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Will of David C. Schaeffer

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I David C. Schaeffer, of Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio, to make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.


Item 1.   I direct that all my debts be fully paid.

Item 2.  I direct that all my personal property go to and vert absolutely in Elizabeth Gennette.

Item 3.  I give and devise to Mary Shepherd, the residue of the proceeds of the sale of my real estate after said proceeds have been applied toward the payment of my costs of administration of my estate and the payment of by debts.  My real estate consists of lot no. 30, as the same is known and distinguished on the plat of Germantown, Ohio, and this real estate I direct and will to be sold and the proceeds applied toward the payment of said costs and my debts and if anything is left over, that residue shall go to and vest in said Mary Shepard; said Mary Shepherd resides at or near Ft. Payne, Alabama, and is the grand daughter of Elizabeth Gennette, but said Mary Shepherd shall take according to this will whether she resides at Ft. Payne or not, as the residence is simply given as a matter of identification.


Item 4  I direct that part of my personal estate be sold

Item 5  I hereby appoint without bond, Elizabeth Gennette as by Executrix to carry out this my last will and testament.  My said executrix shall have the authority and power to proceed according to law in the probate court of Montgomery County, Ohio, sell said real estate  and have said court to adjunct the liens and claims against my said estate and in all ways fully settle my said estate.  My said executrix shall pay the residue of the proceeds of the sale of my real estate after paying costs of administering my estate and aftr pying my debts, to said Mary Shepherd, if any such residue there be.


In witness wherof I have herunto set my hand this 18th day of November 1899.


David C. Schaeffer.

Submitted by: Lisa Hoffman

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