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Benj Styles


No. 2220
In the Matter of
Benj Styles

The State of Ohio, Montgomery County} SS
We the undersigned do make Solemn Oath, that we
will truly, honestly, and impartially, appraise the
Estate and property that may be Exibited to us, belonging
to the Estate and property of Benjamin Stiles Deceased, and perform
the other duties required by law of us in the premises
as Appraisers ?C, according to the best of our
knowledge and ability} Josiah Sownes
Samuel Sears
John Hirley

Sworn to an subscribed before me this first day
of December 1849 Wm Crosley J. P.

We the undersigned, Appraisers of the Estate and
property of Benjamin Stiles Deceased, after being duly
Sworn, have made an inventory and Appraisement
Thereof ?C as follows_ _ _ _

one chopping axe .75
adz and hatchet 1.00
2 augers 1 ½ and 2 inch .87
one drawing knife .50
square and rule 1.00
one hand saw 1.50
one joiner plane 1.00
jack and fore plane 1.00
one lever watch silver 15.00
one pair of fine boots .50
one pair of course boots .37
one lot of old clothes 1.00
four coats 2.00
pantaloons and vest .75
(copy ends here)

Page 2

A bill of the property sold by George Moore Administra
-tor of the estate of Benjamin Stiles deceased at
Public vendue December 1st 1849

one umbrella Aaron Harris 1 07
one chipping axe Richard Neil 50
foot adze James B. White 76
hatchet Eleazor Williamson 54
2 inch auger James B. White 62
1 ½ inch auger Jefsee Stith 42
drawing knife Aaron Harris 40
square Benjamin Hoblet 72
two foot rule Jefsee Enos 48
handsaw James B. White 1 68
1 jointer plane Aaron Harris 1 37
fore plane Jefsee Enos 1 01
jack plane Benjamin Hoblet 44
one silver watch Eleazor Williamson 18 50
pair fine boots Samuel Boram 50
course boots do 10
lot old clothes do 1 80
one coat do 1 26
one do William Boram 1 00
one do Samuel Boram 50
one do Samuel Boram 10
pantaloons & vest Joseph Reeder pd 1 12
hat Samuel Boram 50
contents of trunk do 26
two shirts do 32
note books William Boram 29
life of Merrian Samuel Boram 38
columbian orator Aaron Harris 18
shaving apparatus Samuel Boram 54
suit of fine clothes William Boram 15 00
one trunk Jefsee Enos 1 52
do Samuel Boram 1 71

Pg 3
I certify the above to be a correct sale
bill Josiah Sownes Clerk

The State of Ohio Montgomery fs
I Geo Moor Administrator of
she estate of Benjamin Stiles deceased
so make solemn oath that the
sale bill herein contained is a correct
statement and bill of sale
of the property of the Estate of Benjamin
Stiles deceased in all respects
to the best of my knowledge and
Belief George Moore

Sworn to and subscribed before me
This 21st day of Jany 1850

(the following appears sideways)

Inventory & Appraisment
of the Estate and property
of Benjamin Stiles late
of Montgomery Co deceased
Also Bill of sale
of said property
Filed by George Moor
Administrator & O

Filed Jan 23rd 1850
???? Clk
By John F. D?das

Recorded Book R
page 208

Submitted by: Linda Boorom

Katy Hestand
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