falls Died in May of 1975
in Montgomery, Ohio
Submitted by James Falls on 7/18/1999

I recently pulled this information together for a distant Whiting cousin, and thought I would post it for anyone interested in Montgomery Co, Ohio Whitings:

1. Hiram Whiting (son of Frederick Whiting and Nancy Ann Harris) b.1821 in Clermont County, Ohio
+ Elizabeth Grossnickle b. Abt. 1821 in Clermont Co, Ohio, m. 21 Aug 1845 in Clermont County, Ohio
2i. Frederick Whiting b. Jun 1847 in Clermont Co, Ohio, d. 5 Apr 1928 in Montgomery Co, Ohio
+ Laura Cooper b. Sep 1851 in Ohio, d. 28 May 1930 in Montgomery Co, Ohio, m. 1 Jan 1867 in Clermont Co, Ohio
3i. Lucinda Whiting b. 1 Apr 1868 in New Lebanon or Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio, d. 9 Jan 1935
+ George Stouder b. 2 Oct 1865, d. 3 Dec 1937 in Covington, Miami Co, Ohio, m. 31 Jan 1891 in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
4i. Elizabeth Stouder
3ii. Calvin Whiting b. Oct 1878 in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
3iii. Clarence Whiting b. Feb 1884 in Ohio
+ Hettie b. 1885 in NY, m. Abt. 1907 in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
3iv. Perry Whiting b. Abt. 1876 in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
+ Carry b. Abt. 1870 in Ohio, m. Abt. 1900 in Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
4i. Kenneth W Whiting b. 1905
4ii. Dorothy C Whiting b. 1907
3v. Hiram Whiting b. Nov 1871 in Wayne Twp, Clermont Co, Ohio
+ Sarah A. b. Aug 1873 in Ohio
4i. Edwin E Whiting b. Sep 1895 in Ohio
2ii. Mary Whiting b. 1848 in Clermont Co, Ohio
Submitted by Teresa Whiting on 7/20/1999

Searching for descendants of Richard Folkuth and Geneva Oatman of Dayton, Montgomery co. OH.
Submitted by Stanley Odell on 7/21/1999

GEYER, LESLY, CAYLOR- I am looking for any information on a John Geyer married to a Catherine Lesly on June 8, 1843 in Montgomery Co., Ohio.  I had also found out that he was married twice, I believe his first marriage was to a Phoebe Caylor in 1840.  This family (John and Catherine) had 12 children, 2 or 3 of whom I believe was born in Ohio.  Any information at all on any of these 3 people (such as deaths, births, marriage's, etc.) would be of great help.  I am trying to locate exactly where my ggg-grandfather (John Geyer) was born in Virginia at, and cannot do this until I can find out more about his 2 wives and families...  Thank you.
Submitted by Lori Geyer-Kime on 7/21/1999

searching for descendants of Neville Oatman of Centerville and Dayton, Montgomery co Ohio.
Submitted by Stanley Odell on 7/24/1999

Looking for info on a ULUS HUGHES or any relatives .He apperantly died in Dayton in '59,and he was in the military.He was born in Dothan,Alabama,around 1926.
Submitted by Jeff Waggoner on 7/25/1999 

Searching for descendants of Eugene Oatman of Centerville, Montgomery co, OH.
Submitted by Stanley Odell on 7/26/1999

Looking for a Charles Wilson that was born about 1840 and supposedly lived in Red Oak.  Father was George B. Wilson and mother was Maria Butler.
Submitted by Chuck Swanson on 7/27/1999

Have tons of info on Oblinger surname, including a family book and index over 135 pages.  Will gladly share info.
Submitted by Joe Oblinger on 7/28/1999

I would like to find some (reasonably) persuasive evidence of the relationship (or non-relationship) between the Emanuel and Elizabeth (SCHUSTER) SPOHR family and the William and Lizzie (KIRCHNER) SPOHR family.
Emanuel was born 9 MAR 1827 in Germany.  He immigrated to Dayton, Ohio about 1852.  He died 11 APR 1901 in Dayton, Ohio.  His wife was Elizabeth SCHUSTER (daughter of Christina), born about 1833 in Germany, died 2 JUL 1890 in Dayton, Ohio.  Their children were:
Charles, born 26 JAN 1870 Dayton, married Laura POLSON 20 OCT 1891 in Dayton, died 15 FEB 1935 Dayton.
Frederick, born 8 SEP 1855 in Dayton, married Charlotte HESCH about 1877, died 16 DEC 1927 in Dayton.
Eliza, born about 1857 in Dayton, died 22 APR 1871 in Dayton.
Emanuel, born 4 JAN 1859 in Dayton, married Margaret ENGLE 13 JUL 1880 Montgomery Co. Ohio, died 20 MAR 1920 Dayton.
Mary, born 19 APR 1860 Dayton, married Lewis H. HESCH 19 JUN 1881 Montgomery Co. Ohio, died 12 SEP 1914 Dayton.
Frank, born 28 MAR 1862 Dayton, married Margaret, married Rachael SATTLER 7 AUG 1881 Dayton, married Edith BRANKER 28 MAR 1900 Montgomery Co., died 5 MAY 1926 Dayton.
William, born about 1864.
Clara, born 5 JUL 1866 Dayton, married Frank GARD 29 SEP 1885 Montgomery Co., died 29 DEC 1922 Dayton.
Louis, born 15 JUN 1868 Dayton, married Emma STILWELL 19 JUL 1892 Montgomery Co., married Ernestine Diebold 16 APR 1925 Montgomery Co., married Ida May REUBER 13 APR 1932, died 15 JAN 1937 Dayton.
Andrew, born 18 MAR 1873 Dayton, married Marietta POLSON 21 MAR 1893 Montgomery Co., died 5 OCT 1931 Dayton.
Christian, born 17 MAR 1879 Dayton.
The William SPOHR in whom I am really interested was born about 1864 in Dayton, and married Lizzie KIRCHNER 23 SEP 1886 in Dayton.  So, he could be the William son of Emanuel and Elizabeth, but I can't find any really good evidence - just a few tantalizing hints.
Submitted by L.L. Mann on 7/31/1999


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