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Next meeting January 14 at 1 p.m. See details below.

Our chapter was formed in 1974 to create and promote interest in collecting, indexing, preserving and publishing material on Montgomery County, and to assist individuals in tracing their ancestry and in compiling family and local histories by means of lectures, educational classes, and the Chapter's Family Tree newsletter.

Regular chapter meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. The location for each meeting varies and is included with the announcement under Upcoming Programs below.

Current News

Dayton Metro Library's Genealogy Room Has Moved
The Dayton Metro Library at 215 E. Third Street in downtown Dayton is currently undergoing reconstruction. The Genealogy collection has been moved to a temporary location at 359 Maryland Avenue. The Special Collections and other archives have been moved to temporary storage. Here is the current website for the Genealogy Center, which lists their hours and other details: Genealogy Collection at 359 Maryland Avenue, Dayton.

Germantown Cemetery Book
Work is continuing on the new book containing burial records from Germantown Cemetery in Jefferson Township. Formerly called Germantown-Union Cemetery, the site is located on State Route 725 in Germantown, Ohio. The book, scheduled to be published in the first quarter of 2017, will be up-to-date with burials through the end of 2016 and will be fully indexed.

Upcoming Programs

Saturday, February 11 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

The Story of Dayton: From the Founding to the Industrial Boom & Beyond
Speaker - Jim Charters

The Story of Dayton is defined by its people. Soon after the Treaty of Greenville was signed, hardworking individuals started moving to Dayton in pursuit of the American dream. A unique blend of innovators, inventors and dreamers filled with unmistakable optimism contributed their energy and talents that eventually turned a wilderness with a few log cabins into a city of a thousand factories.

  Years have passed and with the decline of heavy manufacturing, Dayton’s businesses have diversified into more of a service economy that includes healthcare, education and aerospace innovation to name a few. That said, manufacturing still has a role to play in the future; a future that will be defined by its people.

  Everyone in attendance will receive one free adult pass to Carillon Park.

Jim Charters is a spokesperson for Dayton History and has made presentations to numerous organizations about significant historical events and individuals from the Dayton area. He volunteers as an interpretive guide at Carillon Park and Hawthorn Hill. In 2013 he received Carillon Park’s “Volunteer of the Year” award. Jim was born in Dayton and graduated from Chaminade High School and Ashford University. After a career with Illinois Tool Works (ITW), he returned to the Dayton area (Washington Township) to enjoy retirement, traveling and volunteering. He volunteers as a tutor at Centerville High School and Magsig Middle School. In addition, he performs on stage as an actor with the Tipp City Players and Dayton History.

RESCHEDULED FROM JANUARY: Saturday, February 25 at 1 p.m.
at the Vandalia Library
330 S. Dixie Drive, Vandalia

Lineage Society Applications
Speaker - Garry Knight

This presentation will concentrate on completing a lineage society application focusing on First Families and Settlers & Builders of Montgomery County, Ohio.

What is a lineage society? What are the requirements to join one? How do you join one? What is the application process? How do you fill out the application? What supporting documents can I use to support my application? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed during the presentation.

Many people can be intimidated by the application and the process, but it is really much simpler than it appears. It does take work, but it can be a rewarding experience that validates your research. The presentation will cover the new lineage society applications for the Montgomery County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society and how to complete them. A brief review of the lineage society requirements and rules, the most common types of supporting documentation and the most common issues with submitted applications will also be covered.

Our speaker, Garry Knight has been researching his family history since 1995. He is a member of First Families of Montgomery County, Ohio. He is the current chair of the Lineage Society Committee and Vice President of the Montgomery County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

Saturday, March 11 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Speaker - Karla Huebner

This presentation will a brief overview of the major types of genealogical DNA testing, their uses, and the companies that offer them in the US.

Karla Huebner, who received her Ph.D. in the History of Art and Architecture from the University of Pittsburgh, and her M.A. from American University in Washington, DC, has been actively researching her family since the early 1990s. Her involvement with DNA genealogy began with the research question "Who were Mama's grandfathers?" These men had left behind little more than names and DNA. Through a combination of DNA testing and old-fashioned sleuthing, Karla and her family were able to identify both men and ultimately take one family back to 17th-century Germany. On her father's side, DNA has revealed that Karla's great-grandmother was descended largely from a Finnish minority group that settled in southeastern Norway around 1600. Karla enjoys helping other genealogists and is one of the leaders of our DNA Interest Group.

Saturday, April 8 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

The Ohio History Connection - a Repository of Genealogical Records
Speaker - Liz Plummer

The Ohio History Connection in Columbus, Ohio is a rich treasure trove of genealogical and historical documents including: vital records, state government records, books, letters, diaries,  photographs, newspapers, maps, and so much more. Our speaker, Liz Plummer will discuss how these resources and the staff at the Ohio History Connection can enhance your genealogical research.

