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Served from August 25, 1814, until February 26, 1815.
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Captain Martin Shuey
Lieutenant Christopher Sranfe
Ensign George Sranfe
Sergeants John Confer, Robert McKee, Lewis Sranfe, Levi Williams 
Corporal Jeremiah Bateman, David Lamm, Robert Meper, D. McCord, Alvin Richison
Drummer John Lypcap
Privates Antonides, Vincen;  Baker, Burget; Barker, Joseph; Battrick, William; Boal, John; Camler, David; Cavin, George N.; Chiviller, Charles; Curry, Josiah; Davidson, Abraham; Depriest, Charles; Ensey, Dennis; Fields, Reuben; Frakes, Nathan; Gable, Daniel; Glenn, Thomas; Grubb, Daniel; Heaton, Joseph; Hurley, Connell; Rasche, John; Rodder, John


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