Elizabeth (Liz) Plummer is the Outreach Reference Archivist a the Ohio History Connection, Columbus, Ohio.  She has 18 years of experience helping genealogists find those important records at the Ohio History Connection that are necessary for their research. Liz serves as the assistant state coordinator of the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board. She has a bachelor's degree in American Studies from Heidelberg University, a master's degree in American Studies from Bowling Green State University, and a master of library science from Kent State University.

Saturday, May 13 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Where Does It Say That? Learning to Love Indiect Evidence
Speaker - Chris Staats

Direct evidence, the sort of evidence that completely answers a research question by itself, is often scarce. Without any documents telling us exactly what we want to know, how do we identify relationships that might not be stated explicitly, resolve conflicts between records, and arrive at sound genealogical conclusions? By collecting, analyzing, and correlating indirect evidence of course! The Henry McGinnis family of 19th century rural Pennsylvania provides an easy-to-understand example of using mostly indirect evidence to reconstruct a family which left precious little for descendants to work with.

Chris Staats is a genealogical researcher, presenter, and writer. He has written articles for Family Tree Magazine, Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly, and other publications. Chris has given presentations and webinars covering methodology, genealogical resources, technology, and other topics. He is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and Seminar Chairperson for the Western Reserve Historical Society’s Genealogical Committee.

Saturday, June 10 at 12 p.m.
Yankee Park
7500 Yankee Street
Centerville, Ohio 45459

Society Picnic and Lineage Society Inductions

Details to be announced later.

Saturday, July 8 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Introduction to the Personal Historian Software from RootsMagic, Inc.
Speaker - Robert Hendrix

Personal Historian can help you write your own personal history, that of another person (possibly an ancestor), or even a group. It takes an overwhelming task and breaks it down into more manageable pieces. The presentation will include examples of how to use Personal Historian and discussion of some of the features that are designed to help get by “writer’s block” and avoid organizational headaches.

Bob Hendrix retired from the Air Force after 20 years as a pilot and engineer. After that he taught mathematics, science, and computer courses at Urbana University in Urbana, Ohio for over 20 years. He is an amateur genealogist, inspired by a pedigree sheet that his wife received from her grandmother, who had prepared it for acceptance into the DAR. He started organizing his data in the early 1990s with the Family Origins program, the precursor of the very popular RootsMagic genealogy software.

Friday and Saturday, August 4 and 5

Society Field Trip
Allen County Public Library

Details to be announced later.

Saturday, August 12 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Facebook for Genealogy
Speaker - Mark Middleton

Mark Middleton will discuss the many features of Facebook that can be used by a genealogist. In this presentation, you will learn how the leading social media website can help your genealogical research and family history efforts. Simple features such as pictures with descriptions and private groups created just for families are available. There are Genealogy focused pages of many subjects such as those based on location and family names.

Mark has been employed in the IT industry for over 30 years and has a master's degree in Information Systems. He has been a certified Project Manager (PMP) since 2001. Major Middleton is a retired US Army officer and is a member of the Ohio Genealogical Society, National Genealogy Society, Genealogy Speakers Guild, and Project Management Institute. He is also a member of the Ohio Society of Civil War Families and Ohio Settlers & Builders.

Saturday, September 9 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Trolling Virtual Cemeteries and Using Cemetery Records
Speaker - Amie Tennant

You thought it was scary to go trolling through the cemetery on a dark and foggy night! The real scare is when you don’t know about all the online sites dedicated to viewing a cemetery without ever leaving home. Troll along with us as we talk about these virtual sites and discuss the often overlooked cemetery records and where to find them.

Our speaker, Amie Tennant, has been involved in family history and genealogy for over 16 years. Having won a scholarship for the National Genealogical Home Study Course in American Genealogy and successfully completing the course, she is now studying to become a certified genealogist. Amie has worked in several Family History Centers as a volunteer, and has been a board member and trustee of many local historical places and societies. She was the editor for Miami Meanderings, a newspaper sponsored by the Miami County (Ohio) Historical and Genealogical Society. In addition, Amie is a research genealogist, nationally known speaker, and a Content Creator for Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems. Her articles have been published all over the world.

Saturday, October 14 at 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Location to be determined

Annual Genealogy Seminar
Speaker - Paul Milner

Details to be announced later.

Saturday, November 11 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Advanced Research Techniques
Speaker - Dana Palmer

Dana Ann Palmer is a Board Certified Genealogist (CG) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Math Education. She has been interested in family history and using computers (Mac & PC) since childhood. She is the immediate past President of the Warren County Genealogical Society and is also their web master. She has been a volunteer at various Family History Centers since 1997. She has presented many lectures at various local genealogical societies, libraries and other groups in southwestern Ohio, Indiana and Utah and at the FGS Conference in 2013. She currently teaches genealogy classes at Sinclair Community College and the Warren County Career Center in Lebanon, Ohio. She belongs to many genealogical societies, and has authored several books, two of which have won awards from the Ohio Genealogical Society.

Saturday, December 9 at 1 p.m.
at the Routsong Funeral Home
2100 E. Stroop Road, Kettering

Holiday Celebration
Genealogy Show & Tell
Induction of 2018 Board Officers

